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(Yahoo)   Ever wondered what would happen if we released 42,000 cubic feet of water per second into the Grand Canyon? Well, wonder no more (with pics)   ( divider line
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2012-11-21 10:32:58 AM  
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guilt by association: This is too much Wharrgarbl...

[ image 850x560]
2012-11-21 10:05:27 AM  
5 votes:
2012-11-21 10:43:34 AM  
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guilt by association: This is too much Wharrgarbl...

[ image 850x560]
2012-11-21 04:19:07 PM  
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ZAZ: The floods, or "high-flows," are an effort to restore the river's natural environment for both tourists and wildlife in the Grand Canyon.

Will any of that water (be allowed to) reach the ocean?

I'm with the "blow up some dams" crowd.

Yes, what we really need in this age of rising sea levels is to let more water flow into the ocean. It's not enough for you to deny global warming, you have to exacerbate its harmful effects?
2012-11-21 02:07:30 PM  
1 vote:
When did Rob Lowe start doing the news in drag?
2012-11-21 11:02:33 AM  
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the first step in an ongoing experiment to rebuild beaches and fish habitat in the iconic Grand Canyon.

"iconic"? Was it really important to add that horribly overused adjective?

"These high-flow releases, a new paradigm in water management, recognize that there are hugely beneficial impacts to river ecology from releasing the requisite water needed downstream in large pulses, rather than uniformly throughout the year," said U.S. Geological Survey Director Marcia McNutt.

...who has a degree in buzzword.

2012-11-21 11:01:55 AM  
1 vote:
Why do things from Yahoo take so long to load?
2012-11-21 10:53:16 AM  
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A Shambling Mound: TigerCatBrandon: Is it really the Grand Canyon anymore if it's a .... river?

I am not entirely sure what sort of response would be appropriate here.

Ponzholio: UberDave: Dead for Tax Reasons: 42000 cfs doesn't seem too bad for the colorado river, but I may be mistaken

Surely you're mistaken.

Would it sound better saying 18.8-million gallons per minute?

Yes but how many Empire State buildings is that?

It's one Rhode Island of Empire State Buildings
2012-11-21 10:46:03 AM  
1 vote:

Dead for Tax Reasons: 42000 cfs doesn't seem too bad for the colorado river, but I may be mistaken

You're kidding right? That is over 1,189,307,560,000,000,000 cubic angstroms per femtosecond!
2012-11-21 10:24:09 AM  
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MoreThenALittleJittery: Rainbow trout are not native, the native species are things like chub and various types of minnows. They don't survive well in the cold water released from the bottom of the damn, so I'm not sure how much this will really help them....

Strange, cold water doesn't help my chub either.
2012-11-21 09:57:16 AM  
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2012-11-21 09:38:35 AM  
1 vote:
Don't call him Shirley!
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