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(Fox News)   Well, if you're a judge who's already in trouble for texting nude pictures of yourself to a female bailiff, why not double down and impregnate a witness as well?   (foxnews.com) divider line 58
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2012-12-07 06:57:15 PM  

Eps05: ...and yet he texts like a tween. I thought judges were smart.

Yeah, it's good to know a man who makes important decisions regarding people's lives lacks the smarts and/or self-control to use birth control.
2012-12-07 07:06:08 PM  

ladyfortuna: doczoidberg: Does this judge know how to party, or what?!?

He loves his job, that's for sure.

Welp, he can kiss that goodbye. Along with his law license, probably.
2012-12-07 07:25:29 PM  

ladyfortuna: blatz514: odinsposse: blatz514: QUIT TEXTING IN ALL CAPS!!!11!ONE!!111


I know a lady that will email everything in caps and put it in 16 point font.

/I hate her.

When I first got into my Reserves unit, my NCOIC was an 'old army' SFC with very little computer skill, and he would email in all caps. I ignored it two or three times and then told him it was considered 'yelling', after which he never did it again. I'm still really surprised I didn't get my ass chewed for that, but he was pretty cool most of the time.

I sometimes think some older folks, at least in the early days of e-mailing, automatically likened sending an e-mail to sending a telegram.
2012-12-07 08:25:28 PM  
impregnating a complaining witness

You might expect him to impregnate a character witness, but . . .

The man has got some moves!
2012-12-07 09:43:08 PM  
For some reason, I can only think of this guy:


"I don't always harass my bailiffs, but when I do, I impregnate a witness. Stay horny, my friends."
2012-12-08 07:00:17 PM  
In the first case, he should have been debarred, removed from office, restricted from being a judge anywhere, ever again.

In the second case, he needs to be hung. Not metaphorically, but physically hung by the neck until dead. This is not a racist remark, if you insist on think that, then a firing squad will do just as well.
2012-12-08 07:11:03 PM  

This judge is a pussycat - read Blood Meridian.

That's my favorite Western novel, but not my favorite McCarthy. I'm torn between Outer Dark and Child of God.

I couldn't finish the first book of the horsey trilogy. What was the point?
2012-12-09 08:51:40 AM  
This is going to get a lot of use here on FARK:


/real sign, not a shop.
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