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19029 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2003 at 1:25 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-11 12:35:37 AM  
So did my first wife. I got her a dog.
2003-12-11 01:28:09 AM  
Farked? Or my wifi is down...

2003-12-11 01:28:13 AM  
heh. Someone is doin research. At least I hope so.
2003-12-11 01:28:26 AM  
Is it just me or is the site farked?
2003-12-11 01:29:53 AM  
Man, I submitted a link to this a few months ago... yadda, yadda, same old sad story.
2003-12-11 01:31:38 AM  
Farked in record time.
2003-12-11 01:32:15 AM  
"Your dog wants children"

Fido, how do you want 'em somalian kids, rare or well done?

/getting on the monorail to hell
2003-12-11 01:33:40 AM
2003-12-11 01:36:29 AM  
tr!pps, yeah, yeah, here's a cookie and a beer.
2003-12-11 01:38:33 AM  
Yeah, I think the site is farked.
2003-12-11 01:41:49 AM  
Umm, farked already? Well, I suppose I'm not sure why I clickied anyway.
2003-12-11 01:45:45 AM  
It's farked, but this brings up an interesting idea I had some time ago. Being that I never intend on actually siring my own children, I've settled on the idea that I will adopt a chinese baby.

I'll raise him on nothing but raw red meat (which he has to wrestle a wolf for early in life, then a bear), and keep him in a pen short enough to keep him hunched over his entire life. He'll have a strict education including weightlifting, swordfighting, unarmed combat, as well as Renaissance and Baroque music, and delicate Chinese calligraphy.

At the age of 18, I'll drive him to the edge of New York City with no food or money, wearing nothing but a loincloth, and drop him off. The headlines alone would be worth an 18-year project like this, to say nothing of the strange shiat I'd see in the tabloids.
2003-12-11 01:46:25 AM  
I knew about this place.
I coulda submited it.
I could be famous now.

btw its farked
2003-12-11 01:47:39 AM  
2003-12-11 01:48:03 AM  
farked....and in record time for a non-b00bies link, I may add...
2003-12-11 01:49:57 AM  
Wow... perhaps the weirdest and most frustrating thing in my life just happened in 2 seconds...
First, I was actually spending perfectly good being alive time thinking .hard. about this last night...
Someone post the story someplace else?
2003-12-11 01:50:07 AM  
Jesus, is this site being hosted on an Atari or something?
2003-12-11 01:51:43 AM  
hitch a ride on a broken link...
2003-12-11 01:52:36 AM  
Hate to break it to you, but the odds of finding a chinese boy to adopt are pretty slim, from what I'd guess. Purely a guess, but still, think about it.
2003-12-11 01:53:25 AM  
Lincoln: It'll probably be hard to legally get ahold of the wolf and the bear. And I think it would be funnier if you dropped him off in a well-tailored business suit, rather than a loincloth. But it's your kid, so I guess it's up to you.
2003-12-11 01:54:02 AM  
Farity fark farked.
2003-12-11 01:54:03 AM  
Redrun wins for the best "Site farked" comment. You also owe me a new keyboard.
2003-12-11 01:55:49 AM  
Oh, I hope I'm not on the list. That would just ruin my day.
2003-12-11 01:55:50 AM  
Quit Your Whining i think you are mistaken. its the girls that are in the minority in china (rougly 3 boys for every 1 girl), not the boys. it should be all too easy to find a chinese boy to adopt for his science project.
2003-12-11 01:56:57 AM  
Everytime I click on it, my web browser crashes. farked?
2003-12-11 01:57:39 AM  
let me be the first to say MERRY FARKING XMAS
2003-12-11 01:59:20 AM  
GIS for "raised by wolves:"
[image from too old to be available]

Forever in my dreams will this image haunt me. Now, you can all share my pain.
2003-12-11 02:00:11 AM  
Everytime I click on it, my web browser crashes. farked?
2003-12-11 02:00:23 AM  
When and how did the whole "your dog wants steak" thing get started anyhoo?
2003-12-11 02:07:05 AM  
caitiff - No comment.
2003-12-11 02:16:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-11 02:18:42 AM  
where's Mogli?
2003-12-11 02:19:50 AM  
2003-12-11 02:23:06 AM  
Okay, everybody... go here:
2003-12-11 02:24:01 AM  
A joke by the admins. How funny. Except I WAS raised by a set of bears and my twin goat. I'm suing Fark for being insensitive cacksuckers.

flim springfield
2003-12-11 02:25:31 AM  
When and how did the whole "your dog wants steak" thing get started anyhoo?

<eerie_music>Nooobody knoows...</eerie_music>

*shifty eyes*
2003-12-11 02:28:46 AM  
Rudyard Kipling surrenders.
2003-12-11 02:33:08 AM  
under 2500 clicks from fark and it's dead?

My phone could probably handle 2500 hits...

2003-12-11 02:35:57 AM  
Result: Eaten
2003-12-11 02:37:54 AM  
i *think* (don't hold me to this) the whole "your dog wants steak thing came from the "pet pshycic" link a while back. I could just be an idiot though...
2003-12-11 02:47:07 AM  
well..the christmas logo is now turned off so..whatev
2003-12-11 02:52:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-11 02:57:27 AM  
I think it was back when there was a category 5 hurricane approaching the US coastline...somebody put up a link to it with the closing line "Your dog wants in."

Caught on.

Go figure.
2003-12-11 03:15:53 AM  
It looks like being raised by monkeys and dogs is the new way to go, as opposed to wolves.. wolves are so 1920s.
2003-12-11 03:17:36 AM  
No longer farked at 3:12 AM... big surprise there..

I read the profiles of these kids.. sad.. just really sad. I can't be the cynical kidding farker about this.. You here all about kids who were abused all the time, but at least they have a fleeting chance at normalcy. These feral kids have passed the crucial phase of cognitive development involved in speech and social development. It makes being in a coma look like a dream..

Gosh.. Lucky to have the cognition to post this..
2003-12-11 03:18:51 AM  
DOH! I meant 'you HEAR' not 'you here'.... damn alcy!
2003-12-11 03:27:08 AM  
When found by police, the boys couldn't speak. Officer Javier Avalos said: "They were trying to say words but didn't seem to know how. They murmured and made sounds but no words. We spoke to them in Spanish thinking it could be a language barrier, but they still couldn't form words." Neighbours confirmed that the twins could not speak.

They are farked because if you don't learn language in your first few years your brain doesn't allow you to learn it ever (simplified explanation).
2003-12-11 03:31:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-11 03:35:57 AM  
Sidi Mohamed, M, N Africa, 1945, age 15, ostriches

Ostriches? WTF?
2003-12-11 03:55:40 AM  
Really sad, especially the confined children.
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