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(   The right to go jogging in the nude has been upheld by the High Court of New Zealand. "If it was [offensive] then God wouldn't have given us genitals" (Not safe for work-ish pic)   ( divider line
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2012-11-30 09:33:44 PM  
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2012-11-30 10:17:57 PM  
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Resident Muslim: /also not sure what the long term effect if bouncing with no support will have

You do realize that for the vast majority of mankind's tenure on this planet, we didn't have tighty-whiteys, right? We evolved as running apes well before we ever gained the sophistication and/or need (Africa not being very cold on average) to have junk-paralyzing undies. I'm not saying it is necessarily a fun thing to do, but evidence suggests long-term free-ballin' doesn't do that much, if anything; the evidence being our existence, since our species would have died out well before becoming our species if it did bad things to the meat-and-two-veg
2012-11-30 09:57:36 PM  
1 vote:
Mr Pointon said yesterday he enjoyed the freedom of not wearing clothes and began running naked about 18 months ago because he thought New Zealand was becoming more liberal, particularly with discussions around gay marriage.

"It's just another lifestyle and I want respect for it."

I was sympathetic up until this point. Now I just think the guy's an attention whoring dumbass.
2012-11-30 09:38:03 PM  
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Atomic Spunk: When I go jogging, I wear form fitting polyester underwear under my shorts to keep everything in place. It must be really uncomfortable for a guy to have his junk flopping around while he's running. Another reason I wouldn't go running nude - I would find the laughter of the people watching me to be very distracting.

This, and the fact that the people most willing to shuck their clothes are generally the ones that really should keep em on, not to mention that when I go for a walk I generally end up with at least one insect bite, I cant imagine having a mosquito or horsefly bite on mr franknbeans....
2012-11-30 09:30:07 PM  
1 vote:
Also this guy sounds like a Grade A attention whore. He should have shown up to court in nothing but black socks and dress shoes. I wonder if the judge would have been as tolerant if he had to look at this guys junk throughout the entire trial?
2012-11-30 09:27:28 PM  
1 vote:
jogging is not something guys should do naked. the junk bouching around does not look flatering
2012-11-30 09:17:09 PM  
1 vote:
I don't care much about your genitals.

But if you're hairy and fat and your balls hang down to your kneecaps, then please don't run around naked, okay?
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