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(Fark)   Will Cthulhu defeat Megatron? Your official "Okay, results are coming out now" 2012 election thread   ( ) divider line 5127
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7219 clicks; posted to Politics » on 06 Nov 2012 at 11:51 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-11-06 08:39:31 PM  
Probably late with this, but I like PBS' Big Board.
2012-11-06 08:39:31 PM  
NPR says that black vote in the OH exit polls were as strong as they were in 2008. There goes that right wing blog talking point.
2012-11-06 08:39:32 PM  

Any Pie Left: Fox drumming the voter fraud meme already....

Wait till they shut up when Romney leads.
2012-11-06 08:39:40 PM  

God Is My Co-Pirate: CNN has Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren at 52-48, but only 2% in so far.

2012-11-06 08:39:40 PM  
Have the statisticals raised their ugly head yet?
2012-11-06 08:39:40 PM  

WhyteRaven74: And in the Ball State Toledo football game, a Ball State TE had a leg injury so bad they won't even show what happened, let alone replays...

Must be bad. They showed that guys knee being blown up in the Tennessee game a few weeks back a few times and that was gruesome.
2012-11-06 08:39:44 PM  
Hocus Potus, motherfarker! Abra ca farking dabra! With a wave of my wand I will make this Romney disappear!
2012-11-06 08:39:50 PM  
Roseanne Bare was on the ballot here in Miami Dade county. Roseanne Barr. On the ballot.

I wrote myself in for the 11th district judicial office that was unopposed.

/registered independent
2012-11-06 08:39:51 PM

Don't let the door hit you in the ass. I'm sure the Black Caucus has some of the chicken left that you dumped on their table.
2012-11-06 08:39:52 PM  
Linda McMahon loses the senate battle. Tapped out after being put into the boston crab
2012-11-06 08:39:53 PM  
Via @DaviSusan, Linda McMahon spent $77 million of her own money to lose two consecutive Senate races.
- @ezraklein via Twitter for Mac
2012-11-06 08:39:59 PM  
The Guardian's Jonathan Freedland finds a nervous atmosphere at Mitt Romney's Boston "victory party":

They called it a victory party but, at least at the start when the polls had not yet closed, it didn't feel that way. Yes, the Republican stalwarts - the movers, shakers and above all donors - who had converged on the Boston Convention Center had come dressed for a party, the men in their sharpest suits, the women in evening wear of the vividest shades. But it was their faces that gave them away.

When party activists know they are on course for a win, they smile easily. They laugh and joke. They all but shine with the joy of imminent victory. They talk to a stranger with a notebook readily, eager to share what they are sure is the good news.

But when things are more uncertain, the grin is of the rictus variety. When they encounter a reporter curious to know their mood, they scowl and refuse to talk, perhaps reluctant to say anything that might betray their pessimism.
2012-11-06 08:40:01 PM  
Just turned on the TV... who the fark reports exit poll results with less than 1% precincts reporting?!
2012-11-06 08:40:02 PM  
AP RACE CALL: Democrat Joe Manchin wins Senate seat in West Virginia.
2012-11-06 08:40:03 PM  

Rwa2play: robsul82: CNN - voting in Virginia will go until 11:00 PM eastern

Good or bad for Obama? I'm assuming REAL good.

GREAT for Obama. More voters pretty much is always good for Democrats.
2012-11-06 08:40:05 PM  
FL 58% O+116K
OH 22% O+216K
2012-11-06 08:40:09 PM  

ISO15693: jayhawk88: NYT reporting pretty sizeable Obama lead in Ohio. If he gets that, it's basically over right?


Obama is going to win.

Barring something truly weird, or voter suppression more effective in PA than OH or something, yeah.
2012-11-06 08:40:11 PM  

ISO15693: Romney up 73 to 64 according to CNN.


Settle down, Beavis. That's just how this shiat works.
2012-11-06 08:40:14 PM  
CM Punk is not impressed

/with Linda's campaign
2012-11-06 08:40:15 PM  

badLogic: Have the statisticals raised their ugly head yet?

Laying low until a swing state goes for Rom-douche.
2012-11-06 08:40:17 PM  

Rwa2play: robsul82: CNN - voting in Virginia will go until 11:00 PM eastern

Good or bad for Obama? I'm assuming REAL good.

The giant lines are in urban locations, so it's probably good news for Obama.
2012-11-06 08:40:19 PM  

Kate Gosselin's Pap Smear: CNN maps down!!! Did we fark it?

I dunno about you guys, but I sure did. Fark it real good.

2012-11-06 08:40:19 PM  

silgryphon: God the derp on Fox. Why am I on this channel?

Pull out your pubes, it's not as painful.
2012-11-06 08:40:21 PM  

Girl On Couch: Bartleby the Scrivener: Im not wearing any underpants.

Film at 11.

Oooooh what channel?

You do realize that he's filming the underpants he was wearing, right?
2012-11-06 08:40:23 PM  

Bocasio: Igor Jakovsky: McMahon spent $100 mil trying to win a seat in 2 elections. No wonder the WWE sucks.

Love it when rich people piss away money going against history

At least the sign-makers are making money.
2012-11-06 08:40:24 PM  

almandot: Glenford: CBC News just showed Ohio - Obama 59%, Romney 40%. No number on polls reporting


and there it is. buh bye Mitt.
2012-11-06 08:40:25 PM  

AkaDad: FlashHarry: Is NC too close still?


That can't be good for Romney.
2012-11-06 08:40:30 PM  

Rwa2play: Good or bad for Obama?

Very good. High population, heavy democratic areas are the ones with long lines.
2012-11-06 08:40:31 PM  
Annnnnd CNN's OHIO page takes a dump.... Gateway errors a plenty
2012-11-06 08:40:31 PM  

Orange-Pippin: [ image 351x645]



2012-11-06 08:40:35 PM

2012-11-06 08:40:37 PM  

Tax Boy: PanicMan: Tax Boy: Meanwhile in Maryland --

gay marriage is up 56 - 44.

Where are you finding those numbers?

CNN's website

Hmm, I think CNN is breaking. Won't load specific state details.
2012-11-06 08:40:37 PM  
MSNBC national poll: Was his response to Hurricane Sandy a factor in your decision? 15 most important, 27 important, 23 minor factor, 31 not a factor
2012-11-06 08:40:43 PM  

AkaDad: FL exit poll: Obama winning Jewish vote by 40 points. 40 points. Nice work, Sheldon Adelson.
- @daveweigel via TweetDeck

How do you say "Schadenfreude" in Hebrew?
2012-11-06 08:40:45 PM  

Rwa2play: Good or bad for Obama? I'm assuming REAL good.

You are correct.
2012-11-06 08:40:48 PM  

Cpl.D: If Obama takes both Ohio and Florida, the fat lady's gonna have to be woken up earlier than usual.

Leave my your mom out of this!
2012-11-06 08:40:53 PM  

ISO15693: Romney up 73 to 64 according to CNN.


I don't think we have seen 1 interesting development yet (which essentially is good for Obama).
2012-11-06 08:40:54 PM  

Lost Thought 00: How can we as a country be so ineffective at making sure voting places have all the equipment and staff they need to handle the crowds?

Republicans. It's by design.
2012-11-06 08:40:54 PM  
And as I said before. So far, Nate Silver's prediction map is looking more and more like a Reality.
2012-11-06 08:40:55 PM  
Some traditionally Republican, rural/suburban counties in Ohio are reporting for Obama...
2012-11-06 08:40:56 PM  

bulldg4life: For the 40th time....John King tells us that most of Virginia is rural and the high density pop centers matter. Thanks numbnuts.

People give MSNBC shiat, but their election reporting is head and shoulders above CNN.
2012-11-06 08:41:05 PM  
CNN's results pages starting to get Farked as everyone starts finding out they have the latest numbers, lol.
2012-11-06 08:41:06 PM  

coco ebert: August11: Linda has officially lost in CT. Proud of my state. Take your 100,000,000 dollars and stick it up your arse, Linda.

I mean, just stop a second and think of that amount of money. Wow. All of that for NOTHING.

She got 26% of the vote, right? That must count for something.

/my boss voted for her because he would have rather have had Shays. I wanted to slap his bald head for not making sense
2012-11-06 08:41:07 PM  
I'm concerned about VA Senate numbers right now, but hopefully the long lines will be a positive sign for both Kaine and Obama.

/ Al Gore just called out the Voter Supression Tactics as racist.
2012-11-06 08:41:10 PM  
Any quotes from Freeperville? I don't want to subject my PC to their site.
2012-11-06 08:41:16 PM  

thenewmissus: I wonder how long it will be before right wingers on fark start hollering about electoral college versus popular vote. I would give it 5 minutes. I am being generous by acting like they are going to wait 5 minutes.

Let me play it out for you:

FARK Independent: Obama didn't win the popular vote so it shouldn't count he is not my president!!

Sane person: But Bush won with only the EC and lost with the popular vote why didn't you have a problem then?



FARK Independent:b-b-b-b-b-but BUSH!!!!
2012-11-06 08:41:16 PM  
I'm comforted to have Maddow explaining this all to me.
2012-11-06 08:41:19 PM  

theorellior: Probably late with this, but I like PBS' Big Board.

Google has a nice layout as well
2012-11-06 08:41:22 PM  
Hey llinois farkers... BBC (and I assume everybody else?) is calling Illinois for Obama.

How's Tammy doing? Is she beating the Pile of shiat?
2012-11-06 08:41:27 PM  
Wait, Menendez is losing in NJ? WTF?
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