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(9 to 5 Mac)   Not news: Two companies team up to buy Kodak imaging patents. Ludicrous Fark: It's Apple and Google   ( divider line 25
    More: Cool, Kodak, chemical imaging, patent portfolio  
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2733 clicks; posted to Geek » on 08 Dec 2012 at 8:30 PM (2 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-12-08 10:07:34 PM  
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2012-12-09 03:17:31 PM  
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2012-12-08 09:32:55 PM  
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2012-12-08 08:57:52 PM  
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/Am I doing it right?
2012-12-09 08:03:27 PM  
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2012-12-09 12:41:05 PM  
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Here's what will happen:

Google and Apple buy Kodak's patents.

Apple sues Google for infringing on one of those patents.

Google says "Actually, we own those patents, too, remember?"

Apple says "Yes, but we own them MORE than you do"

Samsung says "Actually, they're all invalid"

The lawyers say "It would be much easier to pay us in billion dollar bills"
2012-12-09 12:08:45 PM  
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2012-12-09 10:22:36 AM  
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The Flexecutioner: Shadowknight, the meme is 'opposites in bed together' kind of thing. Google and Apple actually doing something together sparks the meme.

I was just kinda trying to be random, to be honest.
2012-12-09 12:26:15 AM  
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2012-12-08 11:47:16 PM  
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2012-12-08 11:33:53 PM  
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Which leads to the question, why Google didn't try to buy Kodak under the guise of maintaining a historical curio.
2012-12-08 11:18:07 PM  
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2012-12-08 11:00:10 PM  
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2012-12-08 10:16:11 PM  
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2012-12-08 10:11:10 PM  
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2012-12-08 10:05:50 PM  
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2012-12-08 09:49:18 PM  
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A bear and a rabbit are pooping in the woods. The bear asks, "Do you have problems with poo sticking to your fur?" The rabbit replies, "Why no, my fur practically repels that foul waste."

So the bear wipes his bottom with the rabbit.
2012-12-08 09:44:34 PM  
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2012-12-08 09:39:11 PM  
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"Oh, I do beg your pardon. Carry on."
2012-12-08 09:37:19 PM  
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2012-12-08 09:28:47 PM  
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2012-12-08 08:11:12 PM  
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2012-12-08 07:32:58 PM  
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2012-12-08 06:50:11 PM  
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2012-12-08 06:15:57 PM  
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