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(Toronto Star)   Social media activist sentenced to two years in prison for insulting the ugly, moronic, foul-smelling, and possibly overweight emir of Kuwait   ( divider line
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2013-01-07 02:17:17 AM  

Mock26: ShannonKW: valis23: Mock26: To hell with the Middle East.

That's redundant.

What's weird about the Middle East is that the natives actually like it there. You won't believe it, but it is so. They have gripes as people do the world over, but they mostly think that they way it's done at Home is the way it ought to be, and the rest of the world is farked up.

Case in point: I met a Saudi Civil engineer aged about 50. He'd studied abroad, doing graduate work in Japan. Now, for a nation of its wealth KSA's infrastructure is a backward, shambolic embarrassment, while Japan's is magnificent. I've lived in both countries and it's about the starkest point of contrast between the two. So, I expected to get and earful from this guy, considering his profession. Not, a bit of it. I asked him what he thought of Japan and he sniffed and said it was tolerable, but he didn't like their way of life and got out of there as soon as he could. Dude is a 50-year-old engineer at the peak of his career, the high point of his evening consists of sitting on a cushion snacking on tea and cookies with his (all male) house guests, and he's telling me that he can't fathom how the Japanese can stand it -- and knowing full well how a Japanese engineer in his position would be living. I couldn't take the cognitive dissonance, but I'm sure he was honest. The man could be living like a prince in dozens of countries if he wasn't so attached to Saudi Arabia.

Hell it may be, but generally the folk there don't see it that way.

Meh, they can still go to hell, especially those who would kill someone for breaking some silly rule from their silly superstition.

2013-01-07 02:18:38 AM  

signaljammer: to criticize

Indubitably got to you, didn't he?
2013-01-07 05:20:40 AM  

valis23: Tell that to the tourist last year who the UAE locked up because customs inspectors found what was described as an almost-too-small-to-see flake of marijuanna on the sole of his tennis shoe. If I remember correctly, that was done without a chemical analysis to prove it was pot.

I've been through customs in Jordan, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Oman. None of them have bothered to search me or give me anything like the hassle I get coming into my own country, the US. Generally, you cruise by some counters where some jolly dude grabs your travel documents and stamps them, waving aside any offer to show him your baggage so he can get back to chatting with his buddy. Abuse like you're describing isn't something they do on a whim. Something had to bring that on, and I'd bet it was something not many Americans would feel sorry for.

I know they're not all awful people, but circumstances have led the people of that region to have an extremely unusual view of the world. Couple that with their religion's ability to convince them that they're right to the exception of all other concerns, and you have a volatile mess of which I want no part.

Word for word, this could be said against much of the population of the US.

JustTheTip: Yes, but they're also planning to behead you soon, for whorishly exposing your arms above the wrists and blaspheming Allah by claiming to be a man while clearly named as a female.

/Also, they were enjoying camel-on-goat porn right before you came in, they just switched to poetry to see if you are really that gullible. Silly infidel...

Men are required to cover the area from the navel to the calf in public. This means that shorts are risque, but you could pray in a mosque with your moobs hanging out, in theory. In practice, everyone covers up as much skin as possible because everyone who didn't turned black or died of skin cancer long ago. Also, Americans are not generally considered infidels.
2013-01-07 05:44:35 AM  

ShannonKW: Hell it may be, but generally the folk there don't see it that way.

Well, to take another example, look at most Americans - most of them effectively live in a 3rd world shiathole with long working hours and commutes, unreliable and expensive healthcare, no job security, little if any paid holidays, crime so rampant most think they have to own a gun to be safe, but because the people that run the place have a massive and expensive army they think they personally are kings of the world.
2013-01-07 08:35:51 AM  
Social media activist.

fark him.
2013-01-07 10:00:26 AM  
Kuwait is a US ally. They have no rights.
2013-01-07 10:34:56 AM  
Islam is awsome and c auses retardation
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