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(Salon)   "We remember the killers' names, but not the names of the victims. We know the gory details. Media bloodlust is killing us as a society"   ( divider line
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2012-12-29 02:35:17 PM  
5 votes:
I'm always rooting for a higher kill score. Twenty-seven was impressive, but we can do better.
2012-12-29 02:42:07 PM  
4 votes:
I still don't know who killed JFK>
2012-12-29 02:31:48 PM  
3 votes:

iollow: If this is true, why has violence been going down in America steadily over the last 20 years?

Glaucoma's steady march in the greatest generation is affecting aim.
2012-12-29 03:11:53 PM  
2 votes:

Zombie DJ: I remember Hitlers name but, gun to my head, couldn't tell you 5 people he killed.

Helen Keller, Amelia Eirhart, the Lindbergh baby, Lou Gehrig, and one of the Wayans brothers.
2012-12-29 02:53:02 PM  
2 votes:

His name was Robert Paulson.
2012-12-29 01:46:31 PM  
2 votes:
Oh look, a member of the media just discovered that the media are vultures.  Welcome to 1775.
2012-12-29 04:33:58 PM  
1 vote:

gibbon1: I don't remember the guy in Colorado's name, or that guy who shot all those school kids.

Alferd Packer was the Colorado guy.
2012-12-29 04:05:29 PM  
1 vote:

Matthew Keene: I still don't know who killed JFK>

The more I study the movie JFK by Oliver Stone, the more I'm convinced it was suicide
2012-12-29 03:16:26 PM  
1 vote:

furiousxgeorge: SKEET SKEET SKEET GUN NUTS! This shower of semen is so much more important than our children's safety!
2012-12-29 02:54:48 PM  
1 vote:
This doom and gloom view of the decline of society comes from young folks with no sense of history. The phenomenon here is nothing new. Name some of Jack the Ripper's victims. Who did Lizzy Borden kill? Our brains are action oriented so we tend to identify the event by the active element rather than the passive.
2012-12-29 02:52:46 PM  
1 vote:

Weaver95: Truth?  not after the lies Romney told during this last election cycle.

Wow, you get any taller a soapbox of hypocrisy, you'll fall and hurt yourself.
2012-12-29 02:25:05 PM  
1 vote:
I make my living off the Evening News
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry
2012-12-29 02:23:42 PM  
1 vote:
Spree shootings are caused by a lack of personal restraint. In some cases, such as Charles Whitman, the fellow was suffering from madness with an organic cause ie a brain tumour. He left diaries and letters that showed jumbled and irrational thoughts.

But in nearly all cases, this lack of personal restraint comes from the breakdown of society.

1. If suicide is no longer a sin,
2. If public disobedience and defiance against authority are glorified,
3. If fame or celebrity is rewarded without merit,
4. If Right and Wrong are no longer absolute,
5. If erratic behaviour is no longer shameful,
6. If internal or self justification is held as a virtue,

-- then it will all continue along this path until society completely collapses, and a new order reforms from the ashes
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