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(WorldNetDaily)   The problem with today's baby names isn't that they're being saddled with unfortunate things like Bella, Brayden, Jayden, Katniss, and Grayden, it's that they're not biblical names   ( divider line
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2012-12-30 09:33:02 AM  
And that is why Yahweh will allow the Babylonians to lay sack to this land of wickedness which heeds not His word.
2012-12-30 09:33:44 AM  

foo monkey: I have an Old Testament name, but It wasn't inspired directly from the Bible. Pros are that everyone can pronounce it, it's uncommon but not so much that it's weird, and this particular OT character was pretty badass. Con is, everyone assumes I'm Jewish.

2012-12-30 09:34:53 AM  

Rhino_man: The future of American baby names (Video)

Oh that is funny... reminds me of Monty Python

2012-12-30 09:40:14 AM  
I presume the author wants more kids to have the Anglicized, King James Bible names, like Jacob, Joshua/Jesus, Isaac, John, and Joseph.

Because if a lot of kids were to be named Yakov, Yeshua, Yitzhak, Yochanan and Yosef I think the author would sound the alarm that the Jews and/or Islamofascists were taking over our American culture.
2012-12-30 09:41:55 AM  
2012-12-30 09:45:42 AM  
Those name they are speaking off are mostly derived from European translations of Hebrew, and other Middle Eastern languages of the time.

Head over to Israel and Palestine and you'll find more authentic Biblical names then what WND considers "Biblical".
2012-12-30 09:46:00 AM  
Seems the word "hang" is automoderated there, kind of disturbing yet not surprising.
2012-12-30 09:46:30 AM  
There is no "Saint Wendy."
2012-12-30 09:49:34 AM  
My kids have boring normal family names.
I dont know if my husbands name or mine come from the bible.

My other friends and family decided to give their kids...less traditional? names.

There's Paxton, Memphis, Hawke, MacKenna, and MacKayla.

I dont care what other people name their kids though.
2012-12-30 09:55:14 AM  
What about all our "visitors" from south of the border named Jesus?
2012-12-30 09:56:08 AM  

Millennium: Start the counter-trend: name your kid Zebulun or Hagar.

I was thinking Obadiah, myself. Can't go wrong with a name like that.
2012-12-30 09:56:38 AM  
Bible, bible, bible. And bible's ass.

Fark you people and your stinking bible. It means nothing to me and never will.
2012-12-30 10:03:32 AM  
Mike Hunt
2012-12-30 10:09:31 AM  

jmr61: Bible, bible, bible. And bible's ass.

Fark you people and your stinking bible. It means nothing to me and never will.

Were you diddled by a priest? Seriously, you have issues.
2012-12-30 10:13:10 AM  
My name appears nowhere in the Bible, but it's a good Anglo-Saxon name that goes back at least a millennium. Why don't the good White folks at WMD care about me?
2012-12-30 10:16:24 AM  

Pronounced Ladasha
2012-12-30 10:19:58 AM  

hubiestubert: Oddly enough, my mixed blood tochis has HUGE Biblical connotations. An Archangel and a fairly important Biblical king. Then it gets mucked up with the Ellis Island mistake of transforming our German name into something vaguely Dutch or oddly transliteral in English. Not a big deal. My mother is Japanese, but somehow the genetics worked out to me only coming out only a bit Nihonjin looking, so maybe it's a good thing that I wasn't saddled with an Archangel's name, and then Toshiro or Hironori.

Rather than look for cool sounding names for our daughter, my then wife and I decided that we wanted to name our girl after people we care about. Thus she got named for my wife's best friend, my Aunt who raised me and is as close to a mother as I have, and my then wife's grandmother, who we were afraid wasn't going to live to see our girl, and we wanted her to know that she had a namesake, and maybe it worked, because the gal pulled through to see her namesake. It does mean that our daughter hates us around standardized testing time, because she NEVER has enough room to write out her full name. When she was a baby, we joked that her name was longer than she was. And it kind of is, but it is chock full of meaning. If the girl critter and I have a son, then he will be named after folks who are important to us again. As a namesake. As a way of remembrance and honoring those folks.

That my daughter's name has some Biblical elements isn't because we honor the People of the Book--neither of us are Christian. I'm a Buddhist, and my ex wife is a pagan. OK, she's sort of Newage--and yes, that's pronounced like it rhymes with "sewage" but her's is a mix and match sort of thing, and it's sort of hard to respect a faith tradition that picks and chooses what elements it will follow like a pu pu platter. It wound up that way, because the people we were closest to had fairly common names, and their folks chose some good sized Christian ones.

We chose to honor the folks who are closest to us. The girlcritter likes the idea, and I'm glad that she's on board, because it made the process of naming my daughter fairly easy. It isn't the path that everyone takes. I know that some folks want cool names. Something that sets their kids from the others. I hold less with that, because I think names help root us. Names have power, and if your name is ripped from fiction, and not even terribly established fiction, it sort of drains that power away. It lacks a certain...anchoring in the culture. It shows a kid that his or her folks were moved by a fad, and that is maybe a lesson can go down hard. But that's my take on it, and they're not my kids, and it's not my decision. I don't hold with it, I don't agree with it, but it's not my place to judge--well, maybe a little, but it has less to do about the child than the parents, and I WILL judge the f*ck out of other parents around my wee girl. And I can see folks who will judge others for what they name their kids. I can understand it, if it is sort of this faddish sort of thing. Mind you, it is sort of sad, that Christians forget Matthew 7:1, but it is understandable.

But it's none of my business, and while internally I may roll my eyes, if someone introduces their baby Katniss to me, I'm going to answer the phone when the bairn hands me their plastic phone and get to know the kid. Kids can't help what we name them, so maybe it's a good idea to make that name means something, but it's not my business if they decide to do so with a fad, because we all have our idiosyncrasies. It's, at best, a venial sin against good taste.

You used a Scottish word
2012-12-30 10:23:04 AM  
My wife wouldn't even let me call the dog Jezabel. Instead took a totally unbiblical name. It is a shame!
2012-12-30 10:29:24 AM  

ilikeracecars: Carotid: How about "Le-a" pronounced "Ledasha". I kid you not. Actual legal name.

Find the evidence. Someone posting it on FB doesn't mean its real.

I heard of this from a local high school teacher several years ago, a woman I trust not to make sh*t up; she's a terrible liar and has no imagination.

"Ladasha" isn't uncommon; it's just adding "La" to "Dasha" (I've known a couple of Dashas). The "La-a" spelling is something girls with that name do themselves, attempting to ... well, I don't know really what they're hoping to accomplish. When the girl says "the dash be silent" (actual quote), you know what you're dealing with.
2012-12-30 10:36:41 AM
Bishop Don Juan has proclaimed that Lunesta, Boniva, and Valtrexia are now biblical names. Also the name Completrius but only if youre sure your son will become a NFL wide reciever
2012-12-30 10:41:49 AM  

Fluorescent Testicle: Draken_26301: I was accused of naming my kid after the mail character from A Clockwork Orange.

[ image 346x500]

You put a lot of work into that.
2012-12-30 10:48:30 AM  

Serious Black: Mr. Coffee Nerves: GoldSpider: Gulper Eel:

Yeah, because a woman is going to be named Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in any of our lifetimes. Unless John Roberts unexpectedly dies, he's going to resign under a GOP president (probably when I'm in my 50's). And unless Hell freezes over, that president will pickappoint a WASP male to the court then pick said Wasp to replace him.

2012-12-30 10:50:52 AM  
I'm a physician, and working with kids you see some insane names come around

Kor-shá, for example, pronounced core-SHA! Yes, the mother put extra emphasis on the last syllable.
D'ant'won. Pronounced De-an-twon, and one of the several I've seen with 2 apostrophes.

More -adens and former last names made into first names than I can count, but at least those don't make our records system stroke out like the extra apostrophes and hyphens.

In addition to the stripper rule above, I firmly believe there should be one more. If you think you'll have your doctor asking "And how do you pronounce that...", then don't use that as a name!
2012-12-30 11:00:27 AM  
Belong to the church of Apple.
Named my crotch fruit Iboy and Igirl.
2012-12-30 11:08:00 AM  

Lionel Mandrake: I'm naming my kids Pilate and Nebuchadnezzar.

I want to name my next child after this biblical character
2012-12-30 11:09:30 AM  

fusillade762: [ image 850x714]


2012-12-30 11:15:22 AM  

Close2TheEdge: Why not names right out of Middle-Earth? Lord of the Rings is a bigger piece of fiction than the Bible, and Thorin Okenshield is a much cooler name than David.

I personally know a 13 year old boy named Thorin, he goes by Thor. And yes it is for the dwarf king.
2012-12-30 11:16:38 AM  
Surprised that no one has called this out yet...

The problem with biatching about not using Biblical names, is that the names that they are biatching about aren't really Biblical themselves. Peter, Paul, Mary, Thomas, Matthew, Simon, et al are FAKE NAMES. No One, 2000 years ago in the MIDDLE EAST, had THESE NAMES. Even the name 'Jesus' is a bullshiat made up transliteration. Any actual scholars out there? What's the first rule of translating from one language to another? -> YOU DON'T TRANSLATE PROPER NOUNS! You convert the sound phonyms so the name remains pronounced the same BUT YOU DON'T TRANSLATE IT.

So who are people REALLY praying to when they pray to Jesus? Maybe _that_ is why they fail.
2012-12-30 11:18:21 AM  
Where were these people when Jessica and Jennifer and Jason were the most popular names?

/none of them are Biblical
2012-12-30 11:18:48 AM

2012-12-30 11:24:03 AM  
Riding through the local park recently I had my portable scanner with me. As I rode close to a local elementary school, they were letting the kids out for the day. They were using walkie-talkies to call for the children as the parents drove up. There were some normal names and some like have been discused in this thread. But one stuck out. Some genius parent named their Divinity.
2012-12-30 11:27:21 AM  

ambercat: Millennium: Start the counter-trend: name your kid Zebulun or Hagar.

Good point, if we had only named more kids Zebulun or better yet Zebulon maybe we'd have flying cars by now.
2012-12-30 11:28:15 AM  
My girlfriend was out with our son when an older lady asked what his name was. he told her his name is Damien Michael. The lady then asked her why on earth we would name him that. Her response? "have you met his father?" And the lady just walked away.

/true story
//Yes that is his name
2012-12-30 11:29:28 AM  
2012-12-30 11:31:56 AM  
My sister married some guy named Hard.

They named my niece Ryder.

I don't think this is going to end well
2012-12-30 11:42:30 AM  
Since when is "Sophia" not a Christian name? What a stupid article.
2012-12-30 11:43:24 AM  
Speaking of biblical names, there sure are many Nimrods on WND
2012-12-30 11:44:14 AM  
My first son's name is Sanskrit and Greek.

Second's is Latin and Old English.

Mine is straight up two farking disciples.

Time. Marches. On. Sort of.

Maybe their children will have 21st Century names like Galaxy and Ethernet.
2012-12-30 11:46:06 AM  

Mouser: Millennium: Start the counter-trend: name your kid Zebulun or Hagar.

I was thinking Obadiah, myself. Can't go wrong with a name like that.

Malachi and Nicodemus would also work.
2012-12-30 11:49:37 AM  
I would name my son Jepthah...but then I would always worry about the grandchildren.

// I hope it's not obscure...
2012-12-30 11:55:00 AM  
Has anyone come up with the tidbit that the bible wasn't written in english, and over the years the spelling and translation and pronoucation has changed all kinds of stuff?
2012-12-30 12:05:23 PM  
I don't care about the mythology tied to kids' names. But as a 40 y.o. from KY, Christopher Aaron (New/Old testament) for me is pretty standard for men of my age. I can't put my finger on when things started to get weird name-wise. It seems every dude I grew up with is Jason/Kevin/Chris/Michael/Matthew/somesuch. It seems NO ONE is naming their boys like that these days. Here in The South, LOTS of Dakotas and other vaguley western-sounding things, and this:

The trend I hate lately are what I call "job" names.


It's like the parents are expecting what the kid is going to be doing all his/her life.

What is that all about? Menawhile, Ms. FPB has a friend who she babysits for. She's one of these 30-something Neo-Cons that isn't totally Fundie. Goes to the "casual" church, smokes, cusses. Isn't with her baby's daddy(ies), isn't married to the guy she's with.

One of her daughters is named Americus, another is named Palin.

2012-12-30 12:05:56 PM  
I like the idea of made-up names that sound biblical--like Jehoobabel or Jebediah. Such Cromulent names will embiggen the smallest child.
2012-12-30 12:08:12 PM  

Buffalo77: I don't think this is going to end well

Especially if your niece marries Mr. Putawaywet.
2012-12-30 12:09:45 PM  

23FPB23: One of her daughters is named Americus, another is named Palin.


In these parts a popular name during that election cycle was Maverick. Ran into one of the little squirts recently when he flipped over his mommy's entire shopping cart while mommy was saying "Now Maverick, I asked you to behave!"
2012-12-30 12:09:58 PM  

23FPB23: it seems every WHITE dude I grew up with is Jason/Kevin/Chris/Michael/Matthew/somesuch.


Also, grew up with a black kid named Montreal.

Pronounced MON-trell
2012-12-30 12:10:59 PM  
If I had a son, I would name "Hadouken." Every time I had to call him over I would pretend like I'm throwing a fireball.

/Hadouken! Hadouken!
//(tries to jump over fireball) SHORYUKEN!
///Sucks at Street Fighter.
2012-12-30 12:14:03 PM  
What about Bon-Qui-Qui?
2012-12-30 12:15:08 PM  
Uriah Heep FTW!
2012-12-30 12:15:11 PM  

gadian: 23FPB23: One of her daughters is named Americus, another is named Palin.


In these parts a popular name during that election cycle was Maverick. Ran into one of the little squirts recently when he flipped over his mommy's entire shopping cart while mommy was saying "Now Maverick, I asked you to behave!"

Yeah that gets back to the vaguely Western thing that's been going on. It seems to have co-incided, at least around here, to the trend of tacky Native-American decor. You know, dream catchers and wolves and shiat.

Hell, former U of Texas QB's name is Colt McCoy. How farkin funny is that, especially since he played for Texas! And his younger brother is named Chase, another name I never heard until about 15-20 years ago.
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