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(North Jersey)   Driver refuses to break speed limit when tailgated by cop, gets ticket for blocking traffic instead   ( divider line
    More: Stupid, semi-trailer trucks, New Jersey Turnpike  
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12857 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Dec 2012 at 1:48 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-12-31 01:58:31 PM  
7 votes:
20 yr old female couldn't blow her way out of this??
Sounds fishy
2012-12-31 03:03:46 PM  
4 votes:
graphics8.nytimes.comView Full Size

"Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?"
2012-12-31 10:51:34 AM  
4 votes:

SnarfVader: Bad driver thread!

/Makes popcorn

No, Bad state thread.

/grows popcorn
2012-12-31 03:19:29 PM  
3 votes:

meanmutton: It's odd to me that some states have laws against passing on the right. It's actually quite a bit safer passing on the right because the driver of the car being passed has a much smaller blind spot on the right than the left.

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2012-12-31 02:01:59 PM  
3 votes:
FTA: (page 3) "As a rule, police aren't terrorists. Common sense suggests drivers should assume that a cop's POWER trip is urgent and pull over - even if he doesn't use his siren or flashers."

2012-12-31 01:56:16 PM  
3 votes:

EnviroDude: citizens arrest the cop for following too closely.

/and if that doesn't work, next time brake for an amoeba and get rear ended

Please stop having opinions. You aren't ready yet.
2012-12-31 02:16:04 PM  
2 votes:

opiumpoopy: What speed do the big rigs go? How hard is it to pass in a 65 zone?

If they're limited and from a fairly responsible trucking company, usually 65 mph.

If they're from Alabama with bald tires, brakes that smell like a magnesium fire and a guy bouncing up and down in the seat with eyes the size of dinner plates and enough drool running down his face to drown a cat in about 95 mph.

Seriously... some of those small-time southern truck outfits hire some seriously terrifying motherfarkers to drive some seriously terrifying safety violations...
2012-12-31 02:07:44 PM  
2 votes:
Every farking day I have to deal with human slugs who run rolling roadblocks from the left lane. How do you pass a DL test without knowing that blocking the passing lane is bad? She deserves a ticket. My compliments to this cop.

It doesn't help that I live in area where a critical mass of people have warrants, so they always cruise 5 miles under. Many will make u-turns if they see rollers ahead.
2012-12-31 02:05:31 PM  
2 votes:
She should have just opened fire on the tailgater and "TAH DAH!!!", PROBLEM SOLVED!
2012-12-31 01:58:20 PM  
2 votes:
2012-12-31 01:54:28 PM  
2 votes:

jehovahs witness protection: SnarfVader: Bad driver thread!

/Makes popcorn

No, Bad state thread.

/grows popcorn

SUCKY 20-something WOMAN DRIVER thread.
/Get. Off. My. Turnpike.
//steals popcorn.
2012-12-31 10:39:46 AM  
2 votes:
Bad driver thread!

/Makes popcorn
2013-01-01 07:33:36 PM  
1 vote:

The_Original_Roxtar: no, disregarding law B to make sure others obey law A, then acting like you're somehow superior makes you a dick.

For the last time, people:

If everyone obeys the speed limit, then the 'keep right except to pass' is irrelevant, since everyone is going the same speed.

But, some of you don't seem to get it. let's look at the 4 possibilities:

Everyone obeys Both laws.
Everyone obeys the speed limit, but not the Keep Right law.
Everyone obeys the Keep Right law, but not the speed limit.
No one obeys either.

If everyone obeys Both laws, we end up with everyone in the Right lane, going the speed limit. The left lane is never used. That makes no sense.

If everyone obeys the speed limit, but not the Keep Right law, we end up with everyone going the speed limit, but both lanes of the road being used. This is the most efficient use of the road.

If everyone obeys the Keep Right law, but not the speed limit (like a lot of you want), we wind up with the right lane at 55 (maybe 65), and the left lane at 80 or more. This speed differential leads to more, and worse, accidents.

And finally, if no one obeys either law, we end up with the roads as they are now.
2013-01-01 05:54:00 PM  
1 vote:

snocone: We call this behavior "Passive Aggression".
Makes you a dick.

Obeying the law makes you a dick? Got it.
2013-01-01 02:39:53 PM  
1 vote:

soj4life: If you are going to be going the speed limit, do not be in the left lane. The left lane is for passing. This driver had 3 miles to make a decision, the cop had to make it for her.

Fun fact: You can't exceed the speed limit even when you are passing.
2012-12-31 11:06:13 PM  
1 vote:

hoots_toot_ochaye: kp

Then charge the truck driver for not yielding the right of way so she could pull over in front of the truck.
2012-12-31 08:40:39 PM  
1 vote:

enry: If you're in the left lane, you're in the wrong lane.

"If being in the left is wrong, I don't want to be right."
2012-12-31 07:24:11 PM  
1 vote:

NightOwl2255: No worries, I won't take it as proven you wrong. I will take the fact that I proved you wrong as proving you wrong.

Good luck out there.

Whatever floats your boat. It's nice to know that someone from Oklahoma City is so sure he knows what goes on three states away, though. I'm in awe of your psychic powers.
2012-12-31 04:52:03 PM  
1 vote:

RoyBatty: Is this an east coast thing?

Driving in LA, SF, California and Arizona I've never seen "keep to the right" enforced in any manner.

Also, what the hell is a European Highway, and what does it have to do with keep right laws in New Jersey?

The US Interstate system was based on the German Autobahn. The keep right when not passing and no passing on the right is part of the Autobahn's legacy. It is law in most or all states, however not evenly enforced. Signs are almost never put up to remind drivers. I for one do wish enforcement was more consistent, along with allowing the driver 5 or 10 miles faster for the pass.

Quick story: I was in line at a Michigan Adventures' ride earlier this year when the lady started laughing that she always ride the left lane going 5 below the speed limit. She joked "F... them they'll go around". This big gal was reduced to tears when we reached the ride and couldn't fit her behind in the car. She was pissed that her skinny husband chose to ride without her. Good for him, he got to ride after her always getting the last pork chop.
2012-12-31 04:17:33 PM  
1 vote:

fredklein: KiTTeNs_on_AciD: Not her job to enforce the law.

It's also not her job to break the law (speed to pass the truck) in order to allow someone else to break the law.

Oh, now I get it. You are in NYC and have no idea what driving is like in the rest of the world. Try to think of this as someone stopping to tie their shoes in the middle of a doorway to a subway car, or the middle of a stair case. Or tourists blocking an entire sidewalk to take pictures. It's a dick-move that negatively impacts others and trying to spin it as vigilantism doesn't excuse it.

Do the rest of us a huge favor and stay in the city, and never drive. Or conversely, move to Detroit and drive exactly how you think is OK and the problem will work itself out.
2012-12-31 04:03:18 PM  
1 vote:

bhcompy: It's your job to obey the law, which means not impeding traffic.

And it's their job to obey the law and not speed. And if they don't speed, then I'm NOT impeding traffic.
2012-12-31 04:02:16 PM  
1 vote:

Trayal: fredklein: Translation: Get out of my way so I can break the law!

Your argument has a rather serious flaw. Most states have keep right laws. You're basically saying that conforming to one law means it is okay to break another law.

As I said before, if everyone followed the speed limit, the 'keep right' law becomes irrelevant- if everyone is going the speed limit, no one is passing.

On the other hand, if everyone followed the 'keep right except to pass' law, then you end up with speed demons flying by at 80mph, causing accidents.
2012-12-31 03:33:08 PM  
1 vote:
She should have just apologized, like this guy... I'm sure that wold have made everything better.
2012-12-31 03:20:25 PM  
1 vote:
Nothing gets the young dudes all bent out of shape like guns and cars.
2012-12-31 03:06:24 PM  
1 vote:

Theaetetus: Eh. I'm as anti-cop as they come, but...

Why didn't she move to the middle lane?

"There was a tractor-trailer truck right next to her, and she didn't know what to do," dad explained. "Instead of ... passing the truck ... and risking a speeding ticket or [signaling] and slowing down ... to move behind the truck ... she maintained her speed, thinking this was OK."

It wasn't. The trooper pulled her over and issued a summons for failing to keep right. The cop wasn't interested in her fear of moving to the right. And he sure didn't want to hear complaints about his own driving.

"Too bad," he told her, noting that he gave her "three miles" to find a way to yield.

If true, she essentially set up a rolling roadblock with the truck for 3 miles.

But the semi truck driver and the cop are to blame as well.

I use the left lane to pass all of the time, within the speed limit, and on occasion the vehicle I'm passing speeds up from whatever sense of machismo the guy I'm passing speeds up to the speed limit.

If the cop pulled in tight behind her in the process, it is effectively entrapment. He blocked her one legal maneuver she had available to her.
2012-12-31 03:04:34 PM  
1 vote:
If a cop is targeting you then you are going to get a ticket for something. You cant avoid it, you probably cant fight it unless you have powerfull people who owe you, you are getting a ticket and will have to pay a fine. If you are lucky. Try to resist in any way and your life will be ruined and or you will possibly be killed.

You asked for this citizen.
2012-12-31 03:00:52 PM  
1 vote:

chewielouie: FTFA "Too few drivers, it seems, understand the meaning of road signs that encourage us to "Stay right.""

If you don't understand this, then turn your license in. There's a very good chance that you are a danger to yourself and others. Learn how to drive. Study the rules, and re-take the driver's license exam.

Too few drivers, it seems, understand the meaning of road signs that say "Speed Limit."

If you don't understand this, then turn your license in. There's a very good chance that you are a danger to yourself and others. Learn how to drive. Study the rules, and re-take the driver's license exam.
2012-12-31 02:53:19 PM  
1 vote:

Trayal: A policeman/patrolman isn't going to pull somebody over for going 1mph over the speed limit, especially in such a situation when doing so would effectively clear a roadblock.

I drive about 100 miles per day, and so am in situations similar to this often. Just increase 1 or 2 mph, then move over and clear out of the lane. Never been pulled over for it; the cop generally just wants to be on his/her way.

It's about farking time somebody started enforcing the laws that are intended to maintain a clean flow of traffic. Kudos to this guy.

I had a Tennessee State Trooper tell me they don't get out of their cars for any less than 300 dollars, or a reckless driving ticket. On the other hand, Crump TN has "Officer Douchebag", who waited till I was technically out of his jurisdiction to pull me over after I had just gotten off work and decided to drive 100 miles to surprise my parents in the morning. Not only did Officer Douchebag try to get me to admit I had been drinking and then to let him search my car, he almost got his ass ran over by a logging truck because he was in Black BDUs and a tactical vest doing traffic work.
2012-12-31 02:46:10 PM  
1 vote:
2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

got the cruise control set on 45
2012-12-31 02:44:02 PM  
1 vote:

vudukungfu: Quantum Apostrophe: Isn't there a "make way" law?

For cops, yeah.
You don't have to like them, but GTF out of their way.
Let them go and stay off their radar.

Couldn't you plead that the truck driver was at fault for not obeying the legal responsibility of letting you pass. If you give the signals, they are legally required to do all in their ability to let you get around them. Since the truck didn't allow this, nor could she break the speed limit without committing a crime, nor slow down without causing an accident because the cop was tailgating you are pretty much screwed. The judge is going to believe the cop 99.9% of the time even if they are lying, put you in an impossible situation, or flat out cause the accident, unless you got a recording of it and hope they don't prosecute you for making illegal recordings of cops.
2012-12-31 02:30:54 PM  
1 vote:

Theaetetus: If true, she essentially set up a rolling roadblock with the truck for 3 miles.

She didn't "block" anyone who was obeying the law and going the speed limit. She only "blocked" people trying to BREAK THE LAW.

img7.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-12-31 02:25:11 PM  
1 vote:

serial_crusher: This woman is 20 years old and, not only is she stupid enough to know that the left lane is for passing, but she's also letting her dad fight her battles for her?  Sounds like a catch, guys.

Driving skills aren't that high on my list of things that make a woman "a catch".
2012-12-31 02:12:55 PM  
1 vote:
I love any thread that sets the "all police officers abuse their authority" crowd against the "I hate slow drivers" crowd. I plan on showing this article to my roommate to watch his head explode.
2012-12-31 02:10:32 PM  
1 vote:
Women, especially women in their teens and 20s, should be required to pass a special interstate driving test before they're allowed on it. SPEED UP, YOU IDIOT, IT'S SAFER!
2012-12-31 02:03:41 PM  
1 vote:
Put her to death. Anyone who makes a habit of driving in the left lane while not passing the car to their right deserves a slow painful death. I'm not kidding.
2012-12-31 01:56:14 PM  
1 vote:
Good! I so hate these control freaks who get off on holding up traffic just because they can, move the fark over you asshat!
2012-12-31 01:55:14 PM  
1 vote:
"Man I've been tellin friends for years about all those arsehole cops always breaking the law and hurting us common folks - I had a friend that got 80 years for just having a burnt seed in his ashtray!!! Man,.... (etc, etc.)"

/getting the ball rolling
2012-12-31 11:09:02 AM  
1 vote:
Get out of the left lane, grand pa!
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