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(Reuters)   Local Japanese authorities put two luxury toilets on top of mountain; costs $568,100   ( divider line
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2001-11-23 04:32:23 PM  
Why did you crap on the mountain?

Because it was there.
2001-11-23 04:43:19 PM  
A rolling turd gathers no moss.Just don't step on the pile and tread on my mom's new carpet or your ass will be grass.
2001-11-23 04:44:39 PM  
gives new meaning to "crap load of......."
2001-11-23 05:01:39 PM  
Ummm... wouldn't a good ole' fashioned Porta-John have got the job done?
2001-11-23 05:04:39 PM  
At least you can say you are (literally) shi††ing on their idea.
2001-11-23 05:13:39 PM  
Who the hell is going to climb all the way up there to restock the toilet paper?
2001-11-23 05:24:24 PM  

Maybe Kaga goes up there and changes the toilet paper in his free time.
2001-11-23 05:35:25 PM  
Of COURSE the old toilets smelled really bad, they were full of shiat. Whatta bunch of Einstein's...
2001-11-23 05:35:44 PM  
Hmmm...if one goes pooh on top of a frozen mountain, I can see said pooh not going anywhere for a long time. However, it doesn't explain why a portajohn wouldn't have been good enough.
2001-11-23 05:37:42 PM  
Those crazy Japanese...
2001-11-23 05:43:20 PM  
Knowing the Japanese and their penchant for deviant sexuality that's rivalled only by the Germans, I'm surpised these "toilets" don't consist of a pair of frightened-looking schoolgirls in bound in some intricate rope bondage.
2001-11-23 05:53:01 PM  
They waste money as bad as the U.S. government.
2001-11-23 05:55:10 PM  
That's $568 dollars and 100 cents right?
2001-11-23 06:01:42 PM  
...And how much is that in Afghanis?
2001-11-23 06:17:09 PM  
I love how smart all your comments are...
2001-11-23 06:29:10 PM  
ying ying ying ying $$$$$$$ ying!
2001-11-23 06:39:24 PM  
2001-11-23 06:58:56 PM  
shouldnt this be a stupid heading
2001-11-23 07:41:27 PM  
Asinine is like stupid.

But think of the irony of the ass' tag!
2001-11-23 07:58:03 PM  
Where the hell does all the crap go when the toilets are flushed? I mean, there has to now be some plumbing system running through the mountain now, and wouldn't it have caused more of a media ruckus if they were blowing out cliffs to throw a cesspool inside a mountain? So APPARENTLY that isn't the case. What would really amuse me is if they just let it flow down the side of the mountain. Just think of the headlines...

"Climbers Fall To Their Deaths After Slipping On A Stream Of shiat"
2001-11-23 08:08:33 PM  
1,000 flushes a day??
2001-11-23 08:16:41 PM  
K.W.S.N.: It goes into huge sewage treatment plants. And yes, these plants smell TERRIBLE. There is one in the middle of town in the town I used to live in, and there were times you could smell it from literally half a mile away. Better yet, there were houses right across the street from it. I would not want to live there, of course. There is also a bicycle trail that goes right by it (the only thing between the trail and the big tank where all the shi† goes is a chain link fence). I used to ride on that trail all the time. Needless to say, I'd have to pull my shirt over my nose to be able to make it past. Also, I know people who have taken tours of the plant, and they said that some of the metal beams are actually corroded because of the high concentration of shi† in the air around them.
2001-11-23 08:28:52 PM  
Thank you for the lesson about the sewage treatment plant. I think that would be the coolest job. Playing in shiate all day... AAAACK!
2001-11-23 08:30:15 PM  
Leave it to the Japanese to use technology for the most asinine and annoying purposes.
2001-11-23 08:33:33 PM  
True Story of Working In The Waste Water Plant By Your House by SLAYERSWINE
One summer about 10 years ago I worked at the waste water plant(June,July,& August) by my house.One morning I had to pull a skunk out that fell into one of the vats in the ground over the weekend.It was dead and bloated like a baloon.I had to pull it out with a 3 pronged hook.Hanging on the railing,I got it out,proceeded to bring it towards the garbage can when it fell off the hook and exploded lke a bomb.Squirrel parts all over.Worse smell I've experienced,so wretched I gagged.I Quit.They paid like crap too.
2001-11-23 08:34:21 PM  
Isn't it amazing how they always build stuff like that right in the middle of town?
2001-11-23 08:38:08 PM  
It was a squirrel people.Skunk was a Freudian slip.
I swear that was a true story.good thing it wasn't a skunk!
2001-11-23 08:46:29 PM  
wasn't there a story about a huge $$ toilet built in a national forest. fieldstone outer walls, deluxe treatment plant, etc.? also built in an area were few would go. pun intended.
2001-11-23 08:48:53 PM  
What the hell it says i have 1 article posted I dont remember this.
2001-11-23 09:07:58 PM  
"What the hell it says i have 1 article posted I dont remember this."

Hey C-Bass pass the bong over here.
2001-11-23 09:23:29 PM  
Not to be racist or anything, but what the hell is it about Japs and toilets?
2001-11-23 09:28:46 PM  
Unorthodox: They don't usually build these things right in the middle of towns. It's usually the towns that are built around it during the town's expansion over the years.

That kind of reminds me of how the people in Trenton, Ontario act about the military airport there. People complain that the airport was built to close to residential areas, and they shouldn't fly planes at night when they're trying to sleep.

First of all, the airport wasn't built around the residential areas, it was the residential areas that were built around the airport. The airport was there long before they or their houses were.

Second of all, they're living beside an airport. What the hell did they expect? Did the real estate agent hide the airport behind some bushes when they were showing off the house? Somehow, I just thought it natuaral to equate an active runway with flying planes overhead.

Needless to say, most people from Trenton aren't too bright.
2001-11-23 09:35:19 PM  
Knowing the Japanese and their penchant for deviant sexuality that's rivalled only by the Germans, I'm surpised these "toilets" don't consist of a pair of frightened-looking schoolgirls in bound in some intricate rope bondage.

I would not be suprised if you looked down while taking a shiat you would see some old japanese guy with his face ready to swallow some crap.
2001-11-23 10:10:53 PM  
I think there should be a strip mall on K2.
2001-11-23 10:12:32 PM  
Heavy-balls-a-slappin - Not to be racist or anything, but what the hell is it about Japs and toilets?

Simply put, Japanese men like shi†. Again, not to be racist, but that's the plain and simple truth. Remember, many Japanese men find the tubgirl picture to be PORNOGRAPHIC! It turns them on, but it makes us Yankees want to puke.

Incidentally, if you haven't seen the tubgirl picture already, find it on your own. I will not post a link to it here. And I sure as hell won't post it here -- it would literally make some Farkers hurl.
2001-11-23 10:13:08 PM  
The toliets for the rest of us: FLUSH

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-23 10:16:03 PM  
They are just lucky the didn't wake Gamera when they built those suckers. What a drag that would have been.
2001-11-23 10:38:11 PM  
$568,100??? Now that's what I call some expensive shiat!
2001-11-23 11:01:13 PM  
Nah, I'm still waiting until the put a crapper in space. HURRY!!! IT HURTS HOLDING IT!
2001-11-23 11:26:51 PM  
It would seem that the Russians and the Japanese have conspired here. Hell, the Russians wouldn't let our boys crap on the space station, and the Japanese clearly build a superior mountain tiolet. hmmm.....
2001-11-24 12:04:23 AM  
Love them bidets. Who needs toilet paper when the seat washes and dries your toosh?

About the sewer treatment plant: How do you know that the mountain doesn't act as a hollow storage area? At the rate people would be going up there to do their business, it will never be filled up.
2001-11-24 12:15:12 AM  
Hey Skwidd, If I came to your in-laws lovely home after a fine turkey dinner, a sixer of Winter Ale, and a cup of viscious espresso, their toilet wouldn't thank me for a damn thing! Unless it was one of those masoshiatstic toilets: Then maybe it would thank me... before it died of a complex problems due to fumes and blood gasses.
2001-11-24 02:38:44 AM  
Love those unisex crappers. Whenever we go back to that little island in Okinawa Prefecture to see the relatives, it really brings on togetherness, not to mention keeping your knees in good shape with all that squatting. At least they don't get hemmorhoids from sitting too long. Also there is not much temptation to stay in there all day reading the paper. Basically a hunk of porcelain sitting on the floor with a big oblong hole in it and a metal handle sticking out one side, and the t-p sitting on the floor. Oh yeah and no tatami mats, just cement. Wish they'd move into an apaato on the big island.
2001-11-24 12:58:09 PM  
"A Holy shiater"
2001-11-24 03:41:14 PM  
AntiNorm - Oh yeah, I've seen the legendary tubgirl picture, I like how the pubic hairs are photoshopped out to make the picture less pornographic. Like its less offensive that way.
2001-11-24 05:31:17 PM  
I'm an ass, and your not hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
2001-11-24 09:23:43 PM  
The article says it was so expensive because it's way up on a mountain and the parts had to be flown in by helio-chopters, Rhodan or something. This thing is fully self-contained and actually treats it's own wastes. Porta-Johns need to be emptied regularly and I'm guessing this one's pretty inaccessible to the poopie pump truck.
2001-11-24 10:56:45 PM  
KING OF THE THRONE: Snorts and laughter usually greet Mr Jack Sim when he announces that he is president of the Singapore's Restroom Association. But he isn't joking. 'People may laugh at me but I feel no shame. I am, in fact, proud of what I do. Going to the toilet is a very basic thing, yet we all know how horrible it is to enter a dirty loo.' -- DESMOND WEE
[image from too old to be available]
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