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(American Thinker)   The biggest problem is the deforestation of American culture, caused by the slash-and-burn tactics of leftism   ( divider line
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2012-12-12 06:25:47 PM  

bdMurray: somedude210: Labrat407: If congress got the "Yes Minister" treatment it would be #1 in ratings and #1 on the Rights hit list.

You mean West Wing?

Not quite, since Yes, Minister dealt less with issues and more with procedures and electioneering. West Wing was more of a political mirror of the current issues and policies.

If you want a new Yes, Minister, check out In The Thick Of It

"The Thick of It" is fantastic, as is the film "In the Loop" which carries over a few of the characters from the show and mocks both the British and U.S. governments. "Twenty Twelve," about the bureaucrats trying to get everything together for the Olympics was also really good. And, of course, the American version of "The Thick of It" is "Veep," but its hardly the number one show in America. Has this writer ever seen the crap Americans actually watch?
2012-12-12 06:27:26 PM  

Diogenes: vpb: Diogenes: "public schools and university education"

After reading that piece, I can agree there's a problem there. But not the one this dunce is talking about.

Honestly, does anyone even proofread at the laughably-named American Thinker? There was a piece last week by one of their editors. It had misspellings in the title.

Only librul e-lites would notice something like that.

My 6th grade teacher would disagree. "But what about my content?" "I can't get to the content." *whips out red pen*

But considering the writers and readers of American Thinker dropped out in 5th grade I guess I can understand.

I've actually had to rein myself in a bit tutoring so the entire thing wasn't just red ink. I don't know what the fark No Child Left Behind is testing on, but ffs it's getting ridiculous. Make kids memorize grammar and spelling rules in elementary school.
2012-12-12 08:26:19 PM  
Who thinks we should go troll 'Murican thinker's comment section? They're usually too angery to ignore something and not rational enough to ignore it.
2012-12-12 08:31:13 PM  

ricochet4: from TFA:

Beyond that, imagine if each state supported a documentary revealing neglected areas of history -- what about a serialization of The Gulag Archipelago or the lives of those Americans who betrayed their nation during the Cold War or the American communists who for almost two years fought every effort to resist Hitler?

can't wait to see the documentary about reagan naming names at HUAC

Actually, a documentary about the gulag system could be pretty informative and interesting. It's a shame that is a relatively obscure part of history.
2012-12-12 09:14:00 PM  
American Stinker: Living on Post-Election Fart Fumes
2012-12-12 09:49:03 PM  

Hickory-smoked: [ image 220x300]

Not produced by BBC.
2012-12-13 05:30:16 AM  
" If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards. Checkmate."
2012-12-13 06:47:49 PM  
Are there *any* editors employed at The American Thinker? Because I find their writings extraordinarily difficult to read at times.
2012-12-14 12:01:31 AM  

Hickory-smoked: Dimensio: Jackson Herring: heavymetal: The British have done this magnificently. The BBC, hardly a hotbed of conservatism, has produced programming vastly better than anything Americans have produced and which is delightfully free of ideological straitjackets. Those of us who have watched series like Last of the Summer Wine, All Creatures Great and Small, Lovejoy Mysteries, All You Being Served?, and Yes, Prime Minister, or series like I, Claudius, know that government bureaucracies like the BBC, when serious about entertaining without preaching, create wonderful programming. It is a testament to these treasures that the viewer cannot guess about the politics of the actors or the producers. The programs deal with the human condition as it truly is.

[ image 396x222]

[ image 220x300]

[ image 317x206]

i.ytimg.comView Full Size

/ actually, John Hurt was excellent....I'm just surprised it was brought up...
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