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(The Daily Caller)   Krauthammer: Obama has 'no mandate and the GOP future is quite bright.' All you really did was feed them after midnight. Good lord, just wait till 2016   ( divider line
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2012-11-07 04:51:52 PM  

Boxcutta: Boehner on TV right now saying that Obama has no mandate and that Boehner and House Republicans will agree to a "balanced approach" to cut spending and raise revenue, so long as revenue doesn't mean tax increases on the top two percent. He does, however, support the Romney/Ryan plan to modify the tax code.

The balls on these guys.

I hope that this time our Kenyan president has learned some haggling tactics. Obama's opening gambit should be a 50% tax increase on the top 2% as well as eliminating all preferential capital gains rates. When the republicans are willing to show some humility, the president can concede a little.
2012-11-07 04:56:53 PM  

Jackpot777: [ image 750x574] 

/"shoved up it is own anus"...?!?

//also gayer than LordAction talking about sodomy. NNTAWWT

AAaaannnd that is the end of the MFL Fark username. What an epic, humiliating smackdown he put on himself. Every single R$ win he predicted went to Obama.

Wonder when and if he'll resurface.
2012-11-07 05:34:25 PM  

Weaver95: Vodka Zombie: Nadie_AZ: Why do we pay attention to these people? They are never right on anything.

That's the thing. You have to kind of think that Republicans are waking up this morning, looking at Nate Silver, and then looking at Fox News and other right wing talking heads, and they might start realizing that facts can not be trumped by feelings. And, maybe they are starting to see the hazards of living in a bubble of information that pushes a dying ideology over a hard and easily provable reality.

Or they'll blame it all on a conspiracy, assume they were actually right all along, and continue doing the same things they've been doing for the past decade.

These people are heavy into the martyrdom. They would rather burn the party if it means they get to claim a slam on Obama. At this point anybody remaining with the Republican Party has to acknowledge this and either start their own party or simply hang for the ride. At this point, especially with the polling nonsense this week, anybody who is sticking with the party yet decries the Teabaggers have no right to biatch.
2012-11-07 05:40:05 PM  

Insatiable Jesus: zerkalo: Krauthammer, Dick Morris, David Brooks, and their ilk aren't paid to be CORRECT

[ image 342x256]

But they are paid.

I wonder if that lucrative field isn't going to dry up a bit. Right now there's a massive lake of cash that's paying for Faux News and all the grifter "analysts" and "commentators", but if ratings go down and the rubes realize that they're being played like violins by their masters, I suspect that in a year or two it won't be as easy to fall into a career as a right wing extremist shill as it is now.
2012-11-07 06:09:23 PM  

StreetlightInTheGhetto: The party system is too engrained for much to happen for a long time I'm afraid. When we have third parties able to nominate (laughingly non-partisan listed on the ballot) Supreme Court justices here in MI I'll be more convinced it's possible.

I didn't say it'd happen overnight, but it'll happen. Politics abhors a vacuum as much as nature does, and the Libertarians and the Greens are fairly well-positioned to make a serious entry into national politics, should the opportunity arise (by which I mean, they have the ballot access to do something if they had the backing and the power base).
2012-11-07 06:49:53 PM  
Let's go back in time to eight years ago. I remember hearing that the winner of that election had a huge mandate and got all sorts of political capital. Let's take a look at election results for that winner:

He won 50.7% of the popular vote.
He won 49.1% of the electoral college votes.

Now, let's fast forward to the present time. I'm hearing that the guy who won has no mandate and no political capital from his win. Let's take a look at the election results for this clearly Pyrrhic winner:

He won 50.4% of the popular vote.
He won 56.3% of the electoral college votes (that percentage may increase).
2012-11-07 09:20:55 PM  
Listening to NPR today the GOP is saying "this is what happens when you become too liberal"... yadda yadda

Let's look at what really happened....

women voters... GOP response: no abortion, pay ceilings are imaginary
blacks and american indians... GOP: you are irrelevant
immigrants and latinos... GOP: no American Dream Act por joo, Someone get Sherrif Arpaio(sp?) on the phone to dictate immigration laws
same sex couples ... GOP: ewwww

These are the largest growing demographics. The GOP lost because their message discriminates against those demographics, plain and simple.
2012-11-07 09:31:32 PM  

DamnYankees: Sybarite: The Republicans are in control of the House, probably a little bit stronger. They are not going to budge. There's no way after holding out on Obama for two years they're going to cave in

Although I think the word "compromise" would be a better choice, I have no doubt he's right about this. They are now going to dig their heels in even harder.

I think this is going to be genuinely interesting. Their strategic decision to block Obama on everything COMPLETELY FAILED. Mitch McConnel should step down as leader, since he completely failed in his goal. There's just no reason for them to keep this up now.

I guess we'll find out now if this was merely a strategic play by them to keep Obama to one term, or whether its a sincere ideological belief.

If you're betting against America, you might not want to be employed by it's citizens. Yes, the GOP's long term plan failed badly. A plan which encouraged Akin to feel relaxed enough to say what he said about abortion and rape, as well as Mourdock. The GOP only has it's short-sighted leadership to blame. I'm happy with thought, and the end results. If Bachmann would have lost, I'd be dancing for pure joy. I'll take what I can get, with Mr. West out of the daily news feed.
2012-11-09 10:34:59 PM  

hinten: The scary thing is that something as "simple" as another 9/11 can change all of this very quickly. No matter demographics and best intentions.

And if some similar event does happen, reshaping the current political landscape, anyone looking into a possible black flag type of operation will be ridiculed as a conspiracy nut.
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