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(Tampa Bay Online)   Under new law, it may or may not be legal to flash your headlights to warn drivers about speed traps   ( divider line 103
    More: Florida, Department of Highways, headlights, emergency vehicle lighting, Oviedo, drug court, specialty, safe houses, state law  
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2013-01-01 11:56:18 AM  
I think it should be legal. It's an expression of free speech about how one feels about speed traps.

Whether or not I'll do it depends on how strict the local cops are. In my area (Sevier County Tennessee), the city, county and state cops are very lenient. You have to be at least 10mph over the limit, minimum, to get pulled over. One of my relatives was ticketed for 42 in a 20 and one of the officers said to her "We wouldn't have pulled you over if you weren't over 39." I regularly go 10 over the limit right in front of cops and they don't bother me. So around here, I never flash my lights to warn other drivers of a speed trap because if they're going fast enough to get a ticket, they very likely deserve it.
2013-01-01 12:37:17 PM  

bingethinker: Keep in mind that a cop will lie to you about what he can and can't do. The pathetic piece of shiat is getting a a woody from bullying you.

u sound like a gaytheist
2013-01-02 12:02:23 PM  

SirFire: I agree entirely. Also, if high-beaming drivers is a safety concern, then those 1000-watt metal-halide floodlights businesses put in their parking lots should be a safety issue too. Car lots are the worst offenders, it's like they aim those things right into traffic. I frequently have to hold my hand up and shade my eyes while driving at night to shield from these miniature suns that are all over the place.

Pro-tip: Night-blindness is a common middle-age complaint. Consider: maybe it's not everyone else?
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