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3496 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Nov 2001 at 8:36 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-21 08:47:02 AM  
Farker reads article, gets bored, falls asleep.
2001-11-21 08:47:33 AM  
Headline "Pig gets pickled"
2001-11-21 08:50:13 AM  
I think it's cool a cop knew this guy retired and still gave him a ticket. I could see how in most cases a fellow cop would just say "Oh hi Mort! You just go right on ahead today is your day, buddy!" and then a schoolbus full of grade schoolers gets blasted. Glad someone knew their job.
2001-11-21 08:55:20 AM  

most of the people I grew up with who became cops were drunken bullies. They're mostly full of shiat, but every time they talk about being a cop its "We busted some heads *heh* *heh* *heh*".
2001-11-21 08:55:36 AM  
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most of the people I grew up with who became cops were drunken bullies. They're mostly full of shiat, but every time they talk about being a cop its "We busted some heads *heh* *heh* *heh*".
2001-11-21 08:57:10 AM  
Talk about DRUNK !
I'm assuming the guy was in Cleveland the day before and he gets a D.U.I. in Mississippi.
What the hell is that about?
2001-11-21 08:57:39 AM  
Having a career as a cop: price, 30 years
Retiring from a long career: price, cut in pay
Packing up and moving to Mississippi: price, $2000
Cop gets busted for DUI the day after he retires: priceless
2001-11-21 08:59:58 AM  
what a farking dolt, there better be several p-shops to fill the time on a slow pre-holiday day

2001-11-21 09:01:05 AM  
<starts stopwatch, waits for knee-jerk cop bashing to begin>
2001-11-21 09:01:54 AM  
the article only said he was detained.
would be interested to see if he was actually charged.
mmmmm donuts.
2001-11-21 09:02:31 AM  
I don't think he is stupid because of anything related to being a cop, that whole DUI thing is dumb enough...being a retired cop just puts him into the should have known better category. Although most people should know better

2001-11-21 09:04:15 AM  
*grabs stopwatch*
Hey! thats MY stopwatch!!!
*calls cops*
2001-11-21 09:12:50 AM  
Being a cop for 30 years? yea, I would be celebrating too. That is like having a bug up your ass and finally getting it free. I hope it turns out OK for him.
2001-11-21 09:19:02 AM  
he should have just gotten some crack and a hooker and gone to the Motel 6, what was he thinking!

2001-11-21 09:22:23 AM  
*drunk cop careens through wall, arrests Flakeloaf, pukes, passes out*
2001-11-21 09:26:21 AM  
Most cops are cool, but there's always a Tackleberry lurking.

Hey, what do you call a mall security cop? A Bac-O!

Heh, they love that.
2001-11-21 09:30:06 AM  
THATS THE BEST LAUGH I HAVE HAD is so cool to see an arshole that has given out so many DUI tickets in his career finally get one dog has its day...hahahaha
2001-11-21 09:30:35 AM  
Glad I leanred not to feed the trolls. Onto the real conversation. Thanks Rabbito.
2001-11-21 09:37:26 AM  
I wonder how many old fermented jelly doughnuts one
would have to eat before he got drunk?

Maybe he was dunkin' his doughnuts in beer!
2001-11-21 09:44:36 AM  
No doubt he sprung for a few too many "Polygamy Porters" on his final night as a police officer.
2001-11-21 09:47:52 AM  
Oh you's an ex-cop eh? Well down here in "sippi" you ain't bove the law boy. Book that Yankee!
2001-11-21 09:48:32 AM  

Someone once told me that someone down in Millersburg OH (where cops tend to stop you when you go through there at 2 am) tied some corn cobs to his back bumper. When he got stopped, the cop asked him what he had the cobs on there for. The guy's reply: "I was trolling for pigs!"
2001-11-21 09:50:28 AM  
Slayerswine: Cleveland MISSISSIPPI, of course.
2001-11-21 10:11:25 AM  
How cool would that be for a band name? "Pope Floyd"

On the other hand, farking pig.
2001-11-21 10:28:33 AM  
Been away for a couple of weeks. What is this "Polygamy Porter" of which I am reading so much?? (it even turned up in a dream the other night...)
2001-11-21 10:29:44 AM  
The cop who gave him the ticket deserves a promotion. I know the cops in my town run around sh!tfaced with total immunity
2001-11-21 10:33:15 AM  
***UNRELATED RANT*** personally I think that it should be a rule that we each get to shoot and kill 3 people in our lives. The only cathc would be that they would have to be doing something..

a) Really stupid that is about to cause harm to others
b) Like driving a Rice Burner down my street at 1 AM

I think you get the point

2001-11-21 10:41:53 AM  
oh yes I forgot..

c) If you see someone shoot someone else for no good reason.

It would be like hunting tags, you have to turn one in when you cap someone to make it all legal like

2001-11-21 11:14:14 AM  
In the voice of that bad/bully kid in the Simpsons: Ha ha!
2001-11-21 12:32:46 PM  
Goatman264 : Nelson is his name
2001-11-21 01:28:24 PM  
"he should have just gotten some crack and a hooker and gone to the Motel 6, what was he thinking!"

Rabb, That's only something that stupid mayors in Washington DC do. Remember that jackass Marion Barry? The idiots there actually re-elected the guy after his crack-whore fiasco. I guess the constituents could really identify with him.
2001-11-21 03:50:47 PM  
That Mississippi State Trooper has got a pair. Isn't this where the ol' boys club got started?
2001-11-21 04:41:14 PM  
My mom knows practically every MS state trooper in the state. She used to work for the MS highway patrol as a secretary.
2001-11-22 12:51:36 AM  
My dad was buddies with most of the Ferndale MI police force. One time he was pulled over for doing 70 in a 35 zone and the cop said "Now Bob, you know better than that!" and let him go. His knowing cops has spared him lots of tickets!
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