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(MSNBC)   "Expert" witness in the D.C. sniper case of John Lee Malvo claims he was partly brainwashed by "The Matrix," draws comparison between Malvo and Neo   ( divider line
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2003-12-05 03:35:06 PM  
Unlikey indeed.
2003-12-05 03:35:30 PM  
2003-12-05 03:35:37 PM  
2003-12-05 03:36:23 PM  
2003-12-05 03:36:26 PM  
Is this a repeat?
2003-12-05 03:36:29 PM  
Here comes the science...
2003-12-05 03:36:36 PM  
Anybody who takes seriously the idea that The Matrix is at fault for John Lee Malvo's crimes needs a cup of purple Kool-Aid.
2003-12-05 03:36:52 PM  
2003-12-05 03:37:00 PM  
When is it that a murderer will fess up and admit to it being shirley temple movies!
2003-12-05 03:37:18 PM  
So pop him a red pill, and hang his corpse out to dry somewhere.
2003-12-05 03:37:30 PM  
Whoa I aws lkie ttoally beatne by TS&L by liek 7 secodns.

2003-12-05 03:37:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-05 03:37:52 PM  
"Just remember, there is no muffin."
~Neo, from The Matrix, Remuffined
2003-12-05 03:38:05 PM  
Just like the Beatles' "White Album," caused Charles Manson to kick off the apocalypse. Whatever... Both of them deserve to die like stray, rabid dogs.
2003-12-05 03:38:30 PM  
But Neo didn't wind up in the electric chair????
2003-12-05 03:38:33 PM  
"It wasn't my's all those Sex and the City episodes I watched. Damn you Sarah Jessica Bueller, damn you to hell!"
2003-12-05 03:39:00 PM  
At least they didn't blame GTAIII for a change.
2003-12-05 03:39:32 PM  
I have another comparison between Malvo and Neo... They both die at the end.
2003-12-05 03:39:37 PM  
"Remember. There are no kittens."
-- The Faptrix
2003-12-05 03:39:54 PM  
Comparisons to Neo?.....HA HA HA HA HA HA...that made my day.
2003-12-05 03:40:45 PM  
So was the witness brainwashed or was Malvo?

Hard to tell from the headline...
2003-12-05 03:41:24 PM  
When making up a religeon isn't a good enough plea: Blame Entertainment.

Please blame Quake next, or natural Born Killers. just for some old school flavor.
2003-12-05 03:41:40 PM  

Comparisons to Neo?.....HA HA HA HA HA HA...that made my day.

Amen. Then again, people were dragging out the first Matrix film as a scapegoat after Columbine. No doubt Tarantino will get blamed the next time somebody goes nuckin' futs with a katana.
2003-12-05 03:42:18 PM  
Ok... WTF?!

Can't the judge be like "get that shiat outta here..."?
2003-12-05 03:42:28 PM  
"Remember, there is no poon."
-- The Gaytrix
2003-12-05 03:42:49 PM  
nuckin' futs is good.
2003-12-05 03:42:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-05 03:43:08 PM  
fark right off.. expert witness my ass.. more like expert asshat.
2003-12-05 03:43:30 PM  

nuckin' futs is good.

It's not original to me, unfortunately.
2003-12-05 03:44:26 PM  
I was brainwashed by Dr. Strangelove...

now all I need is a nuke and I am set...
2003-12-05 03:45:28 PM  
I thought it was Cherry, or are we talking about the Hale-Bopp people?
2003-12-05 03:46:30 PM  

That's OK - "good writers create, great writers steal"
2003-12-05 03:46:52 PM  
This is all part of the plan by Warner Brothers to make up for poor box office sales on the sequels. They convince the people that "If I see The Matrix, I can get away with ANYTHING!" So everyone goes and gets The Matrix.
2003-12-05 03:47:40 PM  

That's OK - "good writers create, great writers steal"

*looks at all the shiat he's ripped off when writing* Hey, I might have a shot at the Nobel literature prize after all. >^..^<
2003-12-05 03:47:42 PM  
I was brainwashed by the Blues Brothers...

Now I can't go anywhere in my car without half a pack of cigarettes.
2003-12-05 03:48:21 PM  
I was brainwashed by stongbad.

2003-12-05 03:49:10 PM  
As prophesied by the Boston Globe:​x_​defens e/

The Matrix defense
By Mark Schone, 11/9/2003

This week, accused D.C. sniper Lee Malvo may become the latest in a string of criminal defendants to plead not guilty by reason of "The Matrix"
2003-12-05 03:49:20 PM  
So now the matrix is to blame for everything.I'm sure the goths are happy to be off the hook.
2003-12-05 03:50:17 PM  
No ammo, GooberMcFly?
2003-12-05 03:51:29 PM  
If he thought he was Neo
You must set him free-o
2003-12-05 03:51:33 PM  
Of course, because no-one can take responsibility for their own actions anymore. Its always "society" or "media" thats at fault. This makes me sick.
2003-12-05 03:52:21 PM  
Have a cookie and you'll feel as right as rain.
2003-12-05 03:52:48 PM  
Personally, it sounds like a publicity stunt to counteract the tons of shiatty movie reviews with some good-ole-fashioned-urban-legend status.

/There is no good movie.
2003-12-05 03:53:18 PM  

So now the matrix is to blame for everything.I'm sure the goths are happy to be off the hook.

Last time I saw a happy Goth, she was getting her pussy licked in a corner of the Roseland Ballroom during a Sisters of Mercy concert.

Me, when I go postal with a sword (or something), I'm gonna blame Final Fantasy Tactics.
2003-12-05 03:53:21 PM  
OK, frootloop encourages foster-frootloop to identify with character in cool, albeit violent movie. Foster-frootloop does. Hilarity ensues.

How is this Unlikely.
2003-12-05 03:54:47 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

Uh, what kind of magazine is that? 2 round clip?

Someone who knows weigh in please.
2003-12-05 03:55:21 PM  
I guess there's no point in mentioning that at no point does Neo pick up a sniper rifle and pick off somebody.
2003-12-05 03:55:34 PM  
I know kung fu.
2003-12-05 03:56:01 PM  

OK, frootloop encourages foster-frootloop to identify with character in cool, albeit violent movie. Foster-frootloop does. Hilarity ensues.

How is this Unlikely.

Not up to speed on the dos and don'ts of tagging headlines, but Unlikely seems to imply that it's farking unlikely he'll get off for such a BS defense.
2003-12-05 03:56:32 PM  
The witness, who only would go by the name Morpheus when asked by reporters, was later arrested outside the courthouse today after offering red and blue pills to an undercover FBI agent. Special Agent Smith was credited with the arrest.
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