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(ESPN)   Owner that builds his team to win headlines rather than games is surprised his team isn't in the hunt   ( divider line
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2012-11-16 04:53:27 PM  

roc6783: seumasokelly: New rule - anything that happened over 20 years ago can no longer be used to disparage or defend your chosen team.

Notable exceptions to this rule include:

Scott Norwood
Leon Lett (soon to be 20 years ago)
The Super Bowl Shuffle
The last time the Dolphins did anything good (c'mon, they need this one)
The Steelers first four championships (because no matter how long has passed, Steelers fans will bring these up anyway)

/Events to be added as warranted

I hope this pic pisses you off 13 times. Scoreboard in da howzzzze. 

[ image 608x457]

That picture just made me laugh at Cleveland.
2012-11-16 05:12:30 PM  

redmid17: roc6783: seumasokelly: ***snip***

That picture just made me laugh at Cleveland.

Hell, who needs a pic to do that?
2012-11-16 05:16:08 PM  

roc6783: redmid17: roc6783: seumasokelly: ***snip***

That picture just made me laugh at Cleveland.

Hell, who needs a pic to do that?

Sometimes I need to be reminded that Cleveland exists
2012-11-16 05:43:08 PM  

seumasokelly: Having watched every Seahawks game this season in it's entirety, I can say without a doubt that the Jets were the worst team they've played. At least in that game, the Jets were the worst. Aside from one blown coverage on a drive that ended in the worst INT I've seen this year, Sanchez was completely useless out there. He was the 4th best QB in the game behind a rookie, a WR and Tim Tebow.

Oh just wait, the Dolphins are coming. They managed 3 points against Tennesee, and 7 against Buffalo. Sure, they've got a stiffer defense, but all you have to do is manage to score more than 7 points and watch the fail.

/still tired from watching every minute of that clusterfark last night
2012-11-16 05:48:00 PM  

digistil: karasoth: They were buying him as a threat to sanchez

Tebow is about as big of a threat to Sanchez's job as Revis.

Well they also ruined that strategy by then giving sanchez 8 million

its stupid
2012-11-16 05:52:18 PM  

UNC_Samurai: karasoth: Representative of the unwashed masses: Seriously? it's not even lunch time here and we are already 2/3 the way to a Tebow trifecta? He's a backup QB, a BAD backup at that. And he gets Favrian levels of coverage?


He was not a bad back up in Denver

(he wasn't great but he wasn't bad)

And he's not even that big a part of this story. The story is "this team is putrid". The locker room is a toxic waste dump, and there is maybe one player on the roster that could be argued as a potential Hall of Famer (and he's out for the rest of the year). They lack talent and chemistry. This was a team that went to consecutive conference championships, and has deteriorated into an absolute trainwreck. If Woody wants to show any proof he's interesting in winning, he's got to get rid of a large swath of that roster, the coach that established the culture in that locker room, the GM that put together that roster.

Very much this

I am a fan of Rex Ryan: But what worked for Rex in his first three seasons has been circling the terlet by this point.

You want the team to be better you need a better head coach.

The General Manager has not picked up any players of character (except Tebow) of late and not all that many players with talent. He has to go if they want the team to get better

Sanchez is a bust. Who knew Josh Freeman was at a MINIMUM the second best QB in his draft class
2012-11-16 06:12:42 PM  
I'm getting this vibe like Tebow has gone on to become irrelevant, unlike most other Heisman winners in the NFL.
2012-11-16 06:14:09 PM  

Mutt Farkinov: I'm getting this vibe like Tebow has gone on to become irrelevant, unlike most other Heisman winners in the NFL.

Well reggie is kind of relevant only now
2012-11-16 07:19:59 PM  

Geeves00: Jerry Jones?

*checks link*

Wow, not this time

Jerry doesn't build his team to win headlines, he builds his team to win football games. He's just a really, really bad GM, and overvalues the wrong positions.

Jerry doesn't understand that the most generic, replaceable guys on a modern NFL team are the RBs and WRs, while you need to lock down your O-line. For one example, he found a good RT in Doug Free, decided to try him out at LT (where Free struggled), and then moved him back to RT this year, where Free then struggled for the first part of the year because he was completely in his own head.

//I'm stuck in Cowboys country, I see these things.
2012-11-16 07:50:43 PM  
FTFA: "Maybe it's easy to say, 'That's what they should do.' Well, that's fine. To me, I've never been a person like that. I believe guys have the right, covered by whatever amendment that is."

That was uttered by Jets owner Woody Johnson. He is a college graduate, a member of an influential foreign-policy think-tank, and CEO of a successful investment firm, and he didn't know what constitutional amendment provides for the right to free speech.

Kids, there is no better evidence that the power structure that will govern your future is completely meaningless. Education, wealth....meaningless. Learn survival skills useful in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, because if beacons of society such as the owner of a team in the most successful business in the history of Earth can succeed lacking basic awareness of civics, you have no chance. Make your time.
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