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(Huffington Post)   Brothel owner says that legalizing prostitution will save us from the fiscal cliff, something we can all get behind   ( divider line
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2012-12-12 10:09:22 AM  
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Father_Jack: ManRay: Costa Rica does not have laws against prostitution. They do have laws outlawing pimping and advertising prostitution. That seems to keep the violence associated with the sex trade down. It also turns every woman in the country into a potential provider.
Gotta make rent this month? head down to the local bar and charge for what you might have done anyway for free.

if im not mistaken a lot of latin america is similar. my european friends whove travelled to cuba reported similar offers of exchange. "hey come stay with me for a few nights, ill cook and take good care of you for what your hotel would charge, but youll get a lot more for your money..."

Food and nookie for the same price as a hotel? If I was a single man, that would be a hard thing to turn down.
2012-12-12 09:31:34 AM  
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Father_Jack: Cut the military, reform the tax code, cut programs, do whatever. Just KEEP THE SYSTEM RUNNING and do it in a measured, sane way so the world markets don't flip out and send the whole thing collapsing.

I am not saying we should go insane and yes Greece is a fair analogy. Because it does not matter if you are the high school dropout walmart employee or the businessman with assets . Those assets will continue to diminish if you keep living beyond your means and pile up a lot debt.. You end up selling off assets to keep your head above water/ The high school drop out walmart employee may be pawing his bicycled and DVD player. The businessman trading in his Lexus for a Chrysler or GM, give up the country club membership and liquidating investments for cash to pay his ills. We as a country have to cut other spending to pay our debts which if you not noticed is now over $16 Trillion.

We need to cut and reform everything when it comes to how our government runs its finances- and yes we need to pay our bills,

I am not totally opposed to a tax increase but giving more money to our government the way it is currently run is like (to quote somebody) giving booze and car keys to a teenager.

If we increase taxes I want some discipline attached to how it is spent. It needs to be earmarked for paying down the principle on the national debt and cannot be used for any new spending or any other purpose.

It must have a time limit.

It must be broad based. EVERYBODY had a hand in creating this mess so EVERYBODY should help clean it up. Maybe a sales tax or surcharge of some type. Like, for example, a Federal surcharge on all internet/cell phone/data plans.

Since it does no good to try an pay down the debt if the country is going to continue to spend beyond its means in conjunction with tax increase legislation a Balance Budget Amendment is sent to the states for ratification. (The Amendment can contain provisions to allow for debt in an emergency like declaration of war etc but only for a limited time)
2012-12-12 09:06:27 AM  
1 vote:

hasty ambush: Just exactly what you think economic conditions are going to be like when nobody wants to by our debt and you need a wheelbarrow to haul enough money to the store to buy a loaf of bread. What good is a job or your entitlement check if the money is not worth anything? Does Greece come to mind?

Government has over promised be it the Federal "safety net" or the overly generous employee pension plans and benefit packages state and local governments find themselves saddled with.

People snivel about tax cuts for the rich while forgetting that everybody has had their taxes cut so that percentage of actual tax payers (people carrying the load for everybody else) has gotten smaller while them amount of free stuff being given out by government ( and the number of people receiving it ) has grown at rate that far outstrips the ability of tax payers to fund it even with higher taxes.

I just don't think people understand the sheer amount of money involved with what our government is spending and really don't care as long as their specific government handout is protected. which of course politicians are pandering to.

I really wish people would quit comparing the US to Greece!

There is NO COMPARISON. Greece spent themselves into oblivion on things which have very little ROI for them. The blew the money on the national equivalent of hookers and blow. The US debt needs to be managed, yes, and needs to be structurally changed. But we have the largest economy in the world.

To use a relatively poor analogy with people, Greece is like your HS dropout friend, and the US is like a wealthy business owner. Greece borrowed a bunch of money and travelled on it, racked up his credit cards, and now is trying to pay it all off part timing at walmart. The US has lost a bunch of his portfolio worth in bad investments, but he still gets paid a lot of money, he still creates value, he still works, he still has a future, his business will turn around and he provides work for people.

So who are you gonna loan money to? The guy who blew his money and works at walmart who has no way to grow, or the professional who needs to keep his bills paid so his business can turn the corner and get back on its feet? Indeed, to whom SHOULD you loan money? One will grow, one will not.

Greece is not the US. Greece has no exports, no industry besides tourism... they have no way of ever growning their economy to pay back the mess theyre in . Contrast them with the irish, who are in similar boat at the moment, but the irish at least invested in attracting European HQs of fortune 500, brought a lot of fortune 500 (google, facebook, Novartis, HP and other computer companies are there. The irish will probably recover because they have a foundation to grow, and probably will eventually be ok. The greeks did nothing like this.

And indeed, the US is so much more enormously economically powerful than 50 ireland and greeces put together, we are in debt, but we are the biggest economy in the world, the world doesn't seem to ever get enough of our debt for the moment giving us plenty of time to restructure our taxation and cuts sanely without farking anything up.

This is why the fiscal cliff BS is so stupid. The ONLY thing the US should NOT do is go over that and send the signal to the world markets that we will not pay our bills. THEN the catastrophes that the "fiscal republicans" who are holding the US hostage because of their political ideology will actually make their worst dreams come true: if the US defaults, we are all, seriously, probably permanently, farked. To go back to our analogy of the indebted business owner, pulling the plug on him and not allowing him to continue to turn his business around results in closed doors, all his workers get sent home etc.. . this is a far greater mistake than extending his credit limit a little further.

Cut the military, reform the tax code, cut programs, do whatever. Just KEEP THE SYSTEM RUNNING and do it in a measured, sane way so the world markets don't flip out and send the whole thing collapsing.
2012-12-12 05:48:04 AM  
1 vote:

ModernLuddite: As long as I can still get a "massage" from a young looking Asian girl who can't speak English and sobs uncontrollably, I'm okay with this.

i like when they cry and call me "Daddy" in broken English.

--- in all cereal, nothing is going to save the big bad of USA government spending because we are dealing with arseholes who live their careers making bad decisions. they are like a stupid relative that farks up every week week after month after year until its just not amusing any more.

if Mr&Mrs Wealthy Bastards wrote a magic check and bought USA debt to $0.00 we all know the jackwagons of WashDC would have us back in debt in a matter of weeks. Weeks. Very wealthy powerful families own the corporations/government, and making more money off the backs of the little people is the blood in their veins and the air that they breathe.
2012-12-12 04:50:57 AM  
1 vote:
Maybe is we put God back in the brothels, prostitutes would be having all the problems they are now.
2012-12-12 04:22:24 AM  
1 vote:
I think you'd probably have an easier time legalizing prostitution than marijuana - there's a lot less money in vice enforcement than narcotic enforcement.

/I'd support it as long as it's done the way they do in Nevada - weekly checkups, mandatory condom usage etc.
2012-12-12 03:56:41 AM  
1 vote:
Go to this site Link NSFW you'll see hundreds of ads with thousands reviews. Just think if every transaction was taxed 5 dollars America would be debt free.
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