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(Denver Channel)   It didn't take long after voters approved legalization of pot in Colorado for journalists to start cranking out stories about the scourge of marijuana addiction   ( ) divider line
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2012-11-16 08:07:43 PM  

YouSirAreAMaroon: Dedmon

YouSirAreAMaroon: Dedmon: Oznog: AeAe: violentsalvation: "When I heard the results of the election I did cry," said Alicia Brown, a former marijuana addict who has been clean for 17 years.

ha ha hahahaha, whatever.

Yessss.. because she had an addiction problem, that means everyone else will as well so it's best to keep it illegal and arrest anyone that uses it.

Wait... can you really claim to have been an "addict" if you did it and gave it up for 17 years?

Bit of a logical paradox there. An addict CAN'T quit, which is a very simplistic definition of addiction. If you did it and quit, were you ever an addict??

Um, Nicotine patches helped me quit my smoking not-addiction.

Wow, you were able to kick your nicotine addiction by replacing the nicotine you were using with nicotine?

Thanks for the tip.

You are kidding, right? You aren't so stupid as to miss the entire point of my statement, are you?

Here, I'll explain it in terms that a 5 year old can understand.

I smoked 1 pack of cigs every single day for 5 years. I tried to stop a lot of times.
I could not stop smoking.

I used patches until I was able to stop.

I have stopped using patches.

I have not smoked sense, and have no desire to at all. I have not used patches sense, and have no desire to at all.

Is there anything else I"ve missed out, that maybe you can nitpick? I was referring to an earlier statement that if you can quit smoking weed, then you were never addicted. I was anecdotally pointing out that I was very much indeed addicted to tobacco, but am no longer, due to the aid of nicotene patches and a lot of willpower.
2012-11-16 09:10:32 PM  

Dedmon: I have not smoked sense,

You should try the sense, I hear it's good
2012-11-16 10:59:10 PM  

lewismarktwo: orbister: lewismarktwo:
Which has nothing to do with cannabis itself and everything to do with draconian laws and money grubbing insurance companies. /but you knew that already

Unless, of course, the drug affected his reactions or thinking and led to the shock (he can't have been electrocuted, can he?). Suppose the PP had written

I have a friend that was a regular drinker. A few months ago he was on the job and got electrocuted, the tested him and he popped positive for alcohol. Fired on the spot and lost a $1,800/wk job, couldn't make payments on his car so he drove it till they found him and repossessed it. No money to pay the bills either so now him, his wife and 2 children live in the inlaws' basement.

would you be saying "It's all a conspiracy by insurance companies" or would you be saying "Dude probably shouldn't have tried do electrical work while drunk"?

They don't know if he was high or not. They don't care if he was high or not. They only care that they don't have to pay out because he tested positive for THC metabolites. It doesn't take a conspiracy, it's just a legal excuse they use to renig on their obligation and raise rates.

The shiatty part is that alcohol is water soluble so it comes out in breath vapor and urine, whereas THC is fat soluble so it'll bind itself with cellulose. Tends to exist in the body much longer than it has an effect.
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