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(The Week)   Serbian village in a panic after Mayor warns that sparkly creature of the night is on the loose. Women fainting. Men sighing   ( divider line
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2012-11-29 11:14:25 AM  
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Just getting this out of the way
2012-11-29 11:25:07 AM  
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Humans seem to be regressing very rapidly.

Today there are current news articles about:

1) goat men sightings in the US South;
2) supernatural hairy dwarves that rape sleeping men and women indiscriminately and ruin straight marriages in semi-Christianized or Islamicized Africa;
3) Bigfoot sightings in England where it is apparently easy for giant mammals to hide despite 99% of the forest being gone;
4) homosexuality being caused by demons that rape you in your sleep because you love Satan.

The Englightenment seems to be over for more and more religious and traditionalist people.

All of these myths are ancient and pre-date the Middle Ages, but the last big outbreak of belief in a connection between demons, witchcraft, the Devil, homosexuality, etc. was in the 1600s in Europe.

There are areas of the world (I come from one--the Baptist, Pentecostal and Mega-Church Bible Belt of Canada) where belief in witchcraft, devils, etc., never died. Our schoolteachers have always been telling children that belief in evolution is optional. Apparently belief in the germ theory of disease, gravity and natural law is also optional.

Yaaaaaaay! No more scientific lies about diseases being caused by microorganisms or vaccinations protecting you against death and disease! Yaaaaaaay! you can fly from 25th story balconies and deflect bullets if you believe in the Right God. Otherwise you are a witch and will be burned alive or else die trying with faith in your Phoney Alternative God.

Candle in the wind indeed!

Superstitious BS is killing more and more people who choose to belief in New Age or Old Time Religion claptrap which apparently saves you from HIV and other disease better than medicine, prophylactics or sexual abstenence; makes you bullet-proof and able to handle poisonous snakes, prevents you from developing a sub-standard sexuality (or any sexuality at all) and makes all the millions of long tons of evidence which contradicts your truthiness and wish-ful thinking go away.


If you catch HIV you will almost surely die, so don't.
Other people are no more demonic than you choose to make them in order to satisfy your need for simple explanations and narcissitic fantasies.
No one should be denied proper medical care or basic human, political, economic and cultural rights.

The real demons of this world are the con-artists, cranks and pathological loonies who exploit your virtues and your vices alike to manipulate you, and line their pockets, and put bums on their pews for fun and profit.

Evil is an advanced form of stupidity.
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