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(Farktography) Farktography Theme of Farktography Contest No. 396: "Statuary". Details and rules in first post. LGT next week's theme   ( divider line
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2012-12-05 08:02:05 PM  
Welcome to Farktography!
This Week's Theme: "Statuary"

: From public art to museum quality pieces, show us statues of every kind!

We ask that before submitting your photos you read and adhere to the following submission rules, including but not limited to the following:
- Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
- You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
- You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
- You may enter 3 photos in each contest as long as each photo is of a different composition.
- Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

Please note:
The overarching ideal behind Farktography is that image corrections are acceptable, while adding or removing elements in the image (e.g. removing telephone poles, adding Elvis) is not acceptable. HDR, stitching, or otherwise combining exposures in post processing are not allowed unless specified for a particular theme (multiple exposures done in-camera are acceptable, however). See the rules for more information on acceptable modifications, or check in at the Farktography Forums.
2012-12-05 08:02:25 PM
Click for Flickr

"No....A Little More to the Right..."

2012-12-05 08:02:27 PM

"A Good Kaws"


2012-12-05 08:02:35 PM

//phew! Hope I got my pink rhino statue up before everyone else puts theirs in!! (looks around)

Yep, I did!

2012-12-05 08:03:08 PM

"Seated Woman"


2012-12-05 08:03:13 PM

2012-12-05 08:03:18 PM
Click for Flickr

"Not At All Creepy Baby On A Grave"

2012-12-05 08:03:25 PM  

Bless me, farker, for I have sinned... 

Pope JP2

2012-12-05 08:03:48 PM

"The Etruscan"


2012-12-05 08:03:53 PM

2012-12-05 08:03:56 PM

"The Sidewalk Judge" - Grapevine, Texas (Pops bigger)


Barracuda's Farktography on Picasa
Google has been messing with my albums occasionally, if this image is broken it should be resolved shortly...
2012-12-05 08:04:11 PM the Ballet...

2012-12-05 08:04:13 PM
Click for Flickr

"Thutmoses Has No Nose."
"How Does He Smell?"
2012-12-05 08:05:15 PM

Texas Longhorn - Frisco, Texas (Pops bigger)


Barracuda's Farktography on Picasa
Google has been messing with my albums occasionally, if this image is broken it should be resolved shortly...
2012-12-05 08:05:46 PM

The Lone Sailor, U.S. Navy Memorial, Washington, DC

2012-12-05 08:06:00 PM 

miyajima island, japan
2012-12-05 08:06:28 PM

"Homecoming", Grapevine, Texas (Pops bigger)


Barracuda's Farktography on Picasa
Google has been messing with my albums occasionally, if this image is broken it should be resolved shortly...
2012-12-05 08:07:07 PM>

2012-12-05 08:07:17 PM
2012-12-05 08:07:19 PM

Statue of Helena, Carcassonne

/Click image to pop bigger version

2012-12-05 08:07:59 PM

Saint George and the dragon, Berlin

/Click image to pop bigger version

2012-12-05 08:08:17 PM
2012-12-05 08:08:50 PM

2012-12-05 08:09:05 PM

Inherited from my mother who got it from her mother.
2012-12-05 08:09:20 PM

Union General G.K. Warren, "Hero of Little Round Top"

2012-12-05 08:09:44 PM  

Thanks to wakitu I can post these early!

Found this old guy greeting the customers in Big John's restaurant in the small town of Sioux Narrows Ontario.

2012-12-05 08:10:21 PM

2012-12-05 08:10:48 PM

The Laughing Men, Vancouver B.C.

2012-12-05 08:10:58 PM

Little statues I've been trying to identify for years.
Burkina Faso is the closest I've been able to come, still isn't right.
2012-12-05 08:11:45 PM

This one made me chuckle when I discovered it in Winnipeg's French Quarter. I wish I could have been there for the unveiling ...

2012-12-05 08:12:35 PM

Saint Gudula at Saint Michaels, Brussels

/Click image to pop bigger version

2012-12-05 08:15:02 PM
Duomo di Milano

2012-12-05 08:22:00 PM

2012-12-05 08:45:19 PM

2012-12-05 08:48:22 PM

2012-12-05 08:50:03 PM

2012-12-05 09:22:28 PM  

Cow in a Tree


Melbourne, Australia

2012-12-05 09:32:50 PM  
There was a grounds keeper working in the cemetery this morning, and he was the only other person I saw. I suspect he laid the carnation, because it was very fresh.
2012-12-05 09:36:46 PM  


Near Fontaine de Vauclus, France

2012-12-05 09:37:36 PM
2012-12-05 09:38:31 PM
2012-12-05 09:43:34 PM  

Run Carolyn Run!

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

2012-12-05 09:49:04 PM  
2012-12-05 09:50:19 PM  
2012-12-05 10:25:30 PM
IMG_0538 by , on Flickr

Burnie The Bear.

2012-12-05 10:27:07 PM  
Fallen Soldier
2012-12-05 11:15:43 PM  
2012-12-05 11:16:18 PM  
2012-12-05 11:16:57 PM

Poseidon and his piscine pals frown on your shenanigans
(Pops to my site where you can view larger or my B-Sides)

2012-12-06 12:01:50 AM

Fountain of Neptune
detail "Lactating Nereid"

Bologna, Italy

2012-12-06 12:02:34 AM

Piazza di Santa Chiara

Assissi, Italy

2012-12-06 12:03:13 AM

by Guiseppe Veneziano

Venice, Italy

(I do not know the actual name of this statue, but I really like "McPerseus")

2012-12-06 12:07:36 AM

2012-12-06 12:08:36 AM

2012-12-06 12:15:09 AM

Small man we built (and burned) on the beach at El Golfo De Santa Clara, Mexico

2012-12-06 12:15:45 AM

Medusa in a bar called Barbacoa - Boise, Idaho
(pops bigger)

2012-12-06 12:16:32 AM

Tlaquepaque Sedona, Arizona
(pops to lightbox)

2012-12-06 12:21:02 AM 

The Mourning Mother at the Vimy Ridge memorial, France.
2012-12-06 12:22:35 AM

2012-12-06 12:26:40 AM
Statue at the Aurora Municipal building a few days after the theater shootings

2012-12-06 12:34:43 AM

2012-12-06 12:36:24 AM
Windsong by Leo E. Osborne of Guemes Island.
2012-12-06 12:44:07 AM
Lady of the Sea by Deborah Copenhaver (Detail)
"Dedicated to those who work and play by the sea, and the families and friends who wait for them."
2012-12-06 12:45:54 AM

Portland Art Museum - Horse
2012-12-06 12:47:45 AM
"How Much Longer" by Peregrine O'Gormley / Mural by Anacortes Mural Project
2012-12-06 12:49:40 AM

Portland Art Museum - Dying Warrior
2012-12-06 12:52:29 AM
2012-12-06 12:53:18 AM
2012-12-06 12:54:12 AM
2012-12-06 02:17:16 AM  


2012-12-06 02:19:56 AM  


2012-12-06 02:23:23 AM  


2012-12-06 02:59:16 AM"> 

2012-12-06 03:03:40 AM

Kato Kiyomasa (加藤清正), in front of Kumamoto Castle
2012-12-06 03:32:24 AM">
2012-12-06 03:33:28 AM">
2012-12-06 03:34:39 AM">
2012-12-06 04:24:10 AM

Yo, Adrienne!
2012-12-06 05:41:28 AM
2012-12-06 05:46:45 AM

forgot to enable voting
2012-12-06 05:51:44 AM

this one as well
2012-12-06 06:24:36 AM
2012-12-06 06:26:01 AM
2012-12-06 06:27:38 AM
2012-12-06 07:36:57 AM

2012-12-06 07:40:38 AM

2012-12-06 08:16:15 AM
2012-12-06 08:49:03 AM  
1 of 3
Wooden Buddha
Along the eastside portion of The Atlanta Beltline
click for Flickr
2012-12-06 08:51:11 AM  
2 of 3
Metal Family
East Lake, Atlanta, GA
clickr for Flickr
2012-12-06 08:52:42 AM  
3 of 3
The Valentine
Decatur Square, Decatur GA, on Valentine's Day (hence the real flowers added)
click for Flickr
2012-12-06 08:52:52 AM

John Wooden Statue downtown Indianapolis
2012-12-06 08:54:12 AM

Didn't think John Wooden coached at Penn State
2012-12-06 09:06:46 AM
2012-12-06 09:09:04 AM
2012-12-06 09:17:36 AM

Storage room at the Louvre.
2012-12-06 09:21:32 AM

MJ and Bubbles by Jeff Koons on view at Versailles.
2012-12-06 09:22:02 AM

Peter Pan at Hyde Park
2012-12-06 10:10:03 AM

Lizard Woman detail, by Cathy Allen

2012-12-06 10:20:15 AM

Untitled, by Cathy Allen

2012-12-06 11:38:58 AM
2012-12-06 11:45:07 AM 
Ben Franklin on University of Pennsylvania Campus.
2012-12-06 12:24:33 PM

The contest rules didn't specify *good* statuary. I think it's supposed to be a wave.

2012-12-06 01:52:48 PM

Cenotaph at the Alamo

2012-12-06 03:32:10 PM

Garden dragon at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, MB
2012-12-06 03:34:01 PM 

Statue at the edge of Lake Tjörnin in Reykjavik, Iceland
2012-12-06 03:37:32 PM 

Statue on the shore in Njarðvík, Iceland.
2012-12-06 11:12:24 PM

St. Stephen, in his basilica. Budapest has plenty of statues.
2012-12-06 11:23:41 PM

Lego dragon at the Indianapolis Children's Museum
2012-12-06 11:25:30 PM  
Rain Dance

The Walking Man Project - Anderson, IN 2012
2012-12-06 11:26:38 PM
2012-12-08 09:45:46 PM

At one time, the Champlain Sea (now Lake Champlain) was home to whales, as evidenced by more than simply the fossil record. The whales' tails may seem out of place, until you understand that at one time, they weren't.

We, too, shall pass...
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