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2013-01-07 01:05:12 AM  
4 votes:

LadySusan: Are we going to tell stories?

For a while, I literally could not understand what I was reading. I would get to the end of a sentence and forget the beginning and have to start over. I'm in IT and being "smrt" is kind of important.

I don't want to even talk about the mood swings. Had to apologize to some confused co-workers after I stormed out of a meeting and went home crying. I also threw groceries around my kitchen because my neighbor replaced my trash cans after trash day. Fortunately the patch cured that right up.

I'm still not as smart as I used to be and my attention span is...squirrel!

Also, no hot flashes. I was looking forward to hot flashes.

Hey, don't get me started about mood swings!

When the Mrs. first started going through this shiat I had no clue as to what was happening. She was psycho. Level headed and calm one minute, SCREAMING IN RAGE the next, and then sobbing uncontrollably - invariably followed by SCREAMING IN RAGE again.

At first I thought she had met another guy and was trying to dump me.

Then I was sure that she had become possessed by Linda Blair, and was plotting to murder me in my sleep.

Oh, did I say sleep? What sleep? She would wake up at least three or four times a night throwing the covers off, drenched in sweat and howling about how hot it was and "why do you turn the f*cking heater up so high?!?!?!" Changing PJ's and grumbling about how she was "freezing" for an hour before it started all over again.

Amos, meet sofa.

She couldn't stand to have me around - and all things considered, that was fine by me. Ugh!

Once we (finally) figured out that it was meno, I took her straight to her OB/GYN, who promptly told her that the only approved treatment - hormone replacement therapy - was not an option for her because of a history of cancer in her family.


She asked the doc how long this might last, and he sat "meh, maybe a year, maybe ten years. Maybe more". He suggested that she try "black cohosh" or some of the other "natural" remedies that were out there. She tried one remedy after another, patiently waiting for weeks and months in the hopes that SOMETHING might work - but no luck. Twice I took her to the ER because her palpitations were so bad that she was thought that she was having a heart attack. But no, they told her that it was just meno-related anxiety.

She had all but given up when her sister gave her a bottle this stuff, and wow, what a difference. Her hot flashes and night sweats began subsiding within a few days, and best of all (for me, at least) her mood swings, anxiety (and general craziness) mellowed out, and before long she was back to "normal".

Before all this started, I had little appreciation (let alone understanding) of what women go through just because they're women. Oh sure, I was well acquainted with the PMS monster, but I had stubbornly assumed that she was "just being a biatch", but after going through this with her and seeing how it affected her and ever aspect of our lives, I gained a new appreciation, and I am VERY grateful that she finally found something that brought her relief.

CSB? Fark yeah. It is for me. I now understand why so many relationships go to hell at this time of life. "Empty Nest Syndrome", they call it. Bullshiat, it's the hormones. They can play HELL on every aspect of your life, and if you aren't lucky enough to figure out what's going on, they can be vicious tricksters indeed.
2013-01-06 11:55:46 PM  
2 votes:
OK, all you young husbands/boyfriends, this is your warning. Sometime around her 4th decade, you are going to be laying in bed with your wife/girlfriend. One night she is going to sit up and rip all of her bed clothes off. You a re going to think "all right!". Then she will scream "DON'T TOUCH ME! I'M BURNING UP!". After a short cooling off period of 5 to 10 years, things will start to return to normal.

I'm not kidding.
2013-01-07 08:53:03 AM  
1 vote:
She's acting crazy!
It' normal for a 2 year old.
She's acting crazy!
It's normal for a 7 year old.
She's acting crazy!
Well, she's going through puberty.
She's acting crazy!
Well, remember when you were 16.
She's acting crazy!
It's just a college phase.
She's acting crazy!
Her clock is ticking.
She's acting crazy!
Well, she has issues.
She's acting crazy!
She's acting crazy!

Women. Any excuse to act crazy and get away with it.

Men, on the other hand, have to deny PTSD and get over it.
2013-01-07 03:16:40 AM  
1 vote:

peterthx: Why do they call it Menopause and not Menostop?

Pause would seem to imply it will start again...

/just curious, not a Seinfeld bit

The root of pause is Greek for stop, not temporary stop.
2013-01-07 02:21:39 AM  
1 vote:
Remembering how to have sex is the second thing to go.
2013-01-07 12:28:00 AM  
1 vote:
Yeah, it causes DIVORCE.
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