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(BBC)   One armed drunk driver jumps a red light, gets driving ban, while using his mobile phone   ( divider line
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1740 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Nov 2001 at 4:28 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-23 04:33:24 PM  
Hey Rick Allen,
Dude,Def Lepard needs you.Get yourself to an A.A. meeting or you're gonna be six feet under like Steve Clark.
What the hell are you driving for anyways?Where's your chauffeur at?
2001-11-23 04:40:13 PM  
If a One armed drunk driver jumps a red light, gets driving ban, while using his mobile phone can't drive anymore, then the terrorists have already won.
2001-11-23 05:06:10 PM  
Drunk drivers are friggin idiots.
2001-11-23 05:09:00 PM  
The One Armed Man???? Somebody call David Jensen. No, wait, he's dead...never mind.
2001-11-23 05:25:01 PM  
"jumped" a red light..what the hell is that supposed to mean? "run" a red light makes much more sense...
damn Brits and their awkward use of english.
2001-11-23 05:31:48 PM  
Not banned, suspended, get it right you stinking brits
2001-11-23 05:48:28 PM  
This just in. One armed man arrested after he carried a pot of coffee and a dozen doughnuts to work.
2001-11-23 06:01:36 PM  
this needs a "hero" tag.

2001-11-23 06:03:48 PM  


Never underestimate the boundaries of stupidity.
2001-11-23 06:10:46 PM  
I'd like to know what exactly a "drink driver" is.

Is this some sort of British thing, or did I miss the group meeting where they changed it from drunk driving?
2001-11-23 07:45:44 PM  
If he does this again and dies, would he qualify for a Darwin award? ;-)
2001-11-23 07:57:59 PM  
methinks jumping the light is waiting a while, then going before it turns green as opposed to not stopping.
2001-11-23 08:17:06 PM  
Rinpoche, ever heard of jumping the gun? same too hasty
2001-11-23 10:30:24 PM  
I tell ya if you could squeeze the words " angry dwarf " into that headline it would be one of the great ones.
2001-11-24 01:18:40 AM  
Charloex : I know, I just wanted to start some flaming, i poke fun at the brits whenever i get the chance.

I just saw "naked" on the indie film channel and it blew me away. brilliant piece of british film. it is amazing that we speak the same language yet we don't. ok. now i'll just just me bloody trap. i'm bored.
2001-11-24 02:06:30 AM  
Ha cool Rinpoche, thats ,my favourite film ! i noticed they are playing it on IFC David thewlis is really good in it, mike leighs other stuff is pretty good too, but thats the best i think.
2001-11-24 02:56:26 AM  
hey charliex: i see that you live in the bay area..did you make it to the SF fark party?

I would have made it but i had no idea it was happening.
next time, i guess.
2001-11-24 08:56:33 AM  
I don't think very highly of the intelligence of people who talk on their cell phones while driving. At a red light is fine (like you have a whole lot of time), but hang up when it's green. I don't know how many times I nearly got rear-ended by some soccer-mom type in an SUV yakking on the phone during Detroit rush hour! And I'm sure SUVs can do heavy damage to my widdle Festiva!

One trick I like to pull if the driver next to me is yakking on the cell phone--roll my window down and blast my stereo. :) I've actually had glares from people that are on their phones who notice my bumper sticker that says "Hang up and DRIVE!" LOL!

Well, I'm off to my 10 year high school reunion! Ferndale High class of 1991! Woohoo!
2001-11-24 09:45:57 PM  
and the moral of the story is...........

Don't drink and drive...........

else you might spill it.

'drink driving' is short for 'drinking and driving' - Obvious? No?
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