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(Williamsburg Yorktown Daily)   Stop in at the Yorktown Pub and meet Eva, Homegirl, Dirty Wayne, Bootsie, Little Phil, Crazy Mom and others of the feral cat colony that the pub staff cares for. (raises glass) Cheers, it's time for Caturday   ( divider line
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2012-12-21 08:44:15 PM

2012-12-21 08:44:53 PM  

I_fling_poo: [ image 374x500]
This little shiat has no idea what's about to hit him. He's getting a new sibling tonight. Her name is Gracie and she's a Pomeranian.
Everybody, say hello to Gracie:
[ image 375x500]

She and Dinky/Pedro will have many adventures together.

Gracie is adorable!
2012-12-21 08:52:18 PM  

sherpa18: [ image 500x667]

That is the unhappiest looking cat sitting behind those muppets
2012-12-21 08:58:20 PM  

sherpa18: [ image 583x778]

That is the costume Lily has for this year.....should be fun!  ??
2012-12-21 09:00:31 PM  

sherpa18: [ image 500x509]

"talk to da foot, 'cuz da face ain't lissenin"  HA!
2012-12-21 09:00:52 PM  

lilyspad: [ image 500x337]

One of my (recent) favorites. You were on a serious roll this morning,  lilyspad!
2012-12-21 09:05:28 PM  
OMG! I am so far behind where I usually am in the post by now....landlord came up just as my computer FREAKED OUT!!!!!! The monitor just went all disco-tech on me! Freaking flashing colored light display...all over the place!! Called my IT it shut off...he called me back, and was all "huh, I have no idea"....went back to visit landlord.....step-dad called, and had to tell me everything he told me yesterday. Got the computer back's all good. Whew!! Okay...back to catch up!
2012-12-21 09:08:14 PM  

gremlin1: [ image 400x290]

One of my favorite CSB from my radio days is a fellow jock who produced a spot and pronounced that phrase "whores da-VORS". And yes, it ran several times on air before it was pulled.
2012-12-21 09:09:26 PM  

tigerose: Yesss!  Sherpa is in da house! Love teh Holiday kittehs! So thankful for another yr of cats and Caturday! I have discovered that Eli only sleeps under the tree early in teh moaning..when my eyes are still semi stuck together. Camera is not an option! Hehee!

Got to tell you all how much you mean to me. You lift me up when I am sad, you take time to welcome others, you give advice, hugs and tears to those who need it most. You are all such a wonderful family. What a gift you are. Each and every one! ( Including our lurkers..come on out, no one bites here, except Eli, but he can be bribed!)...

What she said.....:D
2012-12-21 09:15:25 PM  
Phewww.  Now I'm wiped out.  Still time to post pics, though!!!   Off I go....
2012-12-21 09:16:49 PM  
2012-12-21 09:16:58 PM  
Raining like a bastid, 50+ degrees, and windy as hell here in mid-coast Maine. Could be worse. Could be snow  :)
2012-12-21 09:18:00 PM
2012-12-21 09:18:36 PM  
Speaking of that....must go take meds. :D
2012-12-21 09:19:07 PM  
From Facebook earlier this week  :)
2012-12-21 09:19:51 PM
2012-12-21 09:22:00 PM
Love the eyes.....
2012-12-21 09:24:06 PM
2012-12-21 09:24:47 PM  
Beer break...brb
2012-12-21 09:24:58 PM
2012-12-21 09:26:11 PM  

SweetBecca: This is not a bookmark. Ok it is. lol  I will be back to partake in Caturday in awhile. Stupid snow. Need to shovel.
Happy Anniversary Timid Goddess!

/*stomps foot*! I want a snowblower!!!

Thank you.
2012-12-21 09:27:27 PM  

tigerose: Happy Anniv. Timid Goddess so glad that you are here. Mwah!

Thanks.  I do love your poems, even if I rarely comment.  They are wonderful.
2012-12-21 09:27:44 PM  

sherpa18: This thread needs more cats. Christmas cats, to be exact.... [ image 192x144] / let's rock...

I just now re-upped my TF to say to you, sherpa18: YOU ARE MY HERO!
I let the TF sub. run out 'cuz I started 'not hanging out' on Caturday, 'cuz there were less & less cat pix. Recently, as a lurker, I scrolled thru 2 pages (100 posts) of chatter.
Yeah, yeah, I'm ready for the flack (?) and, if you take this personal...well, that's your issue.
Call me a stickler for by-gone days, IIRC, there was an unwritten understanding that chat was more than welcome --- but, have the courtesy to post a cat pic (or dog, or whatEvar)
For anyone having 'puter/posting/cationing problems... whatever happened to that awesome "how-to" on page one?
And... when referring back to a posted pic ... (whendidwestopidentifyingthepicwearequoting.jpg)?
And,,,what's with you Mr. first 4 Black Sabbath Albums??? You get married and then quit being a jerk??? That ain't no way to go through Fark, son. This is for you anyway:
2012-12-21 09:27:46 PM  
Man! If I could just teach Lily to "beer me"...but, with that thumb-thing not working, I guess it might be a while....:D
2012-12-21 09:29:14 PM  

sherpa18: Timid Goddess: All right, who's bright idea was it to use a Mayan calender as a Fark background on my 10th anniversery?

[ image 499x364]

Thank you Sherpa.  Is the yak worn out from delivering Haroku's cards?
2012-12-21 09:30:23 PM  

Spinnyr: 'cuz there were less & less cat pix.

I'm trying! Still a "newbie"...
2012-12-21 09:32:54 PM
2012-12-21 09:33:01 PM  

laulaja: Ft of pg 4.
                                     [ image 330x330]
Heck. Realised once this up, wished to centre & it doesn't wish to. Some things can be Made So by Devious Semi-Cheating Means, like multi-single-space to right. Anyhoo,  Happy Anniv to Timid Goddess & spouse!
captain feedback's linkied .gif, once more reminds me of summer a lifetime ago at WAJC, Radio Butler Univ in Indpls which has since been sold. Hope he can book the howl-iday gigs he wishes.
Trip to Lexington to assail Drew & others for Comment Box Re-Design: I'm only 90 min at most drive from there, Interstate all the way. But no longer have own wheels, not even a bicycle.

Thank you.
2012-12-21 09:34:20 PM
2012-12-21 09:35:58 PM  

Salem Witch: Timid Goddess:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Timid Goddess!

Thank you!
2012-12-21 09:40:00 PM
This was Josie. I haven't posted any pics of her yet. I had her (or she had me) for 18 yrs. before I finally had to send her to the bridge. She and her sibs were born under my front porch....i kept her and her brother Hershey. She was a crazy girl. I still miss her, but Lily has filled that spot that was so empty that I cried for months.  Pardon the now has covers to block out the floral!
2012-12-21 09:42:28 PM
How can this look not melt me????? D'awwww...sweet Lily!
2012-12-21 09:44:03 PM  
K', I have to go have too dusty in here all of a sudden. bbl..........
2012-12-21 09:56:38 PM

2012-12-21 09:57:40 PM

2012-12-21 10:01:38 PM  

DoomsDayAardvark: Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy: Chimichanga says good morning everyone.
[ image 720x960]

Looks like Chimichanga and Seta may have to have words next fall...

[ image 604x453]

Unless he tears it up, then its cool :)
2012-12-21 10:02:11 PM  

Spinnyr: sherpa18: This thread needs more cats. Christmas cats, to be exact.... [ image 192x144] / let's rock...
I just now re-upped my TF to say to you, sherpa18: YOU ARE MY HERO!
I let the TF sub. run out 'cuz I started 'not hanging out' on Caturday, 'cuz there were less & less cat pix. Recently, as a lurker, I scrolled thru 2 pages (100 posts) of chatter.

Not enough cat pics you say? Well I guess I'm just going to have to do something about that!

2012-12-21 10:03:34 PM

2012-12-21 10:04:24 PM

2012-12-21 10:05:12 PM

2012-12-21 10:07:43 PM

2012-12-21 10:08:39 PM

2012-12-21 10:12:42 PM

2012-12-21 10:16:47 PM
2012-12-21 10:16:58 PM  
I'm sure this belongs to one of ya'll. It was my Christmas card a few years back. Giggle every time!
2012-12-21 10:17:34 PM
2012-12-21 10:18:45 PM
2012-12-21 10:23:59 PM  
Happy Holidays everyone!
/Looks like about 300 posts to sift through...I should get busy.
2012-12-21 10:25:58 PM
"Hidden cat center....just to the right of the manger ornament"
2012-12-21 10:27:26 PM
Exiting tree...."whut?"
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