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(WISTV)   Today's "Happily married with two kids hot female teacher arrested for having sex with a student" story comes from ... throws dart at map ... Columbia, South Carolina   ( divider line
    More: Fail, female teachers, CPD, Outback Bowl, high school teachers, Lexington County, Denny's, sexual intercourses, Kinsley Wentzky  
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2013-01-06 04:44:50 PM  
3 votes:
Oh boy, the birth of Grable's Daughter v.2
2013-01-07 03:23:01 AM  
2 votes:
There's a reason why the attitudes toward, and charges filed, are often different when the older person is female instead of male. That reason is the asymmetry of male/female relationships.

In simplest terms, pretty much all a woman (teacher or otherwise) has to do to get sex is to stop refusing it. That's how our society, and the highly ritualized hunt we call courtship or seduction, works. Males have to "catch" a female; females simply have to stop running away.

Given the number of teenage boys who are seething masses of hormones, who are sexually experienced (often much more so than their female peers), who collect notches on their bedposts, and who would stop at very little to add a teacher to that collection, especially a hot one, there are going to be some female teachers who stop refusing. It's clearly not right, but it's also clearly not the same thing

For whatever reason, we as a society value promiscuity in males (who are then called studs) but not in females (who are called sluts). In that ritualized hunt, males are admired if they're successful at "catching" females (having lots of sex); females are admired if they're successful at getting away (not having sex).

Consider the appeal of sex with a virgin -- recent auctions being an example. What other activity would one want to do with an inexperienced, probably incompetent, partner? Yet human males seem to have a biological-level drive to do this. Why? My guess is that it's a mark of a successful hunter to catch prey that no other hunter can catch -- that is, to have sex with a female who no other male has had sex with. Whereas when a woman has sex with a male virgin, the attitude is more like "what, would no guy want her or something?" It's a sign of prowess in a male, but incompetence in a female. That's just how we're wired up.

Let's say two people, a man and a woman, each walk into a singles' bar (different ones, obviously, or they'd just end up with each other) and announce "I want to have sex with somebody here." What are the odds that the man will get laid? What are the odds that the woman will get laid? Again, it comes back to the ritualized hunt -- announcing that "I am a hunter" doesn't increase the odds of sex happening, while announcing "I am easy prey" most certainly does.

Of course it's not right. It's the teacher's business to be the adult in the situation, and to refuse any overtures from her students, even oversexed teenage boys looking to carve a teacher-shaped notch in their bedposts. It's part of being a teacher -- and, for that matter, being an adult. But that asymmetry makes it a different act, and the fact that society views it as a different act is recognition of this, not some special favor somehow related to feminism.
2013-01-06 05:12:19 PM  
2 votes:

Gone In 26 Minutes: Oh boy, the birth of Grable's Daughter v.2

Another twunt going on the ignore list.
2013-01-06 04:29:51 PM  
2 votes:
An AW is born. Thread needs a badge.
2013-01-06 12:16:50 PM  
2 votes:
Apparently not very happily married.
2013-01-07 11:40:00 AM  
1 vote:
Yay, successor to Grables Daughter, the Queen is dead, Long live the Queen!
2013-01-07 01:05:41 AM  
1 vote:

Vixen_Pot: I haven't posted anything on here in a long ass time, I usually just laugh at the crazy comments...but yowzas UU got tons of shiat from stating a sexual experience from HS. Maybe RTS had a horrible experience with someone cheating on him?

The vast majority of us Farkers never had any sexual experiences in high school (that involved having another person in the room at any rate), so it's likely that envy plays a part in the response.
2013-01-06 07:38:55 PM  
1 vote:

jaytkay: Forgot My Damn Password Again!: I'm more disturbed by the fact that GD has her very own AW website.

Why the hate?

I like GD. Great to look at. She's funny and smart enough. Morans subsidize my GD habit. Doesn't cost me a dime.

I don't like women that are only on the internet to giggle, flirt, and give hope to a legion of men behind their computers. Most of us grew out of that behavior when we left college, if not sooner.

I also find that she rarely has anything to add to a conversation.
2013-01-06 06:55:38 PM  
1 vote:
Great. We have an AW to take the place of the old one.

/not great
2013-01-06 06:37:01 PM  
1 vote:

rushthatspeaks: Please don't act like you don't deserve this scrutiny. You farked up and now you're acting lime it was okay. And as far as being married well you appear to be what a year out of high school? Two kids already and happily married? I doubt it. More like you couldn't keep your skanky legs closed now you have two mistakes and HAD to get married. Please you're a farking mess and can't be trusted. How does your husband feel about you being a whore? Or does he even know this happened?

What are you, 12?

Reality check: People have sex, including women. That doesn't make them skanks or whores or dirty or filthy. It makes them human.

I'm sorry that your life is terribly boring, but dumping your self-loathing on others isn't going to improve it.
2013-01-06 05:17:44 PM  
1 vote:
"According to investigators, Wentzky allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old male student..."

/hairband trifecta complete
2013-01-06 05:10:48 PM  
1 vote:

rushthatspeaks: He rpaderp ah erp ader pa'h er pad erpa herpa de rpah? Erpad. Erp aher paderpa herpade rpa her pade rpahe? Rp ade'rp aher paderp aherp aderp ahe rpa derp ahe rpad erpah? Erp ad ERPA herpad? Erp ahe rpaderp aherpad er pah 21? Erp ad ERPA herp? Ad erp aherpad erpa her'pa derpa herp ade, rpa'he rpad erpah erpad erpaherp ader. Pah erp'a derp ah erpa der paher pad erp. Ahe rpad erp ahe, rpa der p AHE rpader pah erpade rpa herpade rpah erpa derpa. H erpa derp ahe rpa derp aher pa derp a herpa der p aherpa, derp aherpaderp aherp'a derp aherp aderpaherpa derpahe rpad erp'a herp ade rpahe. rpaderp aherpad.

2013-01-06 05:05:02 PM  
1 vote:
2013-01-06 05:04:38 PM  
1 vote:
*grabs the popcorn* This is gonna get good
2013-01-06 04:09:18 PM  
1 vote:

UlandaUnicorn: jaytkay: UlandaUnicorn: Me. Loves to fark.

Dear Fark Admins

That is not a DDoS attack,it's just people clicking on UlandaUnicorn's profile page.

The Internet

You will be disappointed. I haven't added anything yet. I'll get on that.

quick, throw your Amazon Wish List up!
and I suspect a TF subscription coming your way in 3...2...1
2013-01-06 04:06:53 PM  
1 vote:

jaytkay: UlandaUnicorn: Me. Loves to fark.

Dear Fark Admins

That is not a DDoS attack,it's just people clicking on UlandaUnicorn's profile page.

The Internet

You will be disappointed. I haven't added anything yet. I'll get on that.
2013-01-06 03:56:31 PM  
1 vote:

FunkOut: AntonChigger: UlandaUnicorn: I also agree there shouldn't be a double standard. However, I had great sex with a substitute teacher on more than one occasion in high school and didn't feel 'coerced' or like I was a victim. I was a horny teenage girl who wanted a piece of older hot guy ass. Maybe I would feel different if they were having a relationship and not just boning. Cheating on your spouse is totally not cool though. I can totally understand losing your job over this, but being marked a sexual predator for 100 percent consensual sex? That's wrong, whether you are a male or female

/isn't age of consent like 16?

A farker actually having sex with a teacher? I call bullshiat

People with computers never had sex. Cool kids drive Camaros and play football.

Me. Loves to fark.
2013-01-06 03:47:46 PM  
1 vote:
Warrant says female teacher and student admitted intimate relationship
2013-01-06 03:27:45 PM  
1 vote:

TotallyHeadless: Champion of the Sun: Are these stories ever gonna subside? You'd think that a teacher reading these would realize that they probably wouldn't get away with banging their students. Wait til they graduate and hump away. You get new ones every year, you can have a new slam piece annually, just wait a bit for Christ's sake

It's a combination of the Justin Bieber effect and the need for instant gratification. Why wait when you can bang a pre-pubescent looking boy right now?

I think these teachers are more concerned that they are now one of the cool sexy girls in high school and it gives them a big boost to their self esteem that high school boys want them now..but they're the teacher and not a student and they should grow up.
2013-01-06 03:08:18 PM  
1 vote:
Where the hell were teachers like that when I was 17? That is one hot biotch. I would hit that all night long.

They were there, they just weren't sleeping with you. I knew more than one kid that was banging a teacher when I was in high school and teachers themselves told stories about other teachers from previous years. Though, this was pre-internet and the kids knew to keep their damn mouths shut where other authority figures could hear and otherwise not throw a temper tantrum when the "relationships" ran their course.
2013-01-06 03:07:29 PM  
1 vote:
Many so-called adults these days are still immature teenagers in their heads. These women go get their teaching qualifications, go to teach school, and somehow in their head they're back in high school instead of teaching it.
2013-01-06 03:05:15 PM  
1 vote:

/And after the teacher, i'd like a turn at that hot female police officer they interviewed.
2013-01-06 03:02:21 PM  
1 vote:
Where the hell were teachers like that when I was 17? That is one hot biotch. I would hit that all night long.
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