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(Fark)   Farkfest 2002 update. With pics and video. Not safe for work   ( divider line
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12329 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-21 11:48:24 PM  
Free pics of b0 0bies are always nice
Thanks, Drew!
2001-11-21 11:50:06 PM  
Some people should be naked....and as shown in those pictures, some people should NOT be naked, wow.
2001-11-21 11:50:07 PM  
I touch myself.
2001-11-21 11:52:34 PM  
Not safe for work?! I've got my blabbermouth little brother peering over my shoulder, and all you care about is getting fired?!?
2001-11-21 11:58:02 PM  
Huh huh huhuhuh hehehe eheheh BOOBS
2001-11-21 11:58:26 PM  
OK, those are some scary skanks.
2001-11-22 12:01:22 AM  
Hrmmmm..........The way things at work are going, maybe I'll stop over for a few days enroute to moving back to Dallas.

It'd be nice if Wil & Robober showed up, but I guess they'd want to wait until the last minute to make their presence known to alleviate some of the fanboy problems.

I was thinking earlier today that Robober was going to be swamped with fanboys after "Spiderman" is released, but then I remembered some people I used to know who were infatuated with her when "IWTV" came out...Lusting over a 10 yr old? No wonder I stopped hanging out with them...

(why do I .sig my posts? Habit I guess.)
2001-11-22 12:01:48 AM  
damn me and my inability to open up a ram! and my not wanting to get a real media player.
2001-11-22 12:03:00 AM  
Can you say picture quality?

Quick someone take the camera away from the drunk!!
2001-11-22 12:05:30 AM  
which pics are you referring to
2001-11-22 12:24:23 AM  
I have windows media player and I get an error message saying the file has formatting errors and of course won't open. I hope I'm missing nothing really good! Bah Humbug!
2001-11-22 12:26:03 AM  
you have to have the latest RealPlayer and a fast connection
2001-11-22 12:30:22 AM  
must be this cheap monitor. I should quit this job..
2001-11-22 12:45:31 AM  
The movie isnt any thing, just some girl briefly showing her boobies. Its real short, not worth the wait.
2001-11-22 12:54:40 AM  
Nice! I better check flights for this one. I love Carnival.
2001-11-22 12:58:00 AM  
I can't seem to get anything. It acts like the site keeps redirecting to itself in an endless loop.
2001-11-22 01:24:48 AM

Explain this.
2001-11-22 01:36:41 AM  
"Someday a real rain will come and wipe this scum off the streets."

Wow. Blurry pictures of ugly people whoring around. Will wonders never cease?
2001-11-22 01:38:20 AM  
Gimme some farking beads biatch.
2001-11-22 01:39:48 AM  
Hmmm.. bad shaving rash on 02240112.jpg.... can someone give the girl some moisturiser please?
2001-11-22 01:53:17 AM  
i think we should send her the how to shave link from the other day, gotta exfoliate, that looked painful.
2001-11-22 02:02:58 AM  
ROFL ROFL!!! I saw my sisters best friend in that video!! ROFL!
2001-11-22 02:12:34 AM  
whats ROFL???
2001-11-22 02:14:37 AM  
Where is the Quality Inn in Gretna? How close is it to the festivities?
2001-11-22 02:15:05 AM  
Ok... that chick with the razor rash on her poo-nany needs to go and get some aloe. That's sick. :P

Also should a girl get beads even if she flips her top up in front of her butch girlfriend? Not the lipstick kissing pic bit the pic of the two girls who look as though they are from Lifetime LL Bean ad.

After looking at this I've realized two things:

1.I'm definately taking someone with me.
2.There must be opium in the beer b/c some of thems folks were waaaaaaaay too homely to be even thrown a bead from a whole necklace.
2001-11-22 02:17:40 AM  
hmmm... i may pull 500 dollars out of the bank for this...

Quick question Drew- Are us underaged farkers invited? :)
2001-11-22 03:14:44 AM  
looks one of those lame "girls gone wild" videos...


kinda glad I am staying on the west coast....
2001-11-22 03:21:10 AM  
This looks like some of the parties thrown by the Church of the SubGenius.
2001-11-22 03:51:58 AM  
Hey, guys, ways to tell if they're implants #43:

They look like this when viewed from below. Sweet sanity.
2001-11-22 04:21:12 AM  
Link Hylia, if that doesnt look like a guy with a wig on...
2001-11-22 06:37:48 AM, i never knew you could animate .JPEGs
2001-11-22 08:15:51 AM  
Now do you guys appreciate the talents of professional photographers?

Link Hylia: I don't think there would be any doubt about those being implants from any angle. You could use those things for marks at a yacht race.
2001-11-22 09:01:33 AM  

Scourge of the internet.

How about Divx or even a simple friggin Mpeg?

(I just hate the way real player has become nagware and that I take it out of my start up and it keeps putting itself back in there, and keeps trying to make itself the default player.)
2001-11-22 09:12:36 AM  
If you mean taking out of your taskbar you can use msconfig to make it go away until the next time you open a .ra file.
2001-11-22 11:22:18 AM  
Tarl3k said it best.
2001-11-22 11:22:18 AM  
I tried making it a WMV but my server is Unix and wouldn't stream it. Since the server comes with RealServer, I went ahead and made it a RA.

Ok the Mardi Gras photos are shiatty but thats because it was so crowded and it was my first trip. Every time I saw boobies I clicked. The others looks shiatty because they are vidcaps of the video.
2001-11-22 01:45:50 PM  
I work at a bar in the French Quarter.I'm gonna try to get the boss to offer a fark drink special or maybe a pass so's you can use the can w/out having to pay to get in.We'll see
2001-11-22 05:43:57 PM  
Hmmm, I saw no weeners at all. If I want to see boobs, I can look at my own in the mirror. It's a shame, Mardi Gras has no weeners.
2001-11-22 05:58:55 PM  
Raysmith: Who cares about streaming? Streaming SUCKS. Just make it a WMV and let people download it.
2001-11-22 06:54:39 PM  
Morticia: There are lots of weeners at Mardi Gras and yes there is a guy in the video swinging it around. Of course I avoided that but hes on the left of the balcony if you must look hard enough.

Zylon: Streaming doesnt suck. It streams great for everyone else including myself. Maybe you should get a faster computer and/or connection.
2001-11-22 08:59:56 PM  
i likes the boobies.

Unfortunately, I am poor and can't be there. It would be a halluva time. Beer + boobies! (+ toilet lines + stinky trash + loud obnoxious music + overpriced hotel + ...)
2001-11-22 09:03:21 PM  

Streaming doesnt suck. It streams great for everyone else including myself. Maybe you should get a faster computer and/or connection.

Gee, I live out in the hicks. The hamster's be runnin' as fast as they can already...

Maybe vidcaps could be put up as well, for those absolute losers like myself whose phone lines recently got upgraded to carry 44000 bauds?
2001-11-22 10:15:03 PM  
There are vidcaps...
2001-11-23 12:25:40 AM  
Damn Guys!!! If You had Stressed just "How Many Boobies would be seen,AND Just how MUCH fun I would have had"..... I would have been there for sure!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to "Mardi-Gras".....when I go....I'm going with You 'All!!!!!!!!1 SilverBullet69
2001-11-23 07:25:38 PM  
if there's one thing ive learned from farkfest (although i wasnt there....) its that there is absolutly no need for a bra. dont even TRY wearing a bra to farkfest! unneeded indeed!
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