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7566 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2003 at 6:05 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-07 06:08:02 PM  
Ahh, more fun from the Bowl Controversy Series
2003-12-07 06:08:18 PM  
here comes the biatching
2003-12-07 06:08:18 PM  
And damn you OU for blowing it and ruining Texas' at-large bid.
2003-12-07 06:09:19 PM  
USC got screwed....but I still dislike Pete Carroll for the way he sucked with the *shrugging*
2003-12-07 06:09:47 PM  
I second the statement made by kabar!

2003-12-07 06:10:16 PM  
Has anyone seen numbers of what would have happened if Hawaii won last night?
2003-12-07 06:10:39 PM  
Time for a playoff like D-IAA, D-II, and D-III. I thought it would be USC vs LSU because of the OU-KSU score. If the OU-KSU game would have been closer, then this would make more sense.
2003-12-07 06:11:32 PM  
Complete crap.

I'm not a fan of USC (they beat my beloved Auburn Tigers), but for the title game not to be between LSU and USC is just wrong.

However, the BCS has a funny way of working itself out. It wouldn't surprise me if Michigan beat USC thus making the Sugar bowl the real championship game.

I'll be the first to bet a million dollars that there will not be a playoff for at least 5 more years. It's just wrong.
2003-12-07 06:12:04 PM  
Go to hell, BCS. I imagine the Trojans will take it out on Michigan in the Rose Bowl, split the title and screw the system. Pete Carroll's being way too classy about this. Even the guys on ABC were pretty outraged, and they're supposed to be impartial.

I'll root for LSU to smoke OU, an OU "championship" would ring hollow after the K-State game. BTW, I think we need to refer to it as the "Nokia Sugar Bowl", and not the Sugar Bowl. Nokia paid alot of money for this privilege, and they deserve the courtesy. assholes.
2003-12-07 06:12:14 PM  
I think usc has notre dame to thank for their slipping to 3rd in the bcs
2003-12-07 06:12:48 PM  
the south shall rise again

/war eagle
2003-12-07 06:12:50 PM  
Hey...Ohio State will get to defend as Fiesta Bowl Champions!
2003-12-07 06:13:32 PM  

Strength of victory is not taken into account in the BCS. So OU could have lost 8,000,003-17, and they'd still be playing LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

The BCS is stupid. Small football teams have no chance at all to win the national championship. 64 basketball teams have a shot to be the best, and there are several who pull off upsets. Why should only 2 football teams get a shot at the championship? Smaller schools never get the shot because they dont even have a chance at the recruiting and strength of schedule. But in a playoff, they'd at least get a shot to fight for the championship instead of never even being able to dream about it.
2003-12-07 06:13:57 PM  
I think it's kinda funny how OU went from 1 to 3 in the polls after one game, especially with all the talk about how they could go on to be one of the greatest college teams of all time. All season long, all I heard was that they looked to be unbeatable. Yeah, sure...

That being said, they still deserve a shot at the championship. They a bad night, very bad indeed, but they're still very talented. However, I don't know that LSU deserves the second place slot over USC...
2003-12-07 06:15:24 PM  
How often is the little comment counter on the side of the page updated? It said 0, I was going to come in and say "boobies", but it lied. There are more than 0 comments in here.

/I intentionally typed "boobies" above. I am keen to the filter!
2003-12-07 06:15:47 PM  
... How do you prove yourself worthy of playing for the national title?

Why, lose by four touchdowns in your last game of the season on national TV, of course!

USC got screwed.

/UCLA fan
2003-12-07 06:19:04 PM  
As a USC alum, all I can say is....Rose Bowl!!

Sugar Bowl? National champions? Yeah, probably. But USC never gets any respect even when they are good. The BCS continues to do whatever the hell it wants.
2003-12-07 06:19:36 PM  
I have to agree w/ ohhwhatever.. I'm not a fan of USC - they beat my Auburn Tigers too.. but they deserve to be in the Sugar bowl more than OU does. I mean, if you can't prove that you're the best in your own conference, why should you be allowed to be called the best in the country?

Oh and don't try to tell me how bad auburn is, I already know; I went to the games.
2003-12-07 06:19:45 PM  
Take that So-Cal!

Bring on a playoff system for god's sake already.
2003-12-07 06:20:23 PM  

We really need a playoff. I tend to follow D-III football anyways. They are in their semi-finals right now. Those students truley go out for it for fun, not a glorified farm team for the NFL. Heck, Mount Union (OH) has won 108 of their last 109 or something).
2003-12-07 06:21:16 PM  
USC had a wimpy schedule anyway. SouthEast football is real football anyway. USC wouldn't beat half the SEC teams
2003-12-07 06:22:14 PM  
Oklahoma is still the best team in the country right now. Just because they farked up, doesn't mean that the large margin they have earned all season should be wiped out. OU lost to a good team in a championship game, who did LSU and USC lose to?
2003-12-07 06:23:24 PM  
USC must have one crappy Computer Science department.
2003-12-07 06:25:25 PM  
seabass242: You won't find a much bigger SEC fan than myself, but I have to disagree with your assessment. USC would beat at least 8 of the SEC teams. The only ones that would stand a chance are Florida, LSU, Georgia, and Tennessee. Ole Miss on a lucky night might keep it close.
2003-12-07 06:26:10 PM  
So let's get this straight, the #1 team in the polls will not be playing in the national championship game. WTF? That's how they play football in the Bizarro world.
2003-12-07 06:26:46 PM  
No Northwest Team again. Sad. Washington State blew the Rose Bowl last year, Oregon sucked in the Seattle Bowl (R.I.P.) and Washignton hasn't has a good year in quite awhile. Oregon State had a SHOT last night againt USC, but blew it. Oregon was our BCS team, (3-0 start) then they predictabily blew it all. So yeah. This sucks. Ill be watchign the Ohio state game. And probably the USC. I mean, I DO live in the L.A. area now. But I go to APU. And the NAIA has a playoff sytem and it works fine. None of this BCS crap.
2003-12-07 06:27:12 PM  
Bah... I agree with seabass242 a loss in the SEC is better than a win in any other conference.

/A fan of the REAL USC (the one founded in 1802)
2003-12-07 06:27:27 PM  
Lets see, who should we put in the National Championship game.... A team so weak that they can't win their own conference, a team who picks the easiest non-conference schedule in the nation for itself (including 2 1AA teams), or the consesus No 1 ranked team in the nation? The first 2 you say?

You suck BCS, die a horrible death. Yet one more year when we will never know who the best team in the nation is.

At least there's still Hockey. Last salvation of quality sports.
2003-12-07 06:27:28 PM  

I agree. OU lost. So what. They're still #1 in the BCS. I don't think OU had anything to do with creating the crappy BCS system.
2003-12-07 06:29:05 PM  
OU is clearly the best team in the country, even if they lost to a very good (and completely healthy) KSU team. They'll probably put 50 or so on LSU without blinking. USC was robbed, but it's good to see a traditional Rose Bowl. Fitting that Texas was once again denied a BCS berth. Undeserving whiners with some of the worst fans in the country. A great recruiter does not a great coach make.
2003-12-07 06:29:28 PM  
State schools are leaving so much money on the table by sticking with the good ol' boy bowls, I don't know how they keep from getting smacked by an ambitious AG. A sixteen team playoff tournament couldn't haul all the cash away in dump trucks.
2003-12-07 06:30:14 PM  
I guess I was trolling. Agreed algea... I guess not half of them.

I just think Oklahoma and LSU are better teams. Even with oklahoma's crash last night. So the right teams are playing for the title.

2003-12-07 06:30:21 PM  
Fark the BCS.
2003-12-07 06:31:11 PM  
I could care less about college football... but when the AP poll AND the Coache's poll put USC NUMBER FRIGGIN ONE... it makes NO sense not to put them in a National Championship Game...

Split Championship predicted again this year, which was the only reason for the BCS poll = bye bye BCS poll.
2003-12-07 06:31:42 PM  
2003-12-07 06:31:59 PM  
USC won't be taking anything out on Michigan.
2003-12-07 06:32:48 PM  
I would have gone for OU-U$C personally, but then again, the NCAA bought into the BCS, so they have to live with it, till 2006, at least.
2003-12-07 06:33:31 PM  
So does this mean the Raiders won't be in it?
2003-12-07 06:34:08 PM  
First of all, let me say that I am not an OU fan. That being said look at OU's season. They are clearly the best team this year. They got a bit ahead of themselves and looked past K-State in one game. There still isn't a team out there that has a better record. I don't think it should matter that their one loss was late in the season while other teams had a loss earlier. A loss is a loss.
It just made my day that Texas got screwed out of an at-large bid. Maybe this BCS is worth something after all. Texas is overrated as always.
2003-12-07 06:35:59 PM  
Tradition continues:

Pac 10 team has shot at National Championship, goes to Rose Bowl instead.

Just like the old days.
2003-12-07 06:37:00 PM  

Try to imagine the party in the quarter if they win it.
2003-12-07 06:37:46 PM  

I couldn't have said it better.
2003-12-07 06:38:04 PM  
OU may be good... But, if you don't win your conference you SHOULD NOT play for a National Championship
2003-12-07 06:38:16 PM  
If OREGON can biatchslap Michigan like they did (if you watched the game, you know what I mean), USC will roll over them.

USC will win a split title. Thus farking the BCS over.
2003-12-07 06:38:27 PM  
I agree wayward, i think PAC10 dominance may be returning soon. UW just pikced up some SWEET talent, Oregon is growing, the Beavers were running with USC pretty well last night, Washignton State is gearing to come back again. and USC are a firehouse. I dunno. I like the way it all looks.

/Seattle Native, Los Angeles Student
2003-12-07 06:41:05 PM  
How did USC do in their conference championship game. OHHH thats right, they didn't have to play one. Why is that?
2003-12-07 06:42:08 PM  
Geaux Tigers! Too bad it couldn't have been USC vs LSU, the two teams that deserve to go to the Sugar Bowl.
2003-12-07 06:42:15 PM  
Why does OU have to have their championship game weighed in and yet USC doesn't have the fact that they don't even have a conference championship game weighed in?
2003-12-07 06:42:56 PM  
You think the BSC computers have a "let's watch New Orleans destroy itself in a drunken celebration" factor? If so, it's obvious why LSU is in.

/somebody call the chinese bandits, the tigers are in town
2003-12-07 06:43:28 PM  
OU did not win their conference, LSU and USC did and that is why they deserve to be in the national championship. OU got in with an at large bid. WTF?
Geaux Tigers!
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