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(The Daily Show)   If only there was another high ranking government official passing what they knew at the time was misleading intelligence to Americans on a Sunday news show, in line to become Secretary of State, and a black woman with the last name Rice   ( ) divider line
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2012-11-30 01:09:19 AM  

Nina_Hartley's_Ass: Ya gotta admit, that's a hell of a coincidence.

Y'all know what they say about "History repeats itself"....

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2012-11-30 01:33:21 PM  

Tremolo: monoski: 4 dead Americans in Libya based on faulty intelligence = outrage

3000+ dead in Iraq based on faulty intelligence = ?

Even that's not a fair comparison though, the 4 Americans dying in Bengazi was in no way the result of faulty intelligence, it was the explanation of why the attack took place that was faulty.

Thousands died in Iraq as a direct result of faulty intelligence, that's much worse.

And the sad reality is... Iraq was not a result of faulty intelligence, but rather, dishonest intelligence. The right's mantra to this day remains "Every intelligence agency in the world thought Iraq had WMD." No, they didn't - and, in particular - our intelligence community didn't think they had.

That's why the Bush administration set up their own intelligence agency inside the Pentagon, the "Office of Special Plans," to cook the intel from our intelligence community and embellish/enhance it, to make it seem more dire.

These ass clowns had been wanting to invade Iraq since Clinton was president - in fact - they tried to persuade him to invade. He told them to buzz off. I believe when Cheney - who was tasked with finding GW a running mate - saw how clueless and pliable W was, he went back to the neocons and said "Our prayers have been answered. This guy will do whatever we tell him. Iraq. Book it. Done."

And then Cheney then put himself forward as the best vice presidential pick. And as he predicted, the pliable GW went along with it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now watch this drive.
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