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(Kansas City)   Meat industry investigation: 80 percent of the total of all the antibiotics we use in the states is used in meat animals   ( ) divider line
    More: Scary, United States Department of Agriculture, livestock, overuse of antibiotics, Mercy Medical Center, meat animals, severe storm, contaminated soil, overdose  
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2012-12-10 04:03:05 PM  
Busy making supergerms, so your pharmaceutical companies can get richer.
2012-12-10 04:33:19 PM  

dj1s: This is OLD news.

So true. First heard about this a long time ago, and it's one of the reasons (another was seeing Sir Paul in concert at the Hollywood Bowl) that I decided to go veg in 1993.
2012-12-10 04:34:34 PM  

Endive Wombat: Breakup the CAFO's and stop feeding corm, and dead, processed animals to other animals.

So much this.
My FIL in OK raises cattle but is too cheap to give feed them corn and only gives them antibiotics if they're sick and need them. He doesn't realize he could get more for grass fed healthy beef than he does but in OK they don't seem to care. All I wanted from them for Christmas was 1/4 of a cow. They dropped it off a couple weeks ago. Best damn beef ever.
And our maintenance guy at work raises pigs but is the same kind of "cheapskate". He stopped by this morning with a loaf of Ponhoss and a bag of cracklins. I'm happier than a vegan watching Whale Wars.
2012-12-10 04:35:21 PM  
And people still claim that the only reason someone would hunt instead of buying meat at the store is because they're a bloodthirsty barbarian.

Better your rifle than my car.

// no, seriously. Keep hunting. Pleeeease.
2012-12-10 05:46:46 PM  
Eeeeyah, that's why I'm glad I married into a family that raises hobby cows for food. We KNOW what they eat and it's 95% grass and no antibiotics. They lose 1-2 a year but its almost always from old age or injury.

Too bad they're not willing to do chickens (other than for eggs) or pigs due to soft-heartedness...
2012-12-10 08:08:36 PM  

lohphat: Raharu: Would you rather have diseased meat on your table?

Stop feeding livestock corn instead of grass so that acidosis doesn't occur which needs antibiotics to treat.

You don't even have a clue what acidosis is, do you.
2012-12-10 11:37:05 PM  

Tatterdemalian: /i'm sure it will be totes diff this time tho
//after all, Ghandi said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the same result every time
///you don't want a great leader like Ghandi to think you're crazy, do you?

Ghandi said "There is no such thing as 'too insane' unless others turn up dead due to your actions."

Einstein said "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
2012-12-11 12:26:58 AM  
I raise Angus on my terms, small herd and everyone in the family hunts

Move along, nothing to see here
2012-12-11 09:30:13 AM  

megarian: Endive Wombat: Breakup the CAFO's and stop feeding corm, and dead, processed animals to other animals.

I want to try corm.

If you're really nice, you can try this little guy's.
2012-12-11 09:32:36 PM  

Raharu: Would you rather have diseased meat on your table?

I'd rather we didn't have the feedlot system that necessitates that amount of antibiotics.
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