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2012-11-26 11:24:56 AM  
If they're old enough to crawl... they're old enough to carry a serving tray on their backs.
2012-11-26 12:16:46 PM  
Several advice books around the turn of the century advised that newborns be "well smeared" in lard, olive oil, or "fresh butter."

Go on.
2012-11-26 12:36:19 PM  

Cythraul: If they're old enough to crawl... they're old enough to carry a serving tray on their backs.

And before they can crawl, they make great pillow.
2012-11-26 05:23:43 PM  
Anything that ends "...and I turned out OK."

Cythraul: If they're old enough to crawl... they're old enough to carry a serving tray on their backs.

And mops on their hands and knees.

/ Best thing about our 2.5-y-o is she can now retrieve things for us, like remotes and beer
2012-11-26 07:54:45 PM  
That is some pretty bad advice, especially trying to toilet train newborns. Pretty sure that would be a drowning hazard.
2012-11-26 09:37:10 PM  
The 'solid food' ... debate? We had two kids ten years apart. When they were a month old, we put a small amount of cereal in their formula before they went to bed at night. Both children slept the entire night.

I can count on one hand the number of times the kids woke us up in the middle of the night - and it was never because they were hungry. If they started to wake up a little early, we'd slightly increase the cereal ratio. Use common sense, you don't want to plug them up.

Several friends and co-workers were upset - we used to get 'the lecture' pretty often, and yet their kids got them up once or twice almost every night. - the one couple in particular gave their child nothing but breast milk for months... and that kid was constantly at the doctors for one problem or another and was always - always - hungry; they were lucky to get two consecutive hours sleep. (This is the same couple that refused to vaccinate their kids and almost fainted when I gave our daughter a bite off a fresh strawberry when she was two. They were terrified of allergies, and considered the only responsible approach was to keep any possible 'culprits' away at all times.)

The only person who thought we were doing the right thing was our pediatrician - an old Polish lady who emigrated after the war. She said our children were in the 5% group - they were always in the correct weight range for their age. The rest of her patients: about 20% were always underweight (breastfeed only for months), and the remaining 75% were overweight - (parents who stuck a bottle in their mouth whenever the kid made a noise).

/ymmv - not claiming to be an 'expert', but we're happy with our choice.
//Had a friend in the service that had a child with bad colic, (wasn't giving him cereal or baby food - switched to non-dairy formula, and it helped, but not a lot). For the better part of two years, they climbed in the car every night and drove around until the baby fell asleep. Kid grew out of it... doesn't seem to be an allergy thing.
2012-11-26 10:14:05 PM  
So, do we have to pre-heat the oven, or is that just going to make them scream more?
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