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2012-12-18 02:52:01 AM  
3 votes:
Get. Your. Ass. Some. Farking. SLEEP!!!!
THEN you won't need caffeine.
2012-12-18 12:30:58 AM  
3 votes:
The longer you go without caffeine, the less you miss it. I haven't had any caffeine via coffee or soda for months. I feel great, and I sleep much better.

Feeling wired all the time isn't pleasant. It may be nice once in a while, but caffeine dependency is a futile effort in chasing the dragon. Unless you can return your body to its pre-addiction state, each dose supplies a diminishing return.

Better to be clean, IMO.
2012-12-18 03:33:23 PM  
1 vote:

trickymoo: JackieRabbit: trickymoo: This is beginning to border on Nicotine with kids. "Get em while their young." How many of yall are dependent on caffeine, or at least enough so to get the headaches?

On a side note, my favorite of all of those is the bottle of Tequilla that has been infused with Caffeine and Taurine. ~ Nothing says good ideas like getting farking assfaced while making you hyper and have extreme beer muscles.

It's been so long since I went without caffeine (primary source is coffee), I couldn't say just how dependent I am. I used to drink coffee all day long, but sometime in my early thirties, I started getting the shakes, racing heart, etc. because of it. Now I have two cups in the morning one one late afternoon. I drink very strong coffee, though, and if I drink too much, I get heart palpitations and vasoconstriction in my hands and feet, which makes them cold, and the shakes, of course.

WHOAWHOAWHOA The cold hands thing, that's from the coffee?? Word? Seriously, I have been thinking that was just bad blood flow for years.

Otherwise, my hands shake and I go full ADHD, which I don't normally have, if to much bew is ingested. Also grind the teeth and twitch if its particularly strong.

If it comes on very suddenly and your fingers turn blue or very pale and it goes away just as quickly, it could be Raynaud's phenomenon. The cause of this disorder is not really understood and it seen secondarily in such diseases as scleroderma, lupus, Sjögren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and some others. But you'd know if if you had any of these. Nicotine can also cause coldness, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, so smoking coffee drinkers will usually develop cold hands/feet.
2012-12-18 08:58:35 AM  
1 vote:

AverageAmericanGuy: SpaceyCat: mildly addictive stimulant

Some who've gone through caffeine withdrawal would not call it "mildly" addicting. I'd rather go through morphine withdrawal than caffeine withdrawal.

At least caffeine helps with bowel movement, though. Morphine shuts that shiat down better than Kaopectate.

One of the side effects of too much caffeine is constipation, so it doesn't help with bowel movements. Rather, your bowel shuts down when you sleep. So you wake up, you have your morning cup of joe and the bowel understands it's about time to do its thing. Also, you mind has associated morning coffee with having a bowel movement and runs a program.

The FDA needs crack down on this stupidity. Excess caffeine can cause cardiac arrhythmias, especially in those who are predisposed to it. Allowing food manufactures to add a stimulant to food is dangerous. What's the freaking point anyway? There are many ways to get some caffeine when you want it.
2012-12-18 06:30:45 AM  
1 vote:

omeganuepsilon: THIS!
8 hours for most people. A lot of people brag about how they only need 6, but have obvious issues. They're conditioned to cope but are not operating at optimum.
The older I get the more I feel the difference an hour or two can make.

I don't get the bragging about how much sleep you (don't) need. I need 8 hours. That's per day. I can go a day or two with less, but it will catch up with me. And I like to sleep--I like it just fine. Some people need less sleep than that. But most people need 8 hours or so, and some need more.

You aren't proving anything to anyone by not getting enough sleep. All you're doing is feeling like crap, probably shortening your life, and bragging about something that nobody gives a fark about anyway. And all that caffeine you're mainlining so you can feel even more like crap--bleh. Too much caffeine makes me sick. And if I drink a bunch of caffeine to make up for no sleep, I can't even keep it down. My body rejects it, and I have to pass out anyway.
2012-12-18 03:27:55 AM  
1 vote:
Well, I was trying to quit the caffeine...just realized I had an americano today. Crap. The 30-minute rush I get from the caffeine is not worth the immediate and longer-lasting crash. I can't recover from it with more coffee like I used to.
2012-12-18 02:59:16 AM  
1 vote:

david_gaithersburg: Correlation with mass shootings?

Get between me and my coffee and find out.
2012-12-18 02:22:22 AM  
1 vote:
FTA: "I think at a minimum the FDA should require the amount of caffeine to be disclosed on product labels," says Jacobson.

Gonna have to agree with that.
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