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(CBS Las Vegas)   Vegas employer follows up with his threat to fire people if Obama wins   ( ) divider line
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2012-11-09 06:54:55 PM  

So... you see the government as a separate entity from the people? That's interesting.

Interesting and correct. I also see private companies as separate entities from the people, etc. Just because something is made up of people or even purports to represent those people, that does mean that entity IS the people.

The thing is, the money held outside the country was generated by the infrastructure provided by this country, which was created with tax money.

In other words, 'you didn't build that'

Usually the use of that infrastructure has built in fees and taxes which can't be avoided by shipping money overseas. Usually one ships money overseas to avoid the broad taxes used to fund all the things politicians bought votes with (yes, it's still buying votes when Dems do it).

It's also interesting that you see welfare as such a bad thing, as if it's bad for people to eat.

If welfare were the only possible way people could get food , you'd have a point. It isn't, so we're back to another leftwing staple-the idea that if the government isn't doing it, it's not being done and/or that calling for the government to stop funding something is no different then calling for that something to end altogether.

We are not being fiscally snowed by the couple million dollars spent on welfare.

Food stamps alone were $75 billion in 2011. Link
2012-11-09 07:32:37 PM  

pedrop357: that does NOT mean that entity IS the people.

/need to preview my preview.
2012-11-09 09:49:59 PM  

newtigator: Haha, look at all the angry liberal youth. Upset that a businessman who found their Messiah's health care plan too expensive for his current complement of employees is laying a few off. It's not good enough that their Messiah all people must adore and worship him! Yeah.. NOT HAPPENING.

Account created: 2012-11-08 16:43:56

2012-11-09 10:35:56 PM  

jeffowl: nmemkha: halfof33:
In businesslife as in nature, increased stress weeds out the weak and therefore free up resources for the ones that do survive. Cruel as it may be for those who can't complete, its businesslife.

So why aren't you arguing that these rules are unnecessary because the increased stress will weed out unproductive workers? A business owner is just a worker with more skin in the game.

/Another vote for fake

Don't be stupid. It happens already as a part of everyday working life. If I cannot do my job to the satisfaction of my employer, I won't have a job.
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