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(link goes nowhere)   TFer UncleScam wants to quit smoking on 1/1... Would love to hear some advice, suggestions, experiences or polkas   ( divider line
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1134 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Dec 2003 at 7:34 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-09 01:02:47 PM  
meshman: "Ah, to quit and never want another smoke... It will NEVER happen. You will always want a smoke. Every day will be filled with cravings. You know that urge to smoke you're trying to shake? When do you think it will stop? 3 months? 6 months? A year? It NEVER stops. You will want a smoke forever and there's no good advice that will stop it. Sad but true."

Dependent much, jellyfish? Drugs, patches, fake cigarettes, all bullshiat. If you don't have the strength of mind and will to crush those cravings, you really do deserve to smoke yourself to death because chances are you're already too beaten down by life to care anyway.
2003-12-09 01:05:08 PM  
Cravings DON'T last forever and although they may occasionally come, they are greatly reduced in strength and duration. Don't think that the rest of your life is going to be as hard as the first week. If that were the case, no one would ever quit. There will even be days when you don't even think of a cigarette or have any cravings at all. I know this from experience: I quit a couple of years ago for four months. I was foolish enough to think, "Just one can't hurt..." Bullshiat! Ugh..... So, here I go. Tomorrow, it begins.
2003-12-09 01:13:32 PM  
"I need a patch!"

"I need some gum!"

"I need some pills!"

"I need a support group!"

"I'm a pussy with no self control!"
2003-12-09 01:17:40 PM  
meshman: "Ah, to quit and never want another smoke... It will NEVER happen. You will always want a smoke. Every day will be filled with cravings. You know that urge to smoke you're trying to shake? When do you think it will stop? 3 months? 6 months? A year? It NEVER stops. You will want a smoke forever and there's no good advice that will stop it. Sad but true."

Dependent much, jellyfish? Drugs, patches, fake cigarettes, all bullshiat. If you don't have the strength of mind and will to crush those cravings, you really do deserve to smoke yourself to death because chances are you're already too beaten down by life to care anyway.
2003-12-09 01:18:47 PM  
Don't know why that posted twice.. I had nothing to do with it.

BoneStorm: Now with Twice the Bile!
2003-12-09 01:21:21 PM  
MoodScrawler, since you're such an experienced surfer, you should know to post a piece of the message that you're addressing so there's no misunderstanding.

From your post it looked like you were flaming over my pot remarks rather than addressing my typo of "bottom/bottle" (which I hadn't realized until your second post).

So... asshat yourself.
2003-12-09 01:23:09 PM  
I've made two concerted efforts to quit smoking in the last ten years. Unfortunately, neither of my attempts have ultimately been successful, but perhaps sharing my experience will be helpful to you.

As far as medication to help you quit smoking is concerned, I've only tried the patch. To be honest, I think it was pretty worthless. I had more success the second time I tried to quit smoking (I lasted 4 months)and I didn't use the patch at all during that attempt.

Tobacco addiction is a complex problem to defeat. I was fully prepared for physical withdrawal, anxiety, cravings etc. What really threw me off and ultimately was the main cause that I started smoking again is how much the act of smoking had woven itself into my social fabric. Avoid social situations that you typically smoke in. So, don't go to bars at all for at least a month. Avoid parties and your smoking buddies as well. This has been a major hurdle for me partially because my roomate smokes like a chimney and she has no intention of quiting any time soon.

I found that smoking pot was helpful to a certain degree. I've never been a huge pot smoker (just a toke before dinner). During my second attempt to quit (when I lasted 4 months) I was smoking epic amounts of pot for the first two weeks but within a month I was back down to my one toke level. It definitely helped with my need to feel smoke in my lungs during the first two weeks.

As other people have mentioned, drink tons of water and chew lots of gum. It will help with the oral fixation that smoking causes and will also help flush out your system.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are probably only getting one real nicotine buzz a day, when you smoke the first cigarette of the day. All of the other cigarrettes you smoke during the day aren't giving a buzz so what's the point?

After you get through the withdrawl period, start focusing on the positive affects that come with quiting. You will be amazed at how much energy that you will have after the first week, and with each passing week after that you will notice that you will have more stamina than you probably ever thought possible. Take advantage of this. Start exercising, be it working out, jogging or just going for long walks. It will help remind you why you quit smoking and will serve as a tangible sense of accomplishment. It will also help take your mind off of smoking. The amplification of your sense of taste and smell are added bonuses as well. Maybe you could try learning how to cook (assuming that this is something that you don't already do.) Any activity that helps you focus on anything besides smoking is going to be essential.

The first week is going to be rough as far as the physical cravings go, but I think that is relatively easy to get through. The hard part is avoiding the tempatation to lapse back into your old ways during social situations, and that is something that will go on for the rest of your life.

Don't get discouraged if you don't succeed with your first attempt to quit. Just gather your resolve and try again. Most of the people I know that were able to quit smoking didn't succeed the first several times they tried to quit. Hopefully, your first attempt will be successful and hopefully the third times the charm for me!
2003-12-09 01:24:04 PM  
Smoke weed.

Lots and lots of weed.

And you might want to invest in an X box too... and weed
2003-12-09 01:28:30 PM  
I suddenly feel guilty about my previous post. Seriously, I quit using the same technique that got me started - peer pressure.

Tell absolutely everyone you know that you're quitting, that this is it, you're never smoking again, and if they see you smoking they are allowed to smack the cigarette out of your mouth without any retaliation from you. If your friends are a bunch of assholes like mine, they'll watch you like vultures.

Tell your smoker friends not to bum you a cigarette, or even a drag, ever, no matter what. Try not to be around when people are smoking. If your asshole friends tease you and try to get you to smoke so they can slap you, smack the cigarette out of their mouth and say "You know, those are very bad for you."

Think about all the nice stuff you can buy with the $2000 or so you'll save in a year by not smoking. Think about how fun it will be to invite all your smoker friends over to see all your new stuff and make fun of them for smoking.

Worked for me.
2003-12-09 01:33:30 PM  
Move to California or NYC?
2003-12-09 01:34:14 PM  
Here's what I did (your results may vary):

1) Wake up one day and simply don't smoke. I woke up late for work, so I had no time to pick up a pack.

2) I started messing with a deck of cards about 10 minutes every hour or so to have something to do with my hands.

3) I started putting away the $4 and change I would have used to buy a pack each day

4) After a year without smoking, I took the money I'd saved, went to Vegas, and won a couple thousand playing poker (the deck of cards paid off)
2003-12-09 01:34:35 PM  
This is Fark, your post was funny, thus no need to apologize.
2003-12-09 01:47:08 PM  
OMFG!!! I wanted to read the whole thread, but I got as far as the fourth post:

dont be hard on yourself if you have a rough start, and drink plenty of water- it helps to flush the nicotine out ouf your system, reducing the chemical craving.

Then, I went Edit => Find => "Acetylcholine"
No results.

Soooooo much misinformation going aroud. Nicotine isn't inherently harmful or toxic. It's the additives and smoke particles that make smoking harmful. Nicotine works by mimicking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Your brain goes "hey looks like I don't have to make so much acetylcholine farking shiat" and shuts down its production and release of acetylcholine. Hence, the addiction and cravings. Flushing nicotine out of your system is the worst thing you can do trying to quit; your brain literally can't function without acetylcholine or something that does its job. It's called physical dependence (most addiction researchers these days dispute that the "psychological dependence" which we all learned in high school exists).

Onto the good news: your chances of quitting are good if you avoid "conventional wisdom" or "folk remedies" that everyone around you is likely to advise. It's as simple as gradually cutting back on nicotine. You can do this in a variety of ways (gum, patch, cigs). The problem with with the gum and patch is that the nicotine doesn't reach your brain as quickly as from a cigarette, and most people's failure with these is not waiting long enough to let nicotine reach the brain. So they take more, to get the level they need now, but the delayed effect makes it so that later, they have more nicotine in their system than they would have had from never even quitting.

Personally, I'd say go with a gradual cutback on real cigarettes. The more gradual, the better your chances of quitting are. Cold turkey works for some people, but for the overwhelming majority of people, it's unrealistic: you cut off the nicotine your brain depends on and your brain is like "shiat shiat fark what the fark", and every time you cave in from cold turkey, your brain gets a huge reward and learns that caving in will produce good results. You don't want your brain to develop this kind of association.

Shiat, gotta run.
Just remember: don't expect or try for instant results, and stay away from bad advice.
2003-12-09 01:48:41 PM  
Oh, and also try sublimation. Like someone said, get a hobby. Every time you get an urge to smoke, do whatever your hobby is instead.

Make it something fun, rather than tedious. Masturbation is probably the best one to pick, but can get you in trouble if you get the urge to smoke while driving, or in a bar or restaurant, or at your parents' house.
2003-12-09 02:09:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
looks like i picked the wrong week to quit smokin!
forgive me if someone beat me to it. i dont have the time or nerves to read 300 rants without a carton of smokes!
2003-12-09 02:36:46 PM  
After 11 years of smoking and several failed attempts to quit, my doctor prescribed me Zyban(aka Wellbutrin). When prescribed Wellbutrin for antidepression, smokers found it easy to quit smoking and deal with withdrawal and urges so it was approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation pill.

I've been on it for three months and quitting was easy as pie. I actually started going to gym more often, sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and had less anxiety in general. I'm actually considering staying on the drug because I'm so pleased with the effects it has had. I never considered myself a depressed person but apparently there as some room for improvment there. The first few weeks of taking Zyban you continue to smoke. During this time you might have strange emotions due to the drug but that will subside. Then you set a date and quit. By the time my quite date came I had almost no desire to smoke. Now I have only an occasional urge - about two per week but they last less than a minute. It's miraculous.

Patches and gum are a waste of time and money in my opinion. When you are trying to break a dependency, continuing to use the same drug but administering it differently isn't going to help. I've tried and it doesn't work. Your body still needs the drug and your body still experiences the adverse effects of the nicotine. The patch actually can be worse due to the continuous release of the drug. Plan on nightmares, nausea, and mood swings. The gum tastes like crap, literally, and you'll get heartburn.
2003-12-09 02:44:16 PM  
Another idea -

1. Go french kiss each and every person you know who has a respiratory infection.

2. Live off NyQuil gel tabs for a week. (You won't be able to breath so you really won't want a stogie.)

3. Profit (set a date and buy yourself something you've always wanted with the cash you save from not smoking... my wife and I bought a car six months after we quit)
2003-12-09 02:52:21 PM  
I quit last year around Thanksgiving and haven't started back.. i smoked for 22 years so I'm no lightweight.. here's what you have to do... I promise it will work

1. First, you really, really, really, really, really have to want to quit.

2. Second, go to the doc and get a perscription for wellbutrin

3. Third, slap on a nicoderm patch

I did this for 4 months and then dropped the pills and patches and I haven't looked back since.. I do stand a little too close to people smoking cigs now but I'm just in it for the second-hand stuff..

Good Luck! It's hard but worth it!! (I don't wheeze anymore)
2003-12-09 02:52:55 PM  
only whiney girls use the patch
2003-12-09 02:57:10 PM  
Another idea -
1. Go french kiss each and every person you know who has a respiratory infection.

But really, you don't need to be quitting smoking to do this...
2003-12-09 02:58:33 PM  
2003-12-09 03:17:38 PM  
If you'll quit using this font in all of your posts, I'll tell you how I quit two years ago today.
You may E-mail me if you'd like.
2003-12-09 03:18:44 PM  
Smoke 2 packs per day for 30+ years. Have your doc give you a chest xray and tell you you've got emphysema. Now you have your motivation. Wellbutrin and lots of cranberry juice help ease the pain of the first few days of the quit. Resign yourself to newer, ever smoking again. Not even one puff. Every day gets a little easier, and now, 14 months since my last puff, I can't concieve of ever doing it again.
2003-12-09 03:34:47 PM  
This process worked for me:

STEP 1 - quit cigarette smoking and start snuff (don't worry about looking like a redneck or some country-bumpkin, this is your health at stake!!). This will get you off of the hand-to-mouth habit and get your mind trained to recieve nicotine from a chew and not a smoke.

STEP 2 - Chew for a long time (i chewed for about a year and a half)

STEP 3 - When you feel it is time to quit, go to your local gas station, supermarket, or internet and buy some herbal snuff this is the best ... this stuff has a better taste but is less like real snuff. .

STEP 4 - Use the herbal stuff until you realise you don't need it anymore. (I used the herbal stuff for about 3 months)

Note: I have tried many many times to quit smoking in the past. This is the ONLY and easiest method that worked for me. Realize this also, You will NEVER stop having urges. My father quit smoking 15 yrs ago and still, to this day, remarks how he occasionally craves a cigarette.

Hope this helps and good luck to you!
2003-12-09 04:11:03 PM  
The Chimichanga Method:

Back when I was a poor, struggling kid of 25 my friends and I considered Chi-Chi's fine dining. Well, it is a celebration of food. I was thinking about but had not yet tried to quit smoking when i consumed the biggest, greasiest, deep-friediest chimichanga known to man. I was outta smokes so on the way home we stopped at a grocery store and as I searched the rack for my trusty hard pack of Camel Lights, I realized that if I put another thing in my mouth, I was gonna vomit.

I turned, walked outta the store, and never smoked again.
2003-12-09 04:32:39 PM  
You're only 25, you limp-wristed biatch - show some gonads and just do it.
2003-12-09 04:41:39 PM  
"Wear the patch at night while you're sleeping for some really wacked out dreams."

You are not kidding. My worst dream was of a living house that sweated Legos through it's skin.

Oh and the patch didn't work for me.
2003-12-09 04:42:09 PM  
This is a joke, how can you quit smoking cigs, but then keep smoking weed? That makes 0 sence. You have to give it all up, or fail.
2003-12-09 04:44:57 PM  
My wife got preggo and we both quit together. It's been 7 years, and I still want a cig.

But I do it for my children.
2003-12-09 05:10:22 PM  
Best way to quit? Just quit. It reaslly wouldnt do any other way. Dont even look back.
2003-12-09 05:30:04 PM  

It's cheap, and low cal, you can share with your friends.
2003-12-09 06:22:27 PM  

That's how I did it
2003-12-09 06:56:22 PM  
Chew the nicorette gum. It simply helps you get over the actual nicotene part and you deal with the not-smoking part. And it's good to have a quit day that is still 3 weeks away. Smoke away 'cause soon you'll be a non-smoker.
2003-12-09 06:59:39 PM  
I tried the patch. It did seem to help with the nicotine cravings, but the actual act of smoking is what I missed the most.

/still smoking
2003-12-09 07:08:48 PM  
I quit recently and got the flu (which is killing people it is so bad out here in Denver), so I could barely get out of bed for the first few days, let alone think of smoking.

I had quit for 7 years before, but I started working in a bar that was so smoky I got reactions (just before I quit working there) from using the patch. I went cold turkey and I know I'll always have that psychological desire. It sucks, but it is conditioning.

Be strong. Just drop it totally. Tell yourself you have to and don't let yourself. Oh, and I did a "War of the Roses" Danny DeVito thing and put my last smoke in a sealed test tube to remind me.
2003-12-09 08:03:13 PM  
Stop buying cigarettes.
Stop borrowing cigarettes.
Stop smoking cigarettes.
If you REALLY want to quit you will.
Most smokers talk a bunch of s*** about how they want to quit , and its so hard and blah blah blah.....just like an alcoholic having his "last" drink.
Quit looking to us to be your willpower.
Put them down and stop using them.

Oh and before you start...I smoked for years and quit cold turkey.Now I view it like crack...why be so stupid?
2003-12-09 08:13:30 PM  
Throw away your fake ID...
don't buy anymore packs and they wont be there to smoke.

That's how I quit.
2003-12-09 08:39:40 PM  
I used a nicotine inhaler. I quit on 9.11.01 and haven't smoked since. Chucked the inhaler after a few weeks. I kept drinkin beer through the whole thing with no probs. My wife quit the same day too. Just make it though the first 3 days, then start a regular exercise regiment - this helps because you can see the effects of quiting first hand, and you geet in shape too. Also, get a punching bag.
2003-12-09 10:02:08 PM  
I'm a current smoker with no intention of quitting soon, but a friend of mine has been off for 3 months now thanks to the patch.
2003-12-09 11:20:18 PM  
Get your wife/girlfriend pregnant.
2003-12-09 11:22:22 PM  
Get your wife/girlfriend pregnant.
2003-12-10 01:25:40 AM  
I'm stunned at how many of these posts go into "how i quit smoking and you should be proud of me" only to end with "I smoke pot now"

At least you get a filter on a cigarette.

2 years smoke free on december 21st by way of poverty and dum-dum suckers...

...and I haven't had a puff of weed in 8 years. At least i worked my way down the gateway.


2003-12-10 06:46:12 AM  
i made the same resolution last year.. that i'd quit smoking by dec 31, 2002. on jan 1, i figured ah what the hell? i have 354 days left to quit. so i didn't. then jan 1 came around and i realized that i hadn't quit, so i finished the pack i had (significantly cut back so the pack would last me longer) and i officially quit on jan 3. wasn't easy, and my boss said she'd fire me if she had to deal with that kind of biatchiness again. i was a real biatch for a good month or so, but after that things mellowed down, and by about 4 months, i no longer craved cigarettes. then i had one after getting into an accident, and it felt really good, but tasted just absolutely horrible. the bad taste overcame the sensation, and here i am almost a year later, smoke free :)
2003-12-10 08:56:23 AM  
anyone here get weird hallucinations when they quit?

when i quit i got to day two before i felt like my flesh was being eaten by invisible ants.

it was just tobacco....

fark, i don't ever want to go through that again.
2003-12-10 11:37:42 AM  
Just quit now. Don't wait. When I quit cold turkey, I was smoking up to 3 packs a day. I haven't had a cigarette in 3 years. Do I miss it? Not at all. Lucky for me I had NO problem quitting. Never felt any "cravings".
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