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(Foodbeast)   Damn Subway, this sandwich is spicy...kinda like you put some sort of creamy Sriracha on it--oh, you did?   ( divider line
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2013-01-03 04:37:19 PM  
Great, now when is Subway going to start putting meat in their sandwiches? And some tuna in their sloppy mayo sandwiches?
2013-01-03 04:47:13 PM  

Bslasch: Sriracha is a fine sauce, though I find it a bit timid in heat these days.

Actually, that's usually why I select it (or Frank's). Sometimes I don't want a lot of heat, just pepper flavor and some spice.
2013-01-03 04:48:07 PM  

Weidbrewer: Um...since when is Frank's not vinegary?

There's vinegar in it, sure, but it's definitely a thicker sauce than Tabasco, which is basically chiles, salt and vinegar.
2013-01-03 05:36:17 PM  

DarkPascual: Huh... Subway and Quiznos are fairly new in my country, so those still are clean, pretty affordable and actually really good...  Then again, I live in a country where the fact that Pizza Hut is good seems to be some sort of unheard myth, for what I've heard here...

It isn't uncommon for non-domestic US restaurant franchises to be better than their domestic counterparts.  Local food quality laws often play a part.  Other times, they target a higher class of customer because they otherwise wouldn't be able to compete with mom-and-pop food carts/stands.

I usually avoid US-based restaurants when abroad, but I do recall the Whopper I had at the Zürich Hauptbahnhof being the best burger I've ever had from Burger King.  I also recall it being like 8CHF (~9USD), which is like 3× the cost in the US, so it had better have been the best.

There is also the running joke about how McDonalds in France looks absolutely nothing their stores in North America, being more comparable to mid-level restaurants as opposed to a low-level fast food grease joint we know and hate.  I never saw one while in Paris, but this page has a few photos.
2013-01-03 06:22:23 PM  
Maybe our subways up in Canada are different... The ingredients are relatively fresh, the meat is of the quality that a sandwich is the right place for it... It's not great food but as someone said its a great alternative when you don't want a burger...

Steak and cheese on brown bread loaded with veggies chipotle mayo and franks red hot sauce is so terribly good.
2013-01-03 06:26:47 PM  

sigdiamond2000: Subway restaurants smell like a yeasty wank sock at the bottom of Richard Simmons' hamper. Until they fix that, I'm never setting foot in one again.

I had to eat at a Subway a couple of times last year. I have never experienced such bland, tasteless food before; I do not believe that the fillings had any discernible flavour whatsoever. Never, ever again.
2013-01-03 06:34:32 PM  

mikefinch: Maybe our subways up in Canada are different...

I used to hit the Subways in Vancouver, Edmonton and Regina all the time when I was doing a lot of cross-border consulting gigs, and I thought they were about the same as we had down here in the US.  Only diff is that you could get Franks RedHot or BBQ sauce north of the border.

What is noticeably different is A&W.  After Yum! bought them out down here, they sorta turned to crap.  A&W in Canada is a separate company, and they seem to have kept themselves up better.
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