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(Short List)   Scientists finally discover why Mario had so much energy   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, italian cities, cocaine  
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14488 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Nov 2012 at 3:10 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-11-12 11:24:36 AM  
I have an alternative theory
2012-11-12 12:02:21 PM  
FTA: "In the rankings, Palermo had the lowest amount while Turin had the highest. "

Dope fumes hang over Turin like a shroud.
2012-11-12 03:12:11 PM  
This is a repeat from a few weeks ago.
2012-11-12 03:12:11 PM
It was the turtle soup.
2012-11-12 03:13:18 PM  
This is a repeat from a few weeks ago.
2012-11-12 03:13:55 PM  
2012-11-12 03:17:25 PM  

I never say this but, done in one.
2012-11-12 03:17:30 PM  
before this gets axed as a repeat, holy shiat:

like, advertisements are pron. Not that I'm complaining.
2012-11-12 03:21:32 PM  
2012-11-12 03:26:12 PM  

Hagbardr: Shrooms?

2012-11-12 03:30:36 PM  
More likely reason:
2012-11-12 03:32:26 PM  
in before the "this is a repeat" crowd...
2012-11-12 03:33:07 PM  

The Stealth Hippopotamus: I have an alternative theory
[ image 600x900]

2012-11-12 03:50:42 PM  
its only a repeat if you read it before
2012-11-12 03:52:00 PM 

/ not really relevant.
2012-11-12 03:53:43 PM  
I figured he just huffed a lot of drain cleaner and ate a lot of shrooms....
2012-11-12 03:53:46 PM
2012-11-12 03:54:42 PM  
Look at the princesses he gets to be around and tell me you wouldn't be full of energy.

Midna not applicable, for Mario anyway.

Steamier version (NSFW)
2012-11-12 04:43:09 PM  

pute kisses like a man: [ image 600x308] 

/ not really relevant.

I like murdering people with rainbows and I really want to start a collection of shoulder pets,dat owl.
/Somewhat relevant.
2012-11-12 05:07:07 PM  
If Mario was on coke, he would have nailed that Princess.
2012-11-12 05:10:27 PM  

kaseyfarksdaladies: If Mario was on coke, he would have nailed that Princess.

2012-11-12 06:58:33 PM  
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