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(The Smoking Gun)   Yasmine Bleeth's mug shot and police report from her recent cocaine arrest   ( divider line
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2001-11-21 01:49:28 PM  
that is not YB.
2001-11-21 01:50:21 PM  
Just like the other crack whores on the beach.
2001-11-21 01:50:32 PM  

space needed.........

2001-11-21 01:50:49 PM  
Eeeeyyah!!!!! Are we sure this isn't just batboy? Terminal case of the trailer-trashies.
2001-11-21 01:51:40 PM  
that is the old picture from the first time around. and yes, that is her, but that is her mugshot from the first cocaine arrest.
2001-11-21 01:53:23 PM  
hey mr dope man you think you slick you sold crack 2 my sister and now shes sick but if she happen 2 die cuz
of your drug i'm putting in your culo a 38 slug
2001-11-21 01:53:47 PM  
2001-11-21 01:54:37 PM  
Thank you RancidPlasma for that stunning rendition of the classic hit - Dopeman by none other than NWA.
2001-11-21 01:54:46 PM  
"...the front of the vehicle started shaking, at which time she got scared and let go of the wheel..."

Good idea.
2001-11-21 01:56:34 PM  
Here's the police vehicle that stopped them:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-21 02:04:02 PM  
The best part is the use of her 'got milk' picture on the main page of TSG...

2001-11-21 02:06:25 PM  
You learn a new dru term every day. From page 7 of those documents:

While Yasmine would only snort the coke, her buddy Paul liked to "Cold Shake," which is mixing coke with water and then shooting it up.
2001-11-21 02:07:50 PM  
As stated when this photo was boobiesed:

uh, hum. errrrrpppppt. Got to get the phlem from my throat before doing this.



"Someone beat her with a forest of ugly sticks!"
2001-11-21 02:09:12 PM  
Looks like something from here:
2001-11-21 02:11:57 PM  
What? No one has yet said, "I'd still do her."

Well, let me be the first. I'd still do her, but only from behind.
2001-11-21 02:12:33 PM  
Man, without makeup she sure is an ugly skank.
2001-11-21 02:17:42 PM  
She doesn't look a day over 60

God. Damn.
2001-11-21 02:18:33 PM  
I saw that pic a couple of months ago
2001-11-21 02:20:54 PM  
thats just plain sad
2001-11-21 02:21:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

outside the court house
2001-11-21 02:22:42 PM  
Imagine the disappointment, getting Yasmine to come home, shagging the hell out of "it" and waking up to that.

Oh fark it, I still would get a morning slam.
2001-11-21 02:26:47 PM  
What the hell was she doing in Romulus? I'm guessing that since this was September 12, she couldn't get her flight, so she decided to get on the psychotropic airplane instead.

She looks like a typical Romulus resident in that picture, however.
2001-11-21 02:30:27 PM  
God, she looks like hell.
2001-11-21 02:30:36 PM  
wow, I can't wait for Britney's "coke whore" pics to come out with her next album: cumslut-addicted-2-crack
2001-11-21 02:31:50 PM  
That pic was farkin "Whorendous", get it "Whore"-redous?
2001-11-21 02:32:16 PM  
Here's an old Baywatch photo of her. Quite a difference:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-21 02:32:39 PM  
Like the way they blanked out the complainants name but not their address. Slick.
2001-11-21 02:33:18 PM  
2001-11-21 02:33:48 PM  
Cheshire_cat_sf- That site is a hoot! They were all busted in "Frogtown" that must be the French section of St. Paul.
2001-11-21 02:34:42 PM  
Kinda ironic how she was just about the only Baywatch babe who didn't pose for Playboy, explaining it was against her morals (or something like that).
2001-11-21 02:34:52 PM  
KramitAs stated when this photo was boobiesed:

For some reason that had me laughing so hard I fell out of my swivel chair. Met the filter, eh?;)

Caught in Romulus, huh? Yasmine, meet zero tolerance. Zero tolerance, meet Yasmine. I doubt she'll be able to walk away from this.

Although, after living in Detroit, I can see why she resorted to the hard shiat.
2001-11-21 02:35:29 PM  
If someone does here liek that then the terrorists have allready won.
2001-11-21 02:36:03 PM  
Off topic here but can someone enlighten me how type boldface in this comment box? I want to repsond to people but boldface their name at the beginning. Thanks.
2001-11-21 02:36:30 PM  
Here is a name I'll bet no one here has EVER seen before (unless they looked at that hooker page that cheshire_cat_sf provided):

Preshuus Delquinette Cook

2001-11-21 02:36:39 PM  
(Jerry Springer Mode) Crack whore! Crack whore! Crack whore! Crack whore! Crack whore! Crack whore! Crack whore! Crack whore! Crack whore!
2001-11-21 02:38:08 PM  
I still think she's hot...I like 'em all coked up and half-conscious.
2001-11-21 02:38:29 PM  
Preshuus' picture can be found here by the way (along with Aisha Latrice Cheese)
2001-11-21 02:39:27 PM  

Here's a hint: learn HTML.
2001-11-21 02:39:43 PM  
Tharow: You need to put the name in html <b> and </b> brackets.
2001-11-21 02:41:04 PM  
For example:

<b>Tharow</b> = Tharow
2001-11-21 02:42:48 PM  
Jspanish: I would learn HTML but i'm too dumb. I guess I'll have to settle for finishing my PhD from Columbia. Okay...Bye bye now!
2001-11-21 02:42:52 PM  
I pick up all of my ho's in rehab!
2001-11-21 02:45:17 PM  
Jakjak: Thanks for the non-sarcastic answer. I don't know why people think knowing HTML shows intelligence. I don't come on here demanding people can recite Kant's 2 formulations of the Categorical Imperative. While computers are great and we need people who know this stuff, academic intelligence will always be more important than learning silly computer code.

2001-11-21 02:45:36 PM  
2001-11-21 02:49:39 PM  
this is old news. once again fark sucks
2001-11-21 02:51:26 PM  
Tharow: Just wrap the text you want in bold in Text here

Hopefully that worked. Remove the spaces between the 's
2001-11-21 02:52:41 PM  
Yasmine Blech
2001-11-21 02:52:56 PM  
what kind of farking name is yasmine bleeth? Did her farking parents have a lisp or something? Maybe her coked up mom could hardly tak when little *Jasmine* came out of her crusty pie hole.

2001-11-21 02:53:43 PM  
Do you call all things you find too complex for you "silly"?
2001-11-21 02:54:11 PM  
No problem, Tharow. But I take offense to your reference of "silly computer code"! :)
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