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(Deadline)   Breaking Dawn 2 takes the weekend box office with $137 million, holding Skyfall and Lincoln at bay in the 2 and 3 spots. But we can all rest easier knowing the reign of sparkly vampires is, blessedly, over   ( ) divider line
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2012-11-18 08:51:36 PM  
A thread discussing Lincoln, slavery, secession, SPECTRE, James Bond and Partrick Stewart as Blofeld all at once. Nice.
2012-11-18 09:14:19 PM  

Tyrone Slothrop: T-Servo: Oh, has Spoony done another drunken rant about Breaking Dawn? I know Mrs Servo is going to force me to watch it, and he really helped me come down from the trauma last year. 

/link worth watching in case you missed it


Cheers, mate.
2012-11-18 10:39:19 PM  

Hollie Maea: I Like Bread: Sounds like Lincoln got killed at the theater...

Obvious joke aside, it actually did very well. This isn't the type of movie that has a huge first weekend that accounts for 45% of its gross. It will most likely stay in the theaters through the entire awards season, and the 20 million it opened with was actually about twice as was expected.

This. Twilight and Skyfall are kind of "one and done" movies, something for the kids to check out over Thanksgiving break. Lincoln will probably do like Flight and Argo, in that good word of mouth will keep it in the top 5 for at least a month.

Plus, it only cost $65 million, which seems pretty cheap for a Spielberg movie with A-list actors.
2012-11-18 11:10:42 PM  

Pappas: I guess I really am the only person who didn't love Skyfall.

Too many throwaway characters (including the bond girl and the caretaker), the story wasn't all that exciting, the fan service throwback was done ham-handedly, and there wasn't a surprising event in the whole damn movie. It was OK... many parts enjoyable... but I wouldn't put it much about Quantum.

You're not the only one. I thought it was bland as hell, much like it's theme song.
2012-11-19 12:21:11 AM  

Pauly Math: Lincoln has done pretty well so far in the theaters, which historically has not been the case.

/so, so sorry

Is that you, George?
2012-11-19 01:08:56 AM  
Its hard to beat Nostalgia Critics rant on Bella.

2012-11-19 11:20:50 AM  

Twilight Farkle: firegoat: SockMonkeyHolocaust: The Lincoln movie looks terrible. The trailer they cut for it is so bad, I kept expecting to see a scene with Lincoln wearing sunglasses, holding a pump shotgun and saying, "Let's go emancipate some slaves."

I would go see that movie.

FDR: American Badass! came out last month. Barry Bostwick (yes, "Brad" from RHPS) plays Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who, from his wheelchair-of-death, deals out WW2-style justice upon the Nazi werewolves who gave him polio. It is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

Ehhhhhh, not really. It's trying to hard to be "so bad it's good".

Way too many sex jokes in there too, did a 13-year old boy write the script?

Did it have some epic parts? Yes, but it didn't make up for the rest of the film.

/It was pretty epic that Kevin Sorbo played Abe Lincoln
2012-11-19 11:30:36 AM  
Got dragged to Breaking Dawn last night. Holy crap what a piece of shiat. Granted I only saw a couple other ones (through Rifftrax) so I wasn't as invested as the sobbing Twihards in the audience but the whole thing was just exposition leading up to a 10 minute battle sequence and even the battle sequence was boring. I want to punch this movie in the throat.
2012-11-19 02:48:44 PM  
Made the mistake of going to Home Depot around 6pm Saturday night that's right next to a 16 screen megaplex. Traffic was hell and parking had overflowed into the HD lot. Plus I about hit a pack of teenage kids running between cars as they headed towards two jam packed fast food restaurants.

/Get off my lawn
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