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(AZ Family)   "There are times when you get old like this, you feel like you've lived too damn long" Man arrested for helping wife die in mercy killing   ( divider line
    More: Sad, euthanasias, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, first call, MCSO, 3TV  
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2012-11-15 10:08:49 AM  

PapaChester: [ image 700x546]

Best Voyager ever.

Well, Think Tank was pretty good too.

Not the Star Trek episode I was expecting to be referenced. Full Size

Half a Life is definitely in my top 5 (maybe 3) TNG episodes and probably the first time I didn't abhor Lwaxana. Majel Barrett was brilliant in this episode.

/ Love TNG
// And Voyager
// Tearing up thinking about this. :(
2012-11-15 04:15:40 PM  
Fizpez: Broktun: Narcotics, sleeping pills, and alcohol.

Morphine, diazepam and whiskey will work.

Yep, I plan on squirreling away a couple dozen vicodin as I get older - the rest can be gotten at any time,

I hope I die peacefully in my sleep but if me or my wife is just plain old suffering at the end I don't think most people will judge too harshly.

Even one bottle of tylenol is enough to do the trick, but it takes 3 or 4 days.


Tylenol and other OTC meds are the wrong way to do it altogether. 9 times out of 10 it hurts so much that you go to the hospital and they pump your stomach and then determine that your kidneys or liver are shot and you aren't a donor candidate because you did it to yourself (even if you are a 12 year old girl, seriously). So you end up with a 6-12 month sentence of lingering pain until you finally die. OTC meds are NEVER the way to go.
2012-11-17 10:08:27 AM  

SpaceyCat: My last stay in the hospital, my next door neighbor was an old Portuguese woman in her 90s. The nurses were having to fight her to give her the medication prescribed. She wanted to died. Didn't speak English. The nurses didn't speak Portuguese. Her family had power of attorney and all the decision making power and they said she needed to live - even though she was suffering. It's disgusting.

In a way, I'm glad I'm a type 1 diabetic - over dose on insulin and take some sleeping pills. My brain will be dead before they find me.

All the more goddamn reason to have an Advanced Directive for Care, and have it designated to be executed by someone you trust.
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