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(WWL)   Woman in conservative Louisiana town puts up Christmas lights in the shape of a hand flipping the bird, gets visit from the cops. Surprisingly, the ACLU has something to say about this. (With photo)   ( divider line
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2012-11-27 10:18:59 PM  
5 votes:
Yeah, when I see a prominently displayed cross or other religious symbol all I see is a big middle finger in my face "Hey look we get to be stupid and judgmental and force our beliefs on you through law, and we're tax exempt sucker!" So when can I call the cops to have them take that down? She should tell them she's a firm believer in the prophet "fark You" and she's just expressing her holiday wishes like everyone else on the block.

I hope she puts it back up. I hope the cops do something stupid. I hope the ACLU wins. I hope she gets a big settlement from the county.

Unpopular speech is the most important to protect; It may some day be yours.
2012-11-27 10:29:09 PM  
4 votes:
The ACLU is much more consistent about their mission than, say, the NRA.
2012-11-27 10:11:18 PM  
4 votes:
Surprising? Only if you've never paid attention to what the ACLU ALWAYS FARKING DOES.
2012-11-27 10:12:45 PM  
3 votes:
gee, she's having a dispute with her neighbors? really? whoda thunk it?

but, yeah, it's her constitutional right to be a tacky douche
2012-11-28 12:02:35 AM  
2 votes:

CameraMonkey: whereas the ACLU tends to pick and choose their battles based on their ideology. I can vaguely recall a few cases leaning to the conservative side that they opted not to fight. So no, the ACLU is not some magical even handed organization.

That's bullshiat.

The ACLU is the of the most -- if not THE most -- evenhanded national group out there.

Why is right wingnut Oliver North not in jail? Because the ACLU came to his rescue.

When the KKK wants to march, what's the only organization that has their back? The ACLU.

The ACLU defends Christians.

The ACLU defends gun owners.

Hell, the ACLU even defended Rush farking Limbaugh.

Where the fark did you get the impression that the ACLU selectively discriminates against "conservatives"?
2012-11-27 10:48:07 PM  
2 votes:

theknuckler_33: As a huge fan of freedom of speech, I really hate douchebags. It is quite a conundrum.

You're free to hate douchebags. You just can't stop them from being that way.
2012-11-27 10:12:19 PM  
2 votes:

AverageAmericanGuy: If the FCC can regulate what can be broadcast, local townships can certainly regulate signage.

No. No, they can't.

/Research FCC airwave licenses.
2012-11-28 12:44:17 PM  
1 vote:
I live here. I don't agree with her lack of reasonable judgment, but I will fight for her to be allowed to express herself and decorate the property she owns in any way she sees fit to do so. No one should have the right to tell you what you can and can't do with your own property, though it happens all too often.
2012-11-28 07:36:13 AM  
1 vote:

mafiageek1980: God, I love the ACLU! This chick has my FULL support!

/fark Livingston Parish and Denham Springs
//Denham Springs High school, class of '99
///Glad I got out when I did!

*gasp* You grew up in the heart of Redneckistan?

My cousin's neighbor cut a hand flying the bird out of a piece of plywood and stood it up pointed at their house. My cousin and his wife just chuckled and told everyone about their bat shiat crazy neighbors.

/STA class if 98'
//still living here
2012-11-28 04:18:56 AM  
1 vote:

tjfly: Insulting religions to insult religions is just assholish.
For all you that think this is funny, go light a bunch of Korans on fire in the shape of a penis. Hysterical.

Ah yes, the sacred cow philosophy. There are no sacred cows, nor should there be. The net effect of burning a Koran is having paid for it, you have financially supported the book's Muslim publishers.
2012-11-28 03:57:14 AM  
1 vote:

susler: 4tehsnowflakes:

Both orgs are political in the sense that they advocate public policy positions and evaluate politicians based on the politician's sympathy for the organization's core values. Both are principled in the sense that (despite the political affiliation of most of their members) they will cross party lines to advocate for their issues. Examples: NRA endorses mainly R's but will endorse a D with a record of support for 2nd Amdt rights over an R with no such record or a weak record.

I agree with those who said ACLU is a little bit hypocritical for not embracing all individual constitutional rights and liberties. ACLU does not advocate or litigate for certain constitutional rights such as 2nd Amdt and property rights. .

1. The ACLU does not endorse political candidates.

2. Perhaps, like every other organization in the country, they allocate scarce dollars where they'll do the most good. It's not like there's a large extremely well funded organization already dedicated to ensuring that 2nd Amendment rights are not abridged. I don't see a lot of money on a national level dedicated to being certain that every asshole who wants to can put their holiday lights in the shape of the finger on their roof.

Both valid points. ACLU does however have a lobbying arm which advocates for or against legislation. As for allocating money, ACLU does have some projects that you could argue are driven by policy objectives and are not really civil liberties issues. For example ACLU opposes the death penalty in all cases -- even when the due process rights of the accused were not violated and there is no other legal basis to object to the result -- on the grounds that the death penalty is always cruel and unusual.
2012-11-28 01:15:33 AM  
1 vote:
The ACLU should get a permanent HERO tag.
2012-11-28 12:30:39 AM  
1 vote:
Good on the ACLU for defending her, but what a c*nt! Instead of actually talkin to the neighbors she decides to announce her biatchiness in the form of a giant lighted middle finger.

The cops AND her are wrong in this situation. Talk shiat out instead of being a flagrant biatch.
2012-11-27 11:04:19 PM  
1 vote:

ongbok: Yes they can. Put up a giant sign that say fark in your front lawn and see what happens. It is called obscenity laws.

I once carved a pumpkin that had both a middle finger and a "big fark" you on it. Nobody called the police and local teens spared it in smashing raids. It just rotted away on the porch. To be fair it wasn't on my porch, I chose one of the many abandoned houses. Really just to confuse folks if anything. Hey I was young and hadn't discovered drugs or sex.
2012-11-27 10:53:21 PM  
1 vote:
She should take it down and then hang up her huge Labia Menorah
2012-11-27 10:42:46 PM  
1 vote:

DrVoice: The ACLU is much more consistent about their mission than, say, the NRA.

The National Republican Association is incredibly consistent. Precise, but not accurate, to put it another way. They consistently end up in the same place, even if it's not anywhere close to where they say they're aiming.
2012-11-27 10:42:02 PM  
1 vote:

Mikey1969: It's part of your agreement when you get the broadcast license.

Not only that, but it only applies to public broadcasts in specific formats in a few bands, not to radio transmissions in general. My WiFi and cell phone broadcast porn all day long and the FCC loves me for it.
2012-11-27 10:33:06 PM  
1 vote:
Your (^^^) cross offends ME, a$$wipe, but you don't see me calling the cops, do you?

Get a clue, bible thumper...your species is on its way to extinction.
2012-11-27 10:30:24 PM  
1 vote:

JacksonBryan: Sock Ruh Tease: People are still offended by the middle finger?

This, it's not like it was a cross or something.

It's directed at a particular neighbor, who is supposed to be offended.

This farkwad is a childish twat. Reminds me of that c*nt who terrorized that woman whose daughter had died and whose granddaughter was dying. Whatever her name was.

Who has the energy for all of that petty vindictiveness?
2012-11-27 10:29:09 PM  
1 vote:
It's a camel. A Goddamned camel. A camel with a wise nam on it. There's always a camel in nativity scenes. I just plain fail to see what all the hullabaloo is all about.
2012-11-27 10:28:09 PM  
1 vote:

UseLessHuman: I see a prominently displayed cross or other religious symbol all I see is a big middle finger in my face

That probably says more about you than the religious symbol or the religion it represents...
2012-11-27 10:26:58 PM  
1 vote:
Anyone else notice the poll in the right side margin?
Should wearing 'saggy pants' be illegal?
57% say yea/ 43% say nay

Now I find the saggy pant thing ridiculous, but a poll favoring legislation???? Glad the south has found a solution to all those other social hazards.

/red state problems
2012-11-27 10:22:01 PM  
1 vote:

fusillade762: The thumbed nose, the projected middle finger, the Bronx cheer

[ image 252x342]

What's this one called?

2012-11-27 10:21:56 PM  
1 vote:
2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2012-11-27 10:17:27 PM  
1 vote:
The thumbed nose, the projected middle finger, the Bronx cheer

allhatnocattle.netView Full Size

What's this one called?
2012-11-27 10:08:14 PM  
1 vote:

Sock Ruh Tease: People are still offended by the middle finger?


2012-11-27 10:06:43 PM  
1 vote:

Sock Ruh Tease: People are still offended by the middle finger?

This, it's not like it was a cross or something.
2012-11-27 10:06:01 PM  
1 vote:
People are still offended by the middle finger?
2012-11-27 08:23:59 PM  
1 vote:
It's a menorah! Travel-size.
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