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(The Blaze)   It's amazing that Charles Krauthammer can stand up and with a straight face blame Obama for a civil war among Republicans over taxes   ( divider line
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3559 clicks; posted to Politics » on 28 Dec 2012 at 9:47 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-12-27 11:54:01 PM  
Douchebaggery unbound
2012-12-28 12:16:05 AM  
Crippled logic strikes again.
2012-12-28 12:16:58 AM  
I see what you did there.
2012-12-28 12:25:18 AM  
It's amazing that Charles Krauthammer hasn't collapsed into a little super-dense black hole of anger and frustration from which nothing can escape

/Hell on wheels, if you will
2012-12-28 01:02:54 AM  
Party of Personal Responsibility strikes again.
2012-12-28 01:15:59 AM  
Um, I'm pretty sure that they've made their own bed on this.
2012-12-28 01:48:05 AM  

make me some tea: Um, I'm pretty sure that they've made their own bed on this.

Oh so much this.  On top of the usual BS, they gerrymandered so many safe GOP seats that now those members fear primary challenges from Tea Baggers more than they fear anything their own Leadership can do to them.

They gerrymandered themselves into being owned entirely by the people who yell at empty chairs.
2012-12-28 02:17:33 AM  
"His objective from the very beginning was to break the will of the Republicans in the House, and to create an internal civil war. And he's done that."

Bwahahaha. If you say so, Chuck.

He can't admit his party is insane.
2012-12-28 03:03:17 AM  
Because this is the "narrative" - the crisis is all Obama's fault because he refuses to negotiate in good faith with the Republicans. You've been hearing it for the past week, and you will hear it over and over and over again repeatedly until it becomes the dominant reality.
2012-12-28 03:54:39 AM

you pickle-incident-sucking old liar, RETIRE already.
2012-12-28 07:51:09 AM  
I liked him on Madlaughin grop.
2012-12-28 08:21:19 AM  
He's sounding like Dick Morris.

You never go full Dick Morris.
2012-12-28 09:48:49 AM  
The man was too damned stupid to make sure the pool was filled before diving in, so why on god's earth should I take anything he says seriously?
2012-12-28 09:49:25 AM  
Look at what you made me do. LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!!!
2012-12-28 09:49:51 AM  
Fark Cons have been doing the same thing. Libs this libs that. Republicans have no sense of personal responsibility.

Apparently Boner failing with "Plan B" is everyone elses fault.
2012-12-28 09:50:49 AM  

Ctrl-Alt-Del: The man was too damned stupid to make sure the pool was filled before diving in, so why on god's earth should I take anything he says seriously?

This is what I don't understand. He is held up as some sort of conservative strategic genius that knows all and provides wonderful insight

Ignoring the fact that he is incredibly partisan and spins every last thing in to bad for Obama, good for GOP including changing his own past statements on things like the Bush Doctrine or health care....the guy did a swannie in to an empty pool...who the f*ck is going to listen to him and feel he is the bright one in the room?
2012-12-28 09:51:03 AM  
2012-12-28 09:51:32 AM  
Charles Krauthammer probably knows how to spell in his headlines.
2012-12-28 09:51:48 AM  

Bravo, GOP. Seriously, bravo. You not only have managed to blow an election that should've been yours, you can't even keep your shiat together to pass a bill that would've helped you in 2014. Instead, you're too busy fighting with each other to save the country or bother working with the other side. But I guess this is "party before country" that we've been sniffing for the past decade, right? I applaud you lot, you are the only group of people I know of that could be given specific instructions on how to cut out a square from construction paper and somehow manage to shoot yourself in the face with a donkey's ass while pledging allegiance to every 6 year old saying "but that's *MY* money!" and rolling around in your own glorified fecal matter because, fark, I dunno, you like the taste?

So I tip my hat to you, GOP. You managed to cock up the simplest thing, blame your opponents (of which, I don't quite know who we're talking about now) and still have trouble putting pants on in the morning while still walking around with your man-thong on your head
2012-12-28 09:52:07 AM  
As if the GOP wouldn't be falling all over themselves to take credit if they fomented a Dem civil war over anything.
2012-12-28 09:52:42 AM  
Isn't Charles... heh. Never mind
2012-12-28 09:52:46 AM  

another cultural observer: Charles Krauthammer probably knows how to spell in his headlines.

A subtle clue that the submitter is Canadian.
2012-12-28 09:53:01 AM
2012-12-28 09:53:41 AM  

NateGrey: Republicans have no sense of personal responsibility.

This hypocrisy is most evident in their celebration and nomination of tax dodgers and cheaters to run for the highest office in the land. You're all about personal responsibility until the check comes.

/Spider-man is sad.
2012-12-28 09:53:47 AM  
Well, to be perfectly fair, Charles Krauthammer is clinically retarded.
2012-12-28 09:54:27 AM

knows more about civil war than Charles Krauthammer
2012-12-28 09:55:02 AM  
Well, considering the GOP has managed to cause a rift between the rich and the poor and the young and the old, I'd say he learned from them well.
2012-12-28 09:55:08 AM  
As long as they fail to recognize the actual source of their problems, their problems will continue.

Proceed, Republicans.
2012-12-28 09:57:44 AM

Guess I'll use my Solstice money to buy this, then.
2012-12-28 09:58:49 AM  
He spends the whole interview explaining how Obama successfully shattered his opposition.

Then he ends it by saying Obama will be remembered as a failed president.

Mental gymnastics of Olympic levels, folks.
2012-12-28 09:58:54 AM
2012-12-28 09:59:14 AM  
I love how playing the political game is now being couched in language like "ruthless" and "cunning."

10:1 odds that, in the instance we go over the cliff, some dipshiat pundit will call December 31 the "Night of Long Knives."
2012-12-28 09:59:21 AM  

LouDobbsAwaaaay: As long as they fail to recognize the actual source of their problems, their problems will continue.

Proceed, Republicans.

What you mean like women, minorities, users of government services, and the college-educated? They're on the path for the biggest [exclusionary] tent evarz!
2012-12-28 10:02:12 AM  

Kittypie070: [ image 277x266]

you pickle-incident-sucking old liar, RETIRE already.

SATW? Nice.
2012-12-28 10:02:56 AM  
Krauthammer added that Obama would rather score a political victory than actually deal with the out-of-control national debt.

Opposite day!
2012-12-28 10:05:22 AM  
You know, I only know Sour Kraut hammer through Fark's linking of him and stuff about him, and I never really liked jokes about people's physical deformities/appearance.

But now I find out that this guy is....

Ctrl-Alt-Del: The man was too damned stupid to make sure the pool was filled before diving in


bulldg4life: the guy did a swannie in to an empty pool

and now I can't stop giggling.

/wonder if there's any IFE on this flight to hell
2012-12-28 10:05:25 AM
2012-12-28 10:08:05 AM  
Amoung? Are we in Canada now?
2012-12-28 10:08:49 AM  
Is it the Racists vs the Elitist rich?
2012-12-28 10:08:50 AM  

Thats No Moose: and I never really liked jokes about people's physical deformities/appearance.

I feel the same way. Physical appearance is used quite often in political threads. Michael Moore is fat. Ann Coulter looks like a man. Personally, I think both of them just say stupid things (Coulter far more often and for intentionally inflammatory reasons)...however, it is no reason to use purely physical things to attack them.

However, it always bothered me that a quadriplegic was discussing health care when he did it to himself...
2012-12-28 10:09:37 AM  
I don't think you could ever really characterize that face as being straight.
2012-12-28 10:11:02 AM  
Damn, Obama is contradiction incarnate. An omni-boogeyman, he is whatever you fear most.
2012-12-28 10:13:03 AM  
Well, Krauthammer is a partisan pundit, i.e. a huge douchebag with no meaningful ideas or worthwhile thoughts to contribute to anything. We already knew this, this is no more surprising than when O'Reilly or one of the Fox morning assholes or Olbermann is a buck-passing douche about something. It's like right there in the job description "continually blame the other guy for your own guy's flaws".

Don't like it? Watch an actual news program or read an actual news column instead of op-ed bullshiat.
2012-12-28 10:14:05 AM  
No, Chuck, the civil war among Republicans is entirely because of your party's insistence upon purity over pragmatism.
2012-12-28 10:14:43 AM  
Stop Playing the Blame Game
How Your Blame Claims May Be Impeding Happiness

One of the most destructive human pastimes is playing the blame game. It has been responsible for mass casualties of war, regrettable acts of road rage, and on a broad interpersonal level (social, familial and work-related), a considerable amount of human frustration and unhappiness. The blame game consists of blaming another person for an event or state of affairs thought to be undesirable, and persisting in it instead of proactively making changes that ameliorate the situation. The drive shaft of this game is a series of four irrational beliefs:

1. If something has gone wrong (or is not the way it should be), then someone other than myself must be identified and blamed for causing the situation.

2. This person/s' malfeasance diminishes the respect he/she deserves as a person.

3. So, it is permissible (and only fitting) to treat this person/s in ways he/she deserves to be treated such as ignoring, name-calling, and in extreme cases, physical assault.

4. I must not accept any significant degree of responsibility for the situation inasmuch as to do so would be to admit that I am myself also diminished as a person, and therefore deserving of the same disapprobation and negative treatment. to p-playing-the-blame-game
2012-12-28 10:15:42 AM  
Charles needs to listen to John Yoo's mom.

[X] Delusional
[X] Projects faults on others
2012-12-28 10:15:53 AM  
This is his fault. It's like how a mother and father get along just fine and then they have a kid and it ruins everything. Obama is a petulant child and he throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Now you have the mother, the Democraps, who want to give the child everything until he stops crying. And then there's the father, the GOP, who wants the child to learn a lesson and grow with maturity and responsibility. No, wait, hang on. The democrats aren't involved with the fighting because it is just between the members of the GOP. Okay, so there's like, two fathers and they're arguing which, incidentally, is why traditional marriage works better and this gay stuff doesn't. That's my point. Okay, so: now there's fighting within the family and it is partially the gay stuff and also the fault of the child who tries to get everything he wants by playing one parent off the other. No, uh... he's not doing that. They're just imploding on their own. Nevermind. The two fathers are arguing about the best way to deal with the screaming petulant child? Yeah, okay, that works. They should have just aborted the pregnancy. Which is wrong, so no.. but they're gay so it was probably an adoption anyway, right? Wait, I'm confused. Let's just say he should go back to Kenya. Yeah. Farking usurper.
2012-12-28 10:17:06 AM  
it's simple when you use foxnews' cosmetic surgery fund and have enough botox injected in your face that it makes droopy look more lively.
2012-12-28 10:17:27 AM  
hold on...hold on...

are you telling me he paralyzed himself by diving into a shallow pool?
no wonder he's such a bitter hateful jackass...he's the guy that just wants to watch the world burn, that's him.

hey GOP, you're flail is showing.
the projection and outright denial of reality from you fellas is getting pathetic.
just splinter into a couple unelectable small time parties already...the teapers can bunker up and clean their guns for a couple decades and the last of the old gop can quietly become democrats...and maybe we can get an actual liberal party in there somewhere.

/GOP maximum outrage 24/7/365, it's a conspiracy!
2012-12-28 10:19:00 AM  

The Grand Old Men Yelling At Clouds Party?
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