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(ESPN)   NHLPA set to disband, allowing players to sue owners for antitrust violations. And here we go   ( divider line
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2012-12-15 08:17:42 PM

"FARK YOU, Gary Burghoff!"

2012-12-15 08:34:26 PM  
2012-12-15 08:38:29 PM  

robsul82: Exactly the treatment you deserve, Bergman

Damn it, accidentally set it to start with the ASSHOLE chants instead of letting it start with the BERGMAN SUCKS chants. Oh well, it all fits.
2012-12-15 09:17:43 PM  
who is bergman? the head of the nhl is bingledorfer, i don't know waht you guys are talkinga bout...
2012-12-15 10:13:48 PM  

FiendishFellow05: cptjeff:

You just have no goddamn clue, do you?

FiendishFellow05: And where are you getting your numbers about the owners income?

I was going on the assumption he was making the whole post up in his head without regard to reality.
2012-12-15 10:50:26 PM  

Rev.K: FiendishFellow05: I didn't realize Ron Hainsey and Kevin Westgarth were superstars.


But if Ron Hainsey and Kevin Westgarth think 5-year contract maximums are going to hurt their careers, they're f*cking morons.

Neither of those guys will ever sign a deal longer than 5 years. The only guys who sign the decade-long deals are the superstars,

Or maybe they just have a better understanding of the situation than arm chair business experts.

No, neither go those guys will ever sign a 5 year deal (although Hainsey came close), but you can bet the superstars will. And since the stars are no longer able to sign back diving deals that produce a lower cap hit for a longer term, guess what happens? The stars take up more cap space and there's less room left for everyone else.

Crosby isn't going to have a 8.7M cap hit, it'll be 10M+. Same with all the other top tier guys. Net effect is the middle tier guys, like Hainsey, get squeezed. Under the last CBA, the top tier guys were underpaid compared to pre-2004, while the middle level guys made out like bandits. Guygs like Hainsey would be wise to fight this. It's in their own best interests.
2012-12-15 10:53:49 PM  

LucklessWonder: BETTMAN

Stupid Android auto correct.

Can we not call him by his real last name? I wouldn't mind Buttman, ButtFace, or A$$Face, anything else someone can think of but not his real name. This is the 2nd time we are not going to see hockey because ButtFace is is toking on the owner's flatulence and liking it, thinking that no matter what players they have the league will live on.

I feel that owners are not in tune to the reality of the league and do not realize that the only reason they make any money is the talent they have on their team.

Yes, the agents of the players are also to blame, but there is some kind of middle ground where the fans can be happy (Ticket prices, beer & food prices, etc...) and the owners' can make a little bit of money too.

ButtFace (and maybe the owners) seem to be stuck on the "NHL Revenue split". And the length of contracts. I think there is a simple solution to this and I am sure many fans if given info could come up with a equitable deal.

Here's a big FARK YOU BUTTFACE! We want hockey played now!
2012-12-16 12:01:03 AM  

I love how you keep posting that pic in every NHL thread.
2012-12-16 12:48:06 AM  

Rev.K: but I believe that too. The issues are too micro for most guys in the PA to give a sh*t about. It's the superstars at the table who have the most to lose, and they're not letting a vote happen until they get the deal they want.

You shouldn't believe it, it's a garbage talking point that is only being spewed by pro-owner shills in the media to try and get people to blame the players
2012-12-16 03:42:22 AM  
2012-12-16 04:49:17 AM  
it seems to me (and i could be totally wrong) that the hockey players feel like they should be making the same amount of money as football players, even though hockey is nowhere near as popular or profitable as football. and the owners maybe felt like signing a huge $20 million paycheck for some players was a worthwhile investment, when the teams simply aren't making enough money to justify such huge player salaries. i'm sure that the owners are being greedy, but the players are being greedy too. hockey just isn't as popular as football, or baseball, or even basketball in most places. the players and the owners need to realize that and be reasonable about the money they make.
2012-12-16 08:49:22 AM

2012-12-16 02:30:05 PM  
Dead thread, but I can't help it
2012-12-16 05:19:49 PM  

enderthexenocide: or even basketball

LOL, not even close.
2012-12-16 06:01:12 PM  

enderthexenocide: i'm sure that the owners are being greedy, but the players are being greedy too

Do you have any sort of evidence that backs up anything you're saying? Or is this all just what you "feel" the problem is, based on your "feeling" that the players want to be more popular or something.
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