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(Forbes)   Waterworld, the best movie ever about Kevin Costner drinking his own pee, might get remade. Well, one of the best   ( divider line
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2012-11-28 07:47:26 AM  

Mega Steve: dittybopper: Ahh, but Waterworld doesn't have smegma crazies, or gay-boy berzerkers.

Or studded leather codpieces. Those are important if you're going to survive in a world gone mad

And mohawks. Don't forget the mohawks.

/Almost time for me to get one again.
2012-11-28 08:44:15 AM  

nelsonal: mechgreg: dittybopper: mechgreg: Theaetetus: That said, Road Warrior was a great movie, and so was Waterworld... but the budget for the former was $4.5m, while the budget for the latter was $175m, so without really adding something special, it was going to be overrated.

It is funny that back in 1995 the fact that waterworld had a budget of 175 million was a huge deal and was reported in pretty much reported everywhere. By comparison The Dark Knight Rises cost around $250 million, and that was hardly a story at all.

Inflation, how does it work?

$175 million in 1995 is like $255 million in 2011.

I get the inflation aspect, although I didn't realize would have increased prices that fast. Although what is more surprising is that a movie with a 175 million dollar budget in 1995 was a total anomaly that was almost a shock to people. But when you adjust that cost to the current values a movie that comes in at around 250 million is a lot more common and not really a surprise to anyone. I mean there were 6 movies with budgets over 200 million dollars in 2012 alone.

What's changed is big films have basically become long play ads for merchandising which is where the real money's been in Hollywood for a decade. $250 million is pocket change for a franchise film that will probably pull several billion in toys. In Waterworld's day budgets that large were exceedingly uncommon because the film basically had to make the money back from the box office and home video (thus it was very likely not to make close to the budget). Titanic wouldn't have covered Waterworld's budget (because theaters get most of the box take after 4-6 weeks in most cases).

Which is too bad because the megabudget movie based on a pre-existing franchise has pretty much killed the mid-range budget studio budget drama or thriller movies that are actually well written and acted. I mean now it seems that all you have are these huge budget franchise movies with built-in audiences and merchandise deals, or you have small budget independent movies. The 30 -60 million dollar budget studio produced drama with A-List actors that is targeted at adults (and might actually be R rated) has pretty much disappeared..
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