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(Patch)   Black Friday takes on a whole new meaning as some shelters are offering their entire inventory of black felines for free to good homes, just in time for Caturday   ( divider line 968
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2012-11-24 09:43:16 AM
2012-11-24 09:44:46 AM  
I have to finish getting ready for work...see you all later tonight! Have fun!
2012-11-24 09:47:02 AM  

serialsuicidebomber: If only I had a python.......

Begone foul Troll. Go play in the politics thread. Your kind is welcome there.
2012-11-24 09:49:56 AM  
Woke up with a dreadful cold this morning. Now here I am at Mordor wishing I was anywhere else. Hope everyone else is having a great Caturday!
2012-11-24 09:50:50 AM

She depictured (just got pic from AnimRescueSite this AM, a Rescue Tale/Tail) is Miss Molly in Manchester NH. Guy she lived with for 5 yrs lost job, house & car all within a wk. Female friend/acq whose name's in the tale which I saved adopted MM, tho 2 cats already let her live with them. It's worked out well.
Can stand to re-work this; embiggen if it will & make type bolder. Timing, duh!
Our fave AlienDandelion commented that few were up when she arrived -- many E of Rocky Mtns had turned in by then.
Also for gremlin1, methinx, tale of 1200 lb gizzard fry a Today tale one must almost trip over to reach here.
Only linkie of the 9 not fetched was 10 Tips For Taking Gt Pet Fotos. Besides "have camera to hand 99% of time" (not what they said!), I'd add "ensure memory not full". Almost got good one of Stripe earlier, but didn't quite. Got "memory full" on next click try. Memory now nearly empty, as moved entire exposure contents to appropriate folder!
May now clean up leftover chow if any, let Ginger & little girls (Stripe & Jimmy's sisters) out til lunch.
2012-11-24 09:51:11 AM  

serialsuicidebomber: If only I had a python.......
2012-11-24 09:55:17 AM  

Mrs CDK: Let's not forget the beautiful Princess Missy. She's almost all black...
2012-11-24 09:58:28 AM  
It's cold and snowing out and the squirrels are driving Gremie crazy. The squirrels are running around the front yard and up the tree and Gremie is running from window to window trying to keep up with them. He's "garbling" as he runs from room to room. Jack is sitting on the couch staying out of the way.
2012-11-24 10:06:34 AM  

yellowcat: Josephine wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

[ image 500x279]">

We've been aware that the kittens could get on the kitchen counters, but the only food that is usually left out is fruit. I bought some really yummy rolls on Tuesday at Fresh Market, in a thin plastic bag, and left them out on the counter. I made what I hoped was my last trip to the grocery on my way home from work yesterday, only to find holes in the plastic bag and bites taken out of almost every roll. Bought a spray bottle -- they've gotten several sprays, but it's not really working. They kept getting on the dining table to check out the flowers. We've already decided that a tree is out of the question for Christmas - KITTENS!

It's not so bad.
2012-11-24 10:14:22 AM  

spinach gunk: AlienDandelion: hahahah!!!
ok...this is cute...I'd love to see
Spinach Gunk's Buddy do this!!! :3
/playing it without sound is better

LOL, cute! Buddy's nearly 12 though, I don't think his back could handle it. Wouldn't be nearly as funny if there were an assistive device involved.

Besides, as soon as he saw the cat, he'd bow in submission and just sit there waiting for it to biatch-slap him. :)

[ image 639x479]

that could be a picture of my cat. honestly.. identical!
2012-11-24 10:15:11 AM  

yobbery: We've already decided that a tree is out of the question for Christmas - KITTENS!
2012-11-24 10:20:44 AM  

AlienDandelion: was freakin cray cray! Vancouver totally partook of Black Friday
2012-11-24 10:22:06 AM  

AlienDandelion: yobbery: Happy Thanksgiving and Caturday!

What a cat who had too much turkey might look like. (although he didn't have his yet)
[ image 640x480]

Hahaha oh Agent B :3
I keep you guys know what breed him and Wolf are?
/Goldfish lies in wait...and attacks without notice..

All my cats are purebred rescue mutts. The best kind IMHO.

Another thanksgiving shot.
This is now Wolf's favorite spot. We put a towel down between our computers so he could have somewhere to crash while we were on the PCs. As you can see it's clearly not enough space.
2012-11-24 10:28:37 AM  
Kay is really excited about the birds that stopped by on their way south.

And this is what video game time looks like at the DoomsDayAardvark house

/seriously, every damn time
2012-11-24 10:33:47 AM  

AlienDandelion: ///anyone want to hire an alien?

Can you cross connect a switch port to a patch panel? If so I may have a job for you here.
I stuck my ass out for one of my employees this week. Corporate HR wanted him flat out terminated for dishonesty (I won't go into detail). The CIO and I spent several hours convincing them to let him off with a final warning.
Now I have an assload of paperwork waiting for me on Monday. If he says anything to me other than 'I'm sorry' and 'Thank You' on Monday morning I might just call backsies.
2012-11-24 10:35:14 AM  
Shama, one of the reasons we won't be having a Christmas tree this year......
2012-11-24 10:36:59 AM  

AlienDandelion: dambit...
all this talk of all this turkey and foods is making me want to gnaw on my pillow or something.
How deeee*#!)#*@&%!!~lightful I'm stuck fasting and prepping for 3 days before doing 2 straight days of specific hard-on-the-body tests :/

One day...
[ image 500x374]
[ image 500x375]

/is ok...I have no doubt I can get a laugh from here despite the new shiatstorm :)

When did Kay break away to go take out a horse?

/why doesn't anybody tell me anything?
2012-11-24 10:37:34 AM  

serialsuicidebomber: If only I had a python.......
2012-11-24 10:38:43 AM  


HE'S EATING!!! WooHoo!!!

[ image 640x480]

He's snacking on his Iams, he also ate about a third of a can of gushy food.

/stupid cat
//scared the crap outa me over the last few days
2012-11-24 10:38:48 AM  
This is Monkey, apparently he didn't want us reading the Caturday thread from last week so his fat butt scrolled it all the way to the end of the thread... 

He also says "Oh hai, Caturday!"
2012-11-24 10:40:43 AM  
Phineas, the other reason we won't be having a Christmas tree this would be certain disaster for the tree and my 50-year-old baubles......
2012-11-24 10:42:06 AM
2012-11-24 10:43:03 AM
2012-11-24 10:46:48 AM
2012-11-24 10:48:06 AM
2012-11-24 10:49:50 AM
2012-11-24 10:52:17 AM
2012-11-24 10:55:31 AM

Here's two of my black kitties.....Igor and Trouble
2012-11-24 11:06:48 AM  
A kitten for Caturday
2012-11-24 11:10:51 AM
2012-11-24 11:38:54 AM  
Because I Can, now type at ft of pg 7. Partly lucky this time, no permanent losses, just ills & ails which are quite bad enough.
AlienDandelion, fang q again for all the overnite stuff. Tho insomnia's not a blessing (cept one that gets blessed out, often profanely), it does result in SeeWorthy posts & pix. Esp got a hoot from linkied CatVDogFriend. Rabbit_Tongue w hedgehog also quite good.
spinach gunk, don't really know what to recommend for bronchitis, or coming-bronchitis. As in my chorus, there are surely enough RNs here to suggest tho of course not prescribe (only some nurse practitioners can do that).
CrankyAndi, regret the vet trip for Louie tho it sounds like it did Aid Abet & Assist. Re care of critters when hoo-mons are absent, we hire one of the experienced vet techs from the clinic we patronise & live near. She also feeds a feral colony near where she lives, which is furr-ther north. Also like The Hat on both Louie & Ellie.
NotSoNiceBunny, you may know the song G'ma Got Run Over By A Reindeer too well. Chorus has picked it up for our 2012 holiday show (free tix to control limited available seating). Hear in my head, ...Blue & silver candles Would've nicely matched the hair in G'ma's wig.
Preview, add & onward to pg 8! 
After a pic:
He Hoo hangs by heels from chandelier & posted this, titled it Did a double take when I saw this on Facebook. There's another really cute one in Virals as this is, not yet snatched.
2012-11-24 11:42:30 AM  

CrankyAndi: Been a rough Thanksgiving holiday for me.

I spent 3 hours at the emergency vet Wednesday night. I noticed that one of my cats, Louie, was again having problems peeing. I was getting ready for bed and said 'screw it, we are going now' so off we go to the emergency vet. It was a quiet night there. He peed in the crate on the way over so not blocked. They took a sample (that took a while, he didn't give it up easily) and found crystals and bacteria. He received a nice pain shot, more pain meds for at home and liquid antibiotics. Got home late and put him in the room with 2 of his brothers and I went to bed. I got up at 6 am (not very much sleep) and checked on him. I gave him more pain meds at 8 am or so and he went trippin'.

Sounds like Louie has Cooperitis...poor baby. Why do they alwys get sick when their normal vet isn't open?? Anyway, glad that he's feeling a little better.

And I've had the joy of giving hims his amitryptiline and antibiotics. He sees me coming and starts running.

CDK and I made a pact a long time ago that only one of us would ever medicate the cats. That way, they will only run from one of us.CDK drew the short straw. Poor CDK...because of all his blockages, he has medicated Cooper so many times now, that Cooper is always wary of him and runs from him more often than not, even when he is not on any medication :( . I don't Louie on any special food?

Cooper is getting sub-q's twice a week now in hopes that it keeps him hydrated and flushed out enough that he won't have to have that PU surgery. He says he doesn't wanna be a grl kitty. Thankfully, he doesn't mind getting the fluids. It's just shoving those nasty pills down his throat that he can't stand.

Give Louie some scritches for us and tell him to stop making those nasty crystals....

2012-11-24 11:43:35 AM">
2012-11-24 11:47:59 AM  
It's my cat Skittle and her first Caturday!
2012-11-24 11:56:51 AM  

phimuskapsi: It's my cat Skittle and her first Caturday!

[ image 850x637]

[ image 850x637]

[ image 850x637]

A real cutie
I labeled those photos
I'm Done
2012-11-24 11:57:55 AM  
Alien...Sorry you couldn't sleep last night but I enjoyed reading your posts this morning :o)

**Faust singing picture** That is also one of my favorite pics of Faust. I have many though...

**derpy Butter pics** Yes, Butter definitely has the derp and she knows it...hahaha

Good luck on the rest of your weekend tests. I hope you studied! ;-)
2012-11-24 12:01:38 PM  

MoronLessOff: Mrs CDK: Let's not forget the beautiful Princess Missy. She's almost all black...

[ image 600x450]

Haha...lajimi's Princess does have acute
2012-11-24 12:01:58 PM  

Don't need to buy a tree just decorate the cat
2012-11-24 12:03:18 PM
2012-11-24 12:03:58 PM
2012-11-24 12:04:42 PM
2012-11-24 12:04:49 PM  

AlienDandelion: I just read about the huge 100 car pile up down in Texas...
I hope our Family Members down there are ok and were not in that accident...
[ image 400x301]

/oh...and happy Thanksgiving to all you in the US

Thank you love! So good to see you- especially so early in a Caturday thread!
Much love to all- hope everyone has a great Caturday. Stay warm! It's getting chilly out there.
2012-11-24 12:05:55 PM
2012-11-24 12:07:33 PM  

DoomsDayAardvark: And this is what video game time looks like at the DoomsDayAardvark house

LOL..Racer does the same thing to CDK...or just plops her butt down on the desk right in front of the monitor...
2012-11-24 12:29:56 PM  

gremlin1: phimuskapsi: It's my cat Skittle and her first Caturday!

[ image 850x637]

[ image 850x637]

[ image 850x637]

A real cutie
I labeled those photos
I'm Done

Thanks! She likes to watch me on the computer too
2012-11-24 12:33:27 PM  
My cats have always been black; all this time I thought I was hogging them.
2012-11-24 12:40:22 PM  
Happy Caturday everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and that much turkey was shared with our furry overlords! (Fozzie got some, but the kitties weren't around at clean up, so they have not, yet.)

A couple of weeks ago, we had an unexpected visitor show up at the DV Shelter where I spend my Tuesday nights and Saturdays. Being that we are a safe house, and nobody is supposed to know where we are, and anybody who shows up will likely be taken away with the help of the County's finest, it's been quite a surprise that this guest has lingered! It may be because she's so freakin' cute and cuddly and the residents just adore her...

There are no furkids allowed in the house, so she's been staying outside, but several of the staff, along with some of the residents, have fixed up a nice, cozy house for her. She gets fed and adored, so she's stuck around. One of my co-workers here works with Voices for Animals and has contacted the local no-kill shelter and will be taking her in to (a) see if she's been reported lost - she's young, likely just about a year and very friendly and (b) if not, have her spayed and get her vaccinated. The residents here love having a kitty, but there's no structure to what she gets fed and this morning I dumped turkey bones out of an otherwise empty food bowl! I already had to ask one well-meaning caretaker to please not give her evaporated milk! Anyway - if she's truly a stray and she turns out negative for all the nasty contagious things that I don't want shared with my crew, I may just end up with a new kitty! There are a couple of other people here who are interested - they maintain that she'd be happier as an indoor / outdoor kitty and while that may be, it is just not possible in my neighborhood, so she may end up going with one of them for that reason.
2012-11-24 12:44:57 PM
2012-11-24 12:45:01 PM  
Theo was sunbathing when Zara plopped down and he decided she needed her face washed.
2012-11-24 12:45:44 PM
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