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(WPTV)   That awkward moment when your friend asks you to get him another beer, and you grab a frozen kitten   ( divider line
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2012-12-04 01:20:44 PM  
3 votes:
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2012-12-04 01:54:45 PM  
2 votes:
NCSB: We have a pair of cats we adopted from a local rescue back in 2003. We call them Gizmo and Nibbler. Now Nibbler is one of those cats that has to follow you everywhere....and I mean everywhere. Room to room, I've had to start locking him up because he'll follow me around into the garage, up the ladder to the attic. Honestly i'm surprised he hasn't gotten himself sealed up in a wall yet.

Anyways right after we got him originally we were still in a small one bedroom apartment w/ no kids. Since my then girlfriend current wife traveled a lot for work (flight attendant for ATA) I was still in the habit of waking up and drinking right out of the container. So one more around 4am I stumble out of bed thirsty and shuffle over to the fridge. I open it up, grab the jug of OJ and take a swig. I then close the door and go back to bed.

I wake up the next morning and after a while I'm like "where did Nibbler go?" I mean he's like a fart in an elevator you just can't get rid of him. To cut to the chase I'm looking all over and I can't find him. I haven't left the apt so he can't have gotten out and I'm on the 10th floor with no open windows either. I think I was grabbing the milk for my coffee when I open the fridge and the little SOB is sitting there and mews softly. I freak out and grab him thinking he's gotta have frostbite or lose part of his ears/tail but nope. The damn cat was in the fridge for like 4-6 hours and not a single fark was given by him.

TL;DR My insane cat snuck in fridge while i was getting a drink in the middle of the night. Found him next day and he was fine.

/had 5 cats at one point, have 4 and a dog
//three kids
///declawing is evil don't do it.
2012-12-04 01:27:59 PM  
2 votes:
Let me try this again.

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2012-12-04 01:18:55 PM  
2 votes:
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/Why yes, I kill kittens on a regular basis, just not that way.
2012-12-04 01:17:14 PM  
2 votes:
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He has angered the Fark.
2012-12-04 12:28:57 PM  
2 votes:
You can really only enjoy one kitten at a time. He was wisely saving the rest for later.
2012-12-04 08:06:47 PM  
1 vote:

Canton: Smock Pot: I sense much anger in the Fark, so I'll share this: my kitty jumps into the fridge whenever I open the door. One time I just closed the door on her and went back a few minutes later. She was curled up in a ball next to the milk, purring.

But does she wrap herself in plastic first?

She gets stuck in plastic bags and tears around the house. She's not the sharpest claw in the paw.
2012-12-04 02:03:24 PM  
1 vote:
But did she still get him the beer?..........
2012-12-04 01:52:31 PM  
1 vote:
Kittens and beer, stay clear.

Kittens and wine, you'll be fine....
2012-12-04 01:42:33 PM  
1 vote:
WTF was this doing at the bottom of the article, in line with the text!?
Cedric the Entertainer did not freeze kittens! Disgraceful.
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2012-12-04 01:34:30 PM  
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jvl [BareFark]
2012-12-04 01:23:16 PM  
1 vote:

SlothB77: kittens in plastic sandwich bags in the freezer. just awful. amazing three survived. i wonder how long they were in there.

Not long enough.
2012-12-04 01:17:02 PM  
1 vote:
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