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(AlterNet)   Seven different double-blind and placebo-controlled studies conducted over the past five years show the DEA is lying when they claim marijuana has no accepted medical use   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, placebo-controlled study, double-blind, study period, Davies Medical Center, marijuana, neuropathic pain  
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2013-01-06 11:59:41 AM  
5 votes:
Have you ever had problematic nerve pain...........ON WEED?
2013-01-06 12:00:08 PM  
2 votes:
Short of marijuana magically eliminating the estate tax, it's never gonna be rescheduled.
2013-01-06 06:05:55 PM  
1 vote:
If anyone needs me I'll be busy the rest of the night doing "independent research" on this topic.
2013-01-06 01:33:36 PM  
1 vote:

marcunk: Think about it, what does the DEA stop the most? Marijuana, it leads to the bigger fish that sell hardcore drugs. If marijuana becomes legal, they will lose funding and have agents out of jobs.

Won't someone PLEASE think of the jack-booted thugs!
2013-01-06 12:47:07 PM  
1 vote:
Pause for a moment,,,
What if the aliens are here for the pot?
2013-01-06 12:41:47 PM  
1 vote:

Barbecue Bob: Incontinent_dog_and_monkey_rodeo: The DEA is being paid huge amounts of money to find no medical use. Pfizer, Merck, etc love the drug war, as does Budweiser.

As does Upjohn and all the big pharm, tobacco, Cotton, timber, private prisons jailers, lawyers, the justice system in general, ATF, don't forget the cartels and other various local/regional growers and dealers near you. Include all the support industry for those mentioned.

Sigh... Pot should be free to grow just for being human. If you can grow dandilions, you can grow high grade pot.
This topic is in the top 5 dumbest arguements of human kind IMO

You want to sell it? Pay a tax or whatever. You want to grow it? It should have the same rules as lettuce.

I'd like to have a chat with anyone who thinks they can convince me why I should not be allowed to own any plant on earth I want for private use.
I'll wait.

If you live next door to me, you can't have one of those exotic tropical flowers that smells like rotting meat for two weeks when it blossoms. Other than that, though, we're cool.
2013-01-06 12:03:41 PM  
1 vote:
That means that weed is automatically presidenet now, right?
2013-01-06 12:01:38 PM  
1 vote:
Go ahead you dirty hippies, keep trying to come up with rationalizations for your selfish desire to get stoned out of your gourds.
2013-01-06 12:01:19 PM  
1 vote:
We can't even grow hemp in this country. I guess it doesn't have any industrial use.
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