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(Daily Mail)   Study: One in three women feel depressed after making love   ( divider line
    More: Sad, performance problems, Living in a Bubble, Canterbury, Queensland Institute of Technology  
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2012-11-10 07:30:59 PM  
4 votes:
Well, stop banging douchebags.
2012-11-10 07:20:15 PM  
4 votes:
Give then a bag of gold, and they'll biatch about the bag.
2012-11-10 06:47:25 PM  
3 votes:
How many were depressed before making love? Or during?
2012-11-10 08:45:55 PM  
2 votes:
FTA: "This next study will hopefully help people who experience post-coital dysphoria [as the condition is known] realise that they are not alone.'

Well, if they were alone, it wouldn't be coitus, now would it?
2012-11-10 07:23:54 PM  
2 votes:
If you, after sex, don't feel that you're the most sick-minded pervert on the face of the planet and you should face damnation for even thinking about, much less doing, much less enjoying doing what you have just done, then I feel sorry for your miserably boring sex life.
2012-11-10 07:22:53 PM  
2 votes:
Look, ladies, I'm sorry I didn't call you again, but there's only so many hours in a day. Plus, to be honest, you weren't that good.
2012-11-10 07:20:43 PM  
2 votes:
Ladies, try to avoid boffing self-absorbed, goateed douchebags and see what that does for your self-esteem.
2012-11-10 06:22:14 PM  
2 votes:
Turn that frown upside down, jizzbucket.
2012-11-11 12:20:02 PM  
1 vote:
Is this part of a fill_in_the_blank quiz?...

_ When girls get the big O, girls fall asleep right after sex.
(hint: just like guys do)
_ So, those 33 girls out of 100 are depressed & awake because they didn't have an ________.

/and they mean a -real- O, not the pre-orgasmic tremors that some guys think are orgasms.
//her skin gets pinker & sweatier, her n's are up & dark, she closes her eyes, moves a lot, makes noise, etc.
///but biggest sign it wasn't a real O?... if she wants to chat after sex
2012-11-11 11:22:56 AM  
1 vote:
No one seems to have picked up on the detail that this was an Australian study.

I'm personally claiming credit for this!
2012-11-11 02:42:48 AM  
1 vote:

Marcus Aurelius: After meeting their husbands, I can see why.

From the Wikipedia article about Florynce Kennedy, probably best-known nowadays for her famous abortion quote ("If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament."):

Kennedy traveled the lecture circuit with writer Gloria Steinem. If a man asked the pair if they were lesbians - a stereotype of feminists at the time - Kennedy would quote Ti-Grace Atkinson and answer, "Are you my alternative?"
2012-11-11 02:14:49 AM  
1 vote:
"The tremendous anticipation of sexual love and the shame in this anticipation spoil any sense of perspective in women from the start." - Nietzsche.

So in other words, one in three women suffer from religious parents who've drilled it into their heads that they're supposed to feel bad about enjoying sex.

Suggested therapy: Find a copy of said religious text, tear it into shreds, and have the kinkiest sex imaginable on top of it until you get your priorities straight. Then tell any male who calls you a slut to go screw himself because no else is going to.
2012-11-11 12:51:30 AM  
1 vote:
I'm thinking their partners aren't getting the job done.
2012-11-11 12:48:00 AM  
1 vote:

zamboni: That's cute that they think we care.

That's cute that you think that's funny.
2012-11-10 11:26:42 PM  
1 vote:

Smackledorfer: TexanBoy: I picked up a girl that was like that last night unfortunately, real mood killer. Things were going pretty well, she was pretty into me and it was clear we were gonna go for it. She wanted to stop after about a quarter of an hour, kept apologizing, and then we went to bed a few minutes later after I assured her it was fine. I got out of there quick this morning.

I honestly never met anyone like that before. I don't know how to feel about it, other than to not let it bother me, and keep away from her. (friend of a friend)

Yes she is truly a terror to be fled from.

Asshole. You don't need to take all the troubles of the world on yourself, but a little empathy is nice.

Damn, what are the odds you two would run into each other again here on Fark?
2012-11-10 10:55:48 PM  
1 vote:

BronyMedic: Is it weird for a guy to get more satisfaction in their lover being pleased than the actual act of himself releasing?

Not that there's anything wrong with that, you know.

Only if he uses words like satisfaction and releasing.
2012-11-10 10:43:43 PM  
1 vote:
If they were with me they would not have that problem. They would be happy and full of spunk.
2012-11-10 10:13:31 PM  
1 vote:
Some women want 'bad boys' and then get the second shocker of their lives when they realize that they are indeed 'bad boys'. You can't explain that!
2012-11-10 09:33:18 PM  
1 vote:
Dear Mr. Abby:
Q: My husband wants a threesome with my best friend and me.
A: Obviously your husband cannot get enough of you! Knowing that there is only one of you he can only settle for the next best thing - your best friend. Far from being an issue, this can bring you closer together. Why not get some of your old collage roommates involved too? If you are still apprehensive, maybe you should let him be with your friends without you. If you're still not sure then just perform oral on him and cook him a nice meal while you think about it.

Dear Mr. Abby:
Q: My husband continually asks me to perform oral sex on him.

A: Do it. Sperm can help you lose weight and gives a great glow to your skin. Interestingly, men know this. His offer to allow you to perform oral sex on him is totally selfless. This shows he loves you. The best thing to do is to thank him by performing it twice a day, then cook him a nice meal.

Dear Mr. Abby:
Q: My husband has too many nights out with the boys.
A: This is perfectly natural behavior and it should be encouraged. The man is a hunter and he needs to prove his prowess with other men. A night out chasing young single girls is a great stress relief and can foster a more peaceful and relaxing home. Remember, nothing can rekindle your relationship better than the man being away for a day or two (it's a great time to clean the house too)! Just look at how emotional and happy he is when he returns to his stable home. The best thing to do when he gets home is for you and your best friend to perform oral on him. Then cook him a nice meal.

Dear Mr. Abby:
Q: My husband doesn't know where my clitoris is.
A: Your clitoris is of no concern to your husband . If you must mess with it, do it in your own time or ask your best friend to help. You may wish to videotape yourself while doing this, and present it to your husband as a birthday gift. To ease your selfish guilt, perform oral on him and cook him a delicious meal.

Dear Mr. Abby:
Q: My husband is uninterested in foreplay.
A: You are a bad person for bringing it up and should seek sensitivity training. Foreplay to a man is very stressful and time consuming. Sex should be available to your husband on demand with no pesky requests for foreplay. What this means is that you do not love your man as much as you should he should never have to work to get you in the mood. Stop being so selfish! Perhaps you can make it up to him by performing oral on him and cook him a nice meal.

Dear Mr. Abby
Q: My husband always has an orgasm then rolls over and goes to sleep never giving me one.
A: I'm not sure I understand the problem. Perhaps you've forgotten to cook him a nice meal.
2012-11-10 09:12:46 PM  
1 vote:

I wonder if Mary Kate has this problem
2012-11-10 08:36:28 PM  
1 vote:
Study shows 100% of men are sleepy, don't want to be bothered after sex.
2012-11-10 07:59:12 PM  
1 vote:
4 out of 3 guys become withdrawn and unresponsive after sex.
2012-11-10 07:53:51 PM  
1 vote:
What doesn't depress 1 in 3 women?
2012-11-10 07:46:51 PM  
1 vote:
It's because I have withdrawn my penis. Melancholy is totally understandable.
2012-11-10 07:43:20 PM  
1 vote:
On the bright side, at least they have their daddy right there to comfort them.

/Hell, who am I kidding??? Women with daddy issues are the BEST.

//Just not the best for anything long term.

///Them girls got the crazy eyes

////And the crazy mentality that goes along with it.
2012-11-10 07:42:57 PM  
1 vote:
1 in 3 are married?
2012-11-10 07:40:29 PM  
1 vote:

Zarquon's Flat Tire: Well, stop banging douchebags.

You shut your whore mouth, you "nice guy"...
2012-11-10 07:40:09 PM  
1 vote:

cynicalbastard: If you, after sex, don't feel that you're the most sick-minded pervert on the face of the planet and you should face damnation for even thinking about, much less doing, much less enjoying doing what you have just done, then I feel sorry for your miserably boring sex life.

This. If there wasn't headboard rattling, neighbors complaining about the noise, ass slapping against the wall taking place, then you're doing it wrong. Much, much wrong.
2012-11-10 07:30:46 PM  
1 vote:

Banned on the Run: 1 in 3 depressed?
I mean disappointed, sure. But depresssed?

Depending on the circumstances, disappointment = why'd I do this (whore complex) = depressed

/ not that I know from experience or anything
// one night stands are usually *very* depressing
2012-11-10 07:27:26 PM  
1 vote:
1 in 3 depressed?
I mean disappointed, sure. But depresssed?
2012-11-10 07:25:43 PM  
1 vote:

Ambivalence: I knew a guy who was like that. And that's really unfortunate.

Some people have neurochemical/neurological glitches, like the people who get migraines after sex. I read about one guy who would get heart palpitations and vomit because his body couldn't seem to handle the endorphin rush. Poor bastards.
2012-11-10 07:20:52 PM  
1 vote:

Sgygus: Hard to believe I've slept with that many.

2012-11-10 07:16:40 PM  
1 vote:
Well duh. Have you seen what some women's husbands become with age?
2012-11-10 07:10:47 PM  
1 vote:
Only one in three?
2012-11-10 06:30:15 PM  
1 vote:
Wait, you mean two of them were actually HAPPY? WooHoo!!!!!
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