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(Some Guy)   A kid spends way too much time coming up with an "Alien Space Language"   ( divider line
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4806 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Nov 2001 at 7:51 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-23 07:57:02 AM  
Not really a space "language" -- just a space Alphabet.
2001-11-23 07:59:16 AM  
And one new spelling rule. Who didn't do something like this when they were young and stupid?
2001-11-23 08:06:47 AM  
Most are just the right half of the letter, anyway...

Oh well...
2001-11-23 08:11:00 AM  
Just having my fun, don't mind me...
2001-11-23 08:16:34 AM  
If you click the back button on the bottom of the page you goto a 'home' page with some stuff on it. Nothing really worth clicking on but there was a game page that had some stuff to fool around with.
2001-11-23 08:24:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-23 08:41:59 AM  
Worst - site - ever.

It gets that accolade for including those one-lines under the heading "comedy".
2001-11-23 08:54:47 AM  
Am I :

a: The only one to notice that his space alphabet is simply the normal alphabet without the leading upright?
b: The only one not to get the joke?

Glad I wasted three minutes reading the rest of the site too...
2001-11-23 08:58:27 AM  
It appears you are correct. It is the normal alphabet w/o the leading upright.
Although he did take the drastic measure of eliminating the letter Z. That schmucker, we all like our z's.
2001-11-23 09:07:36 AM  
I could be doing discount Christmas shopping right now.

2001-11-23 09:15:17 AM  
Even though that's probably what he did, the letters he came up with (and that thing with the Ts) looks suspiciously like Korean.
2001-11-23 09:56:13 AM  
Too bad this kid just ripped off Tolkien's language he created (although Tolkien created more than one). I see a few uniqe characters (the three horizontal lines, which shows the kid's lack of imagination), but other than that they are Tolkien "letters"
2001-11-23 10:04:03 AM  
Hmmmm, I just sent an email using those alien letters about a minute ago, and now theres some little grey guys with big heads and large eyes knocking on my front door. I better go check and see what they want......
2001-11-23 10:47:45 AM  
Some of them look like Japanese on there...

You know what's weird is... last night my cousin was writing notes in some strange code that she made up so the teachers can't read them at school and... it looked a lot like that.
2001-11-23 11:03:17 AM  
what a cool site. :/
Thoughtful, inspired, funny and so deep it moved me.
2001-11-23 11:12:10 AM  
It's got nothing on the Standard Galactic Alphabet.
2001-11-23 11:13:56 AM  
What, this kid never heard of Klingon?
2001-11-23 11:18:17 AM  
but that alien space language can be soo easily deciphered!!!! i looked at just the first two letters and thought, well, I SEE HOW HE GOT IT! dude, he just took like parts of the letters....whatever. and HOW CAN Z AND S BE THE SAME??!?! NONONO, THEY MUST BE DIFFERENT! cuz what if you have a word with both Z AND S in it??? dude, there needs to be something changed around here.....
silly kid.
but its kool.
2001-11-23 11:22:06 AM  
MightySausage: It could have been. Another possibility is that she was using Viking Runes or a variation of them. Phoenician Runes are less well known and they do not look at all like this "Alien Space Alphabet". There are many variations of Viking Runes including the ones featured in the Ultima series.
2001-11-23 11:25:56 AM  
Should be "Farker spends way too much time looking up sites on 'alien space languages.'"
2001-11-23 11:32:36 AM  
This page got posted?! Sheeeesh!
2001-11-23 12:48:50 PM  
This years goal: To get back stage passes to Michael Jackson.
Life Mission: To be the first person to pee in space.

(j/k, I'm sure he's a great kid)
2001-11-23 01:04:42 PM  
let's give the kid a break, this is exactly how tolkien got started. he made a language then made up a culture and now we get to read the lord of the rings. he even kept his diary in elvish for 15 years.
2001-11-23 01:09:27 PM  
At least he / she is not out doing crack and break and enters. probably bullied though. Thats why spends so much time in bedroom.
2001-11-23 01:29:28 PM  
And I can remember making up Dwarven and Elvish alphabets back in my D&D playing days. Actually, I used German written in Futhark (written backwards) for Dwarven and English written (writen? geschribt!) in cursive German for Elvish.

Yeah, give the kid a break - it isn't a language, it's a simple substitution code, but it's a start - who knows, s/he may grow up to go to work for the Black Chamber.
2001-11-23 02:01:52 PM  
Damn, what's so bad about a kid making a new alphabet?

2001-11-23 02:05:29 PM  
He didn't rip off tolkien, that exact language if from some game. It had signs that you had to translate. This "alien space language" is right from the instruction book. Too bad I can't remember what the game is called.
2001-11-23 02:41:27 PM  
anyone else notice that if you go back to the main part of his site, this alien space language is listed under "comedy"

did i miss something?
2001-11-23 02:52:35 PM  
nuthin wrong with making up your own alphabet. i made one once with different symbols and different names for each letter.
2001-11-23 03:03:28 PM  
A lot of those look liked ripped off he ripped off the Japanese Katakana
2001-11-23 03:39:37 PM  
2001-11-23 03:40:57 PM  
although, thats probably not EXACTLY the commander keen space language, but it is rather similar looking. lemme take a sec and pull the keen language up for comparison.
2001-11-23 03:42:05 PM  
nah, its not the keen language. :\
keen language is here
2001-11-23 03:46:40 PM  
or rather:
[image from too old to be available]

it would work much better than above linked alien language, dontcha think?
2001-11-23 05:12:59 PM  
I did this when i was like 12. Big deal. Anyway, i hate when people use Z and S interchangably. :P
2001-11-23 05:16:47 PM  
Oh yeah, when i was in 5th grade, the teacher told us to write a story about the alphabet. I made up a whole new letter for my story. How's that for creatively geeky? ::wonders if i'm the only one here who wrote an alphabet fanfic::
2001-11-23 05:57:49 PM  
"Wow" - Christopher Walken

this was in his one-liners section....hmm
2001-11-23 06:13:23 PM  
A lot of these look like katakana...B, C, E, H, J, K, and that's just the first column.
2001-11-23 07:28:08 PM  
I noticed the left side was just cut off the origional alphabet too. I used to make those all the time, out of spirals and wierd designs. I made one out of an insane number code like 67866757:A 77367860327:b and so on. They weren't alien languages but they were kindof secret code. Or i would take the alphabet and switch the letters around like q:a :f:b z:c k:d and so on. I, for no reason, am working on a new lanquage, new letters and so on. Shows how much time i have on my hands.
2001-11-23 08:09:18 PM  
Big Deal. Who hasn't written their own language alphabet?

Even Futurama has one as I recall.
2001-11-23 08:48:01 PM  
Aren't aliens telepathic?
2001-11-23 09:42:33 PM  
What would happen to SNOOZE?!?!?

I'm going to make a language (and not just new symbols). But by then, I will know many languages and different concepts of each. For example, large red apple would become apple red large, but could still be translated back to large red apple.
2001-11-24 12:31:22 AM  
I made such a language, but it had only one letter. This made sentences a bit vague, but spelling was really easy!
2001-11-24 12:54:07 AM  
Agh! The character for S and Z is the Katakana for Su!
2001-11-24 01:12:39 AM  
Hello, everybody. I posted this link to my own site to perform a bit of a "Sociological Experiment" to see who would first figure out that it's a simple English alphabet with the left upright removed. Z was taken out because it had no left upright.

"Worst - site - ever" is not constructive criticism.

The "One Liners" section used to refer to things that have been under the logo on the main page. I removed that feature awhile ago, but forgot to remove the page. I just did. Thank you all for visiting.
2001-11-24 01:29:42 AM  
Ohmygod! The terrorists have won!

Seriously, I'm a bit abashed that I didn't catch it since I'm a recovering typehead.

Good show!
2001-11-24 03:19:48 AM  
I'm actually suprised that with this group of people someone hasn't invented a Farkistanian (Farkian? Or whatever it is) language yet. Ha ha ha. It's 2:15, I'm tired.
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