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(My Fox DC)   Grocery Store Customer: Hi there. Can I have those ribs right there, but without the handgun, please?   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely, New Mexico, Albertson's Inc., Kevin McDonald, National Christmas Tree  
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2012-12-08 12:49:16 AM  
3 votes:
Seriously?!?!?! If I open up a pack of meat and find a nice pistol, not to mention ammo to go with it (altho I might just trash the ammo and get new), I'm thinking Merry F'n Xmas to ME!!! I bought it, got a prize like it was Cracker Jacks!!!
2012-12-08 01:15:22 AM  
2 votes:

jimmyjackfunk: I know it isn't nothing like CSI or NCIS here, but the article says a gun check could take weeks. Now if you go in for a job and they can do an instant background check on you, wouldn't you think there would be a similar system for firearms just enter the serial number and you have results within minutes. Of course if the number has been filed off, you would then have to resort to ballistics which I understand could take weeks. Didn't see a mention in the story if the number was gone or not.

/and yes it is odd that the meat was packaged almost a year an half ago. that part does make the story more intriguing than finding a gun packed inside it.


The only "instant background check" your job can do on you is a $35 cursory run to see if you've been arrested locally lately. A real FBI/DOJ check does take a couple of weeks, where they run your prints and vital statistics against NCIC to see if you've been convicted in any other state or federally; under any other names or aliases; what the charges were and the dispositions; if you have any outstanding warrants and what they are and where; and sometimes if you're wanted internationally. The DOJ check may even go back farther.

The same is probably true for firearms. Sure, IF they have the serial number, the local cops can run it against their local database and see if it's a local gun and if anyone's reported it stolen; but if not, it's got to go into the national databases and get compared to thousands or millions of weapons in dozens of state and counties. In a lot of cases, it's not done automatically: They have to email the serial number to somebody, and some geek has to take the email and enter it into another secure database someplace else. NCIC and CLETS are not accessible by just everyone, even at a police station.

Sometimes I wish CSI and NCIS were not allowed to be on TV.
2012-12-08 01:04:27 AM  
2 votes:

Sometimes I hate browsing on a tablet...

/that was with "request desktop site" set as default
//AND after specifically refreshing the desktop url
///I'll just assume it was a gun made out of meat. That sounds amusing.
2012-12-08 03:33:02 AM  
1 vote:

Livingroom: AirGee: Livingroom: obviously, you're an idiot. .38 super is "9mm largo" a semi-automatic round originally used in the MP5, before they went all 9mm-luger. a .38 super is a 1911 clone.

Really? Is it that obvious that he is an idiot? I'm pretty sure all of those comments you're getting all high and mighty about are jokes, but thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Two things: welcome to fark, and

I'm so tired of seeing the ignorant things that people say about guns, so I've decided to start correcting people. If you're too lazy/stupid/whatever to google the caliber just to double check...then you're an idiot. It's not like I went off screaming and bashing him. I just states the obvious. To anyone with knowledge of guns, he is an obvious idiot.

2012-12-08 01:06:15 AM  
1 vote:
Sgt. Preston in Roswell, NM? I now have an image in my mind of a Canadian Mountie dissecting an alien corpse.
2012-12-08 01:02:05 AM  
1 vote:

arentol: Yeah, the gun thing was by far the least interesting part of this story. With as many guns as we have here in the US one was bound to show up in a pack of ribs eventually.

It was the June 8, 2011 thing that screwed with my head. I always assume my ribs were from cows butchered at least within the last 6 months, not over 18 months ago. Now I am wondering whether the ground beef in my freezer is Obama beef or Bush beef. This is seriously farking with my head.

This is why I deal with a real butcher that buys meat from local farmers.

Costs more, but fresh, grass fed beef tastes better.
2012-12-08 12:50:01 AM  
1 vote:

"It was the June 8, 2011 thing that screwed with my head."

Something isn't right there. The company I worked for until recently sold equipment to that facility and I've dealt with several people there over the years. No way did product that old sit around. They are very tight on that sort of thing. One bad batch of meat and they are out millions. Perhaps it sat in the supermarkets distribution center for that long?
2012-12-08 12:43:51 AM  
1 vote:
Somebody somewhere is kicking themselves yelling "So thats where I left it!"
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