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(BBC)   Eleven Jinping becomes new leader of China   ( divider line
    More: News, Central Committee, party discipline, Premier Wen Jiabao, political life, Tianjin, Hu Jintao, social reform  
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2012-11-14 11:41:13 PM  
Nicely done, sir. Or ma'am. +1
2012-11-15 07:08:05 AM  
ni hao, subby!
2012-11-15 07:09:59 AM  
What about Hu?
2012-11-15 07:12:34 AM  

thisispete: What about Hu?

First base
2012-11-15 07:15:17 AM  
So, now China's leadership goes up to 11?
2012-11-15 07:20:12 AM  
Goddammit, Subz.
2012-11-15 07:22:12 AM  
2012-11-15 07:23:17 AM  
"Seen as having a zero-tolerance attitude towards corrupt officials"

Good luck with that.
2012-11-15 07:23:45 AM  
i0.kym-cdn.comView Full Size
2012-11-15 07:24:36 AM  
Last communist leader?
2012-11-15 07:24:58 AM  

To me, that's his name now. Forever.
2012-11-15 07:26:42 AM  
2012-11-15 07:27:05 AM  
Jinping Jiminy!
2012-11-15 07:30:30 AM  
China, not Rome.

2012-11-15 07:30:34 AM  
2012-11-15 07:30:46 AM  
No erection?
2012-11-15 07:31:27 AM  
cache.ohinternet.comView Full Size

Nice subby. I narrow my eyes at you.
2012-11-15 07:32:05 AM  
I voted for Seven of Nine.
2012-11-15 07:34:46 AM  
cdn.crushable.comView Full Size
2012-11-15 07:39:00 AM  
When's Wen leaving?
2012-11-15 07:42:03 AM  
That's what Xi said.
2012-11-15 07:43:45 AM  
cache.gawker.comView Full Size

Subby didn't post that
2012-11-15 07:43:58 AM  
Let's just hope he can do better job than Kim Jong the Second did in N. Korea.
2012-11-15 07:49:10 AM  
This 12 days of Christmas shiat is getting out of control.
2012-11-15 07:56:16 AM  

BigLuca: This 12 days of Christmas shiat is getting out of control.

It's not even black friday yet! almost makes you want to start a gang of four...
2012-11-15 08:05:09 AM  
His real name is Vii Xi Jinping.
2012-11-15 08:05:44 AM  

pag1107: When's Wen leaving?

No, Hu leaves first. Wen leaves second. Hi Dong Nao leaves third.
2012-11-15 08:08:40 AM  
2012-11-15 08:09:51 AM  
The new Kingpin?
2012-11-15 08:17:42 AM  
Ha ha...props subby
2012-11-15 08:23:14 AM  

GopherGuts: +11

To me, that's his name now. Forever.

2012-11-15 08:31:15 AM  

jagstang: Let's just hope he can do better job than Kim Jong the Second did in N. Korea.

I remember some info-babe (I think it was either CNBC or HNN) actually calling him that name once.
2012-11-15 08:33:57 AM  
I thought there were only 8 Cylon models.
2012-11-15 08:38:47 AM  
"The people's desire for a better life is what we shall fight for"

In other news, jobs will now be moving to a country which does not have all this hippie talk of a better life.
2012-11-15 08:44:27 AM  

Dadoody: [ image 340x409]

Subby didn't post that

That appears to be Emperor Akihito of Japan.
2012-11-15 08:47:08 AM  

Subby play joke.
2012-11-15 08:52:03 AM  
You gotta admit, a ping of eleven is pretty sweet.
2012-11-15 08:55:30 AM  
static.tvfanatic.comView Full Size

Can we get 13 instead?
2012-11-15 09:08:54 AM  
Well played, subby.
2012-11-15 09:11:02 AM  
I just happen to live in Beijing, and I am definitely going to use that.

/I'll copy it, badly
//Give no credit
///Pay no royalties
2012-11-15 09:22:21 AM  
A pity this elevator doesn't understand me when I try to say the new leader's name.
2012-11-15 09:22:44 AM  
He seems solid, only the best aspiring world leaders have "reagan hair"....

i1.wp.comView Full Size
2012-11-15 09:23:03 AM  
With regards to the asian name, I wonder whether China would get a leader with a western name, like "Bill" or "Mike" before the US gets an asian president, with or without an asian-sounding first name. It took a long time before the US was comfortable with an asian basketball player (Jeremy Lin), and the US is still clearly uncomfortable with a (half-)black president. I don't know when an asian president would be possible. Maybe in about 24 years.
2012-11-15 09:25:27 AM  
nuthousepunks.comView Full Size

2012-11-15 09:33:14 AM  

stickandmove: [ image 300x168]


I didn't get it until I saw this post.

/Try no to suck any Jinping in the parking lot
2012-11-15 09:37:53 AM  
Love it. I lol'd.
2012-11-15 09:38:35 AM  
I xi what you did there.
2012-11-15 09:42:19 AM  
Great, now I have "Eighteen Wheels on a Big Rig" stuck in my head. Thanks Heywood Banks.
2012-11-15 09:44:57 AM  
A shame the people of China didn't get a say......

/Tibetan says sizzle
2012-11-15 09:49:15 AM  
Me rove headrine rong time
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