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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Star Wars makeup artist to help rebuild face of cancer patient. Harrison Ford surrenders   ( divider line
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10099 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2003 at 1:27 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-07 01:30:45 AM  
Ms Brown, a film and television make-up artist for more than a decade, said helping Raywin was "almost like using my powers for good rather than evil".

This line was priceless.
2003-12-07 01:30:58 AM  
Harrison Ford surrenders to no one! NO ONE!

Except maybe Calista Flockhart, poor career choices, age, gravity, or all of the above.

2003-12-07 01:33:14 AM  
Uh, isn't that the same guy who did the back of Vader's head for Empire?????

Probably a bad idead, dude.
2003-12-07 01:36:13 AM  
i'd like to see the star trek makeup artists do what they can. I mean...think about can get any forehead wrinkle you desire
2003-12-07 01:43:59 AM  
Pic of young cancer patient post-makeover:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-07 01:47:03 AM  
Sydney St. Vincent's released this unaltered photo showing the patient's new appearance:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-07 01:48:53 AM  
Raywin recently had a tumour the size of a grapefruit removed from the right side of her face, leaving her without an eye and parts of her nose and jaw missing.

2003-12-07 01:49:18 AM  
damn you Chewbacca Jones....damn you straight to Endor, you wicket warrick lovin' muffuh.
2003-12-07 01:51:51 AM  
It's definitely a trap.
2003-12-07 01:57:35 AM  
Somebody talkin' about me?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-07 02:03:02 AM  
A grapefruit? holy crap. and i thought I had problems.
2003-12-07 02:06:52 AM  
Not a photoshop contest?!? Awwww...
2003-12-07 02:13:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Don't worry, I was going to Hell long before I did this.
2003-12-07 02:30:22 AM  
They're gonna have to add a new circle to Hell just for you, MrSnrub.
2003-12-07 02:31:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available] who didnt see this one coming?
2003-12-07 02:55:08 AM  
croakur They've already added that circle. It's called "MrSnrub Ct." I have a hot tub, pool, and tennis court. The hot tub is filled with molten steel, though.
2003-12-07 03:34:46 AM  
Maybe the lame outdated 'surrender' jokes need to start surrendering themselves.
2003-12-07 04:00:52 AM  
Since when have outdated jokes on Fark ever surrendered?
2003-12-07 04:01:08 AM  
A grapefruit? Pshaw, I can easily beat that...

Runs off to beat his face with a baseball bat
2003-12-07 04:21:02 AM  
Montgomery Cliff surrenders.
2003-12-07 06:05:48 AM  
I don't care how good this makeup artist is, this chick ain't gonna be gettin' any on prom night, unless her plastic surgeon can do miracles on breasts.

/I get my own nonstop, chartered 747 direct to hell.
2003-12-07 07:20:21 AM  
Wow...a fark story that actually makes me feel good. I should probably go to bed for the rest of the day.
2003-12-07 08:09:22 AM  
Was there an earlier diagnosis? Because I think it'd be pretty hard not to notice a growth the SIZE OF A GRAPEFRUIT on the side of your face.

That, AND the poor disfigured people will all have to get up at 4am every day to get their makeup put on by the Star Trek people.

/Michael Dorn and Cher surrender...
2003-12-07 08:57:53 AM  
You know they're just going to go back 20 years later and "enhance" the surgery.
2003-12-07 10:12:59 AM  
"Was there an earlier diagnosis? Because I think it'd be pretty hard not to notice a growth the SIZE OF A GRAPEFRUIT on the side of your face."

Well, her parents probably are poor, and the local doctors said there was nothing they could do. So they went home, and prayed to whatever god(s) they worship. That's what happens in most of the world.
2003-12-07 10:39:54 AM  
worst use of "surrenders" cliche ever.
2003-12-07 10:55:17 AM  
Ok, that was a horrible use of the "[blank] surrenders" because Harrison Ford never had that kind of sfx make-up for any of his movies. Someone like Michael Dorn who played the klingon Worf on Star Trek: TNG would have worked better. Actually, "Joan River's surrenders" would have been perfect.
2003-12-07 12:27:18 PM  
You know, I think if I ever lost my face due to an accident of some sort I'd probably see if I could get it replaced with some sort of cool looking robot face or something. I mean if it's going to be artificial, why not have it look cool artificial?

And maybe I'd get lasers on it too. Or some sort of LED matrix so I could have message scroll past on my forehead.

Yeah that would rock.
2003-12-07 12:41:54 PM  
Perhaps the submitter was thinking of Mark Hamill? (that story appears to be an urban legend, by the way)
2003-12-07 03:12:26 PM  
Unfortunatley, that cancer patient probabley now has one of those Twi'liek tentacles
2003-12-07 04:01:29 PM
2003-12-07 05:33:33 PM  
Yeah, Mark Hamill was the one who had facial reconstruction surgery. The poster got it wrong.
2003-12-07 08:54:12 PM  
Hmmm, sounds like another remake of Abre Los Ojos/Vanilla Sky is on the way, aside from all the Star Wars jokes.
2003-12-08 08:55:14 AM  
I would imagine that "Harrison Ford Surrenders" was referring to the scar on his chin and his decision not to get plastic surgery to fix it.

Use your brains people.
2003-12-08 05:54:17 PM  
I wouldn't be too thrilled with the pointy ears but I guess I'd take Ms. Brown over Tom Savini.
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